Resume Writing Tips & Ideas

Make sure that your resume is up to date with your latest
job experience and educational accomplishes.
Have a friend or relative evaluate your resume to see if it
is clear, consistent, and fairly represent your skills and

Is your resume in a high impact format?

Be sure to do a spell check on your resume. Misspelled
works can reflect negatively on you and diminish your

Many companies have a form on their web sites for
submitting electronic resumes. Have a version of your resume
that you can cut and paste into submittal forms. Create one
that does not have columns and indents as these do not work
well when pasted into a form.

Let your family, friends, alumni groups, and industry
contacts know you are looking for a job. Send them your
resume. Many jobs are unadvertised and these people may know
of potential openings. Also many employers would rather hire
someone suggested to them by a person they trust.

Summit your resume electronically to companies rather than
via paper if possible. Check out their web sites to see if
they have a resume submittal form. Submit it through the
form, if not send them an electronic version in Word or as a
text file. Many large companies put electronic resumes into
a database which then can be searched by managers looking to
hire additional people. Using the database managers can do
keyword searches to quickly find candidates. Most managers
do not want to take the time to wade through hundreds of
paper resuming looking for candidates. Most paper resumes
never even get looked at in some of these large companies. A
local large airplane manufacturer and a local large software
company readily heavy on their resume database for new

Post your resume to resume databases. Generally the posting
is free. This is a lot more cost effective then spending
hundreds of dollars in printing and postage costs blindly
sending out resumes to companies. Recruiters search these
databases looking for candidates to fill positions ..

A potentially even more effective approach is to use a
resume distribution service. For a small price you can blast
your resume out to 1000's of recruiters. This can be more
effective than waiting for a recruiter to stumble across
your resume in a database. It also only costs a fraction of
the amount it would for printing and postage to do a mass
mailing of your resume. Most of these services give you some
control over what industries and geographic regions your
resume is sent to.

Many jobs are unadvertised as employers do not want to be
bombarded by thousands of resumes. Therefore it is important
for you to get your resume in the hands of your contacts.
Also get your resume into the databases that potential
employers can search.

Look in the job databases for potential openings. You can
search through thousands of potential jobs using field and
location selection criteria .. Many local employers post job
openings in …

Interview With J Matthew Neal, Author of "Specific Gravity"

Dr. J. Matthew Neal was born in Muncie, Indiana, where he has resided much of his life. Although he has been a medical writer for many years, “Specific Gravity” is his first novel. As a physician and residency program director, he has found plenty of inspiration in the medical field for his fiction.

Tyler: Welcome, Matt. Thank you for joining me today. To begin, I understand “Specific Gravity” is a thriller with Dr. Alexander (Alex) Darkkin as its main character. Will you tell us a little bit about Alex and why you think readers will find him to be an attractive character?

Matt: Alex is a complicated guy with lots of problems, and at first probably won’t seem likeable to readers at all. He’s a brilliant cancer specialist who has also created his own medical software company. He’s good-looking, smart, and has money-but is also an obnoxious, womanizing alcoholic who is unhappy with his superficial life and self-destructing relationships. He’s tried therapy, AA, and religion, none of which seem to be working.

But he has a deeper side that he doesn’t yet realize, and much of the story revolves around his self-reflection and realization that he can do much to help those other than himself. He just needs a special person to show him the way.

Tyler: Is Alex haunted by demons that led him to womanizing and alcoholism? Would you tell us a little bit about his past before the book begins?

Matt: Alex felt he didn’t have a very good paternal role model; his father Conrad was an alcoholic who cheated on Alex’s mother on numerous occasions. His sister left town after high school and developed a relationship with a normal, “surrogate” family (the Mendozas); meanwhile Alex stayed fairly close to home, and lives in Nashville. He never saw his parents in a loving marriage, and as a result, finds it difficult to engage in lengthy relationships. Despite seeming arrogant, he actually suffers from low self-esteem and depression, and this has resulted in dependence on alcohol and frequent one-night stands.

Tyler: What is the situation Alex finds himself in that is the focus of the novel?

Matt:Alex, hoping that a change of location will do him some good, relocates to San Diego for six months to fill in for his sister Wendy’s friend who is taking a sabbatical. After his arrival, he curiously inspects the files of a patient who recently died-billionaire pharmaceutical CEO John Markham. His software background leads him to discover that Markham’s medical records may have been altered, and he comes up with a theory that Markham may in fact have been murdered. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to convince the police or anyone else, and realizes he can’t do it alone. He then reluctantly seeks the aid of Wendy’s best friend, Bonnie Mendoza.

Tyler: Tell us a little bit about Bonnie and her involvement in the story.

Matt: The arrogant Alex finally meets his match in deaf forensic scientist Bonnie Mendoza-a mathematical and lexical genius …