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Three Challenges of Online Education and How to Meet Them

When people get busy with life they look for other ways to do things that are less traditional than what was once considered the norm and education is no different. Because people need to work full time hours and they need to spend time with their families or they want to learn on their own schedule, adult students are turning to online education as a means of advancing in their careers and increasing their knowledge. Online education offers non-traditional students a great opportunity to get an education that might not be accessible to them otherwise but it also presents several challenges. These challenges can be met though and students can be very successful in their online learning.

Some of the challenges that online students may encounter include:


Some students find that they miss one-on-one verbal communication or the in-class communication in the form of lectures. There are no classes to go to and most online education courses have minimal (if any) face-to-face communication. Facial expressions, tone, and eye contact are some of the elements that are sometimes missed when taking an online course and some feel that makes it very impersonal.

If you feel that face-to-face communication is important you might want to look for a course that integrates things like recorded lectures, webinar meetings, and online chats with webcams. These things can make the online course feel more personal and can make you feel like you are in the same room with the person (s).

Working On Your Own

Many students find it a real challenge to get work done without the help of an instructor to talk about lessons with and other students to discuss lectures and assignments with. They may find it difficult to focus without the guidance of an instructor to tell them what they should be working on at the moment. For people that are motivated by others this can be a big challenge to overcome.

To overcome this challenge find out if there are others in your local area that are taking the same course as you. While the educational facility that is running the online course can not give you names or phone numbers of people that are also taking the course you can let the instructor know that you are interested in meeting with other people that are taking the course in your vicity and give him or her permission to give out your email. You might also want to find out if there is a discussion group or online chat that would help you and give you the social aspect that you crave.

Technological Add-Ons

While technology can add a lot to an online education program it can also prove to be a challenge for those that either do not have the knowledge or those that do not have access to technology that is used. Online learners that are using dial-up may have difficulty access video or audio streams or students may not have the right programs to access them. …

Your Career and the Natural Adult Stages of Life

Understanding how practitioners may evolve over time can help individuals and organizations to plan for career change and to manage it properly. Since the early 1970s, several life-cycle theories of careers have been developed, partly as a result of psychological examination of adult development. These theories find their roots primarily in the work of Carl Jung and Erik Erikson. Jung wrote a "noon of life" transition from youth to middle life, occurring between the ages of 35 and 40. This noon of life is the "last summons to attain all of one's capabilities." Psychosomatic symptoms at this age and such ailments as depression and ulcers were seen as resulting from the failure to attain goals set during youth.

Erikson suggested that there are eight stages of life, each characterized by the individual's facing and trying to resolve a crisis. He identified the following four adult stages:

1. Adolescence. This is the identity crisis stage. Childhood adaptations are reexamined. The adolescent searches for a new, creative, and independent role through which to contribute to society and derive a sense of meaning and faith.

2. Young adulthood. At this stage there is an intimacy crisis. The individual tries to develop intimacy and sharing with others.

3. Adulthood. Here, the individual faces a generativity crisis. There is concern with others beyond the immediate family. He or she tries to act as a mentor for the next generation.

4. Maturity. At the maturity stage the individual experiences a second identity crisis. There is a sense of near completion. This is a stage of reflection. The individual tries to accept the rightness of his or her life, and of all reality. …

Fantastic Race Horses of the United States

Foaled on April 18th, 1990 is retired race horse Cigar. Although he was bred to more than 30 mares, none of them conceived; thus, Cigar was found to be an infertile stallion. He is a favorite among some racing fans, and is enjoying a well-deserved retirement at the Kentucky Horse Park. He had a decent racing career with 19 wins, 4 second place finishes and 5 third place finishes from 33 starts. He was the highest earning American horse with USD 9,999,813 until 2008. As a result of his racing career, Cigar earned awards including U.S. Outstanding Older Male Horse in 1995 and 1996 and U.S. Horse of the Year again in 1995 and 1996. He was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 2002, and he is #18 in the Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century by Blood-Horse magazine. From North to South on the East Coast, his racing career is honored at race courses. In New York, Aqueduct Racetrack has the Cigar Mile Handicap; while, in Florida, there is a life-size statue of Cigar at Gulfstream Park.

Funny Cide was sired by Distorted Humor and out of dam Belle’s Good Cide. He was foaled on April 20th, 2000. He may be best known for his wins in the 2003Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The hopes for a Triple Crown winner were deflated when he came in 3rd on an extremely muddy track in the Belmont Stakes due to non-stop rain the entire previous day. His racing career has seen awards and honors including Funny Cide Street in Napa, California, the song Funny Cide both written and performed by Blue Hand Luke and the Funny Cide Stakes at Saratoga Race Course.

Another beloved race horse is Smarty Jones. He was foaled on February 28th, 2001 and was sired by Elusive Quality and out of dam I’ll Get Along. His wins in the 2004 Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes made him yet another Triple Crown hopeful. Yet again, horse racing fans were left in the lurch when he did not win the Belmont Stakes. Although he has retired from racing in early August 2004, his racing career earned him U.S. Champion Three-Year-Old Colt in 2004 as well as saw him honored with two separate Smarty Jones Stakes at Oaklawn Park and at Parx Racing and Casino.

Most racing fans are also fans of Barbaro. Although he was a favorite in the Preakness Stakes, he suffered a fracture of three bones in his right hind leg ending his racing career forever. Even after immediate surgery, this famous race horse developed laminitis in his left hind leg in July then in both his front legs; thus, his doctors and owners knew he could not be saved so he was euthanized on January 29th, 2007. With an almost perfect racing record, Barbaro had 6 wins from 7 starts including the Preakness Stakes when he could not finish the race. He is honored with the …

Careers in Aviation and Aerospace – Excitement Awaits You

Whether you are trying to figure out what to do when you "grow up," or you are looking for a new career, one exciting choice to consider is a career in the aviation and aerospace field. This is a field that is not for the fault of heart, but if you love excitement, this just may be a career you will enjoy. While this is a great field to get involved in, a great deal of preparation must be made if you want to have a successful career in this field. There are many positions available, and money to be made, so why not consider what this career has to offer you. Positions Available

There are many different positions available in the aviation and aerospace field, and all are unique and exciting. One career that many think of when they talk about this field is an airline pilot. Some pilots work for private companies, while others have the opportunity to work for larger airline companies. There are airline pilot positions that deal with transferring people, while others may mainly transfer various goods.

Another great career in this field is being an airline stewardess or steward. This career is exciting and allows you to meet many people and to see many places around the world. There are also jobs available for airline mechanics, who deal with the mechanisms of airplanes and ensure that they are safe for flight. Inspectors also are important in the airline industry too.

Traffic controllers have important jobs in the aviation and aerospace industry and they have the responsibility of communication with pilots and making sure that landings and takeoffs occurs as smoothly as possible. Other great practitioners in this field include flight engineers, avionics technicians, avionics technologists, and even astronauts.

Education Needed

There are various levels of education needed in this field, depending on which career you happen to choose. While many companies do not require airline attendants to have a college education, there are specific class that they must take, including classes in airline regulations, CRP and First Aid classes, and other certificates depending on their employer.

Pilots, on the other hand, usually require a great deal more education than do airline attendants. While you at least have to be a high school graduate to be a pilot, most employers actually prefer those who have at least two to four years of college as well. A pilots license must be acquired as well, which will include many hours of flying, both with an instructor and on your own, and passing a physical as well.

Astronauts require a great deal of education as well. Usually they are required to have various bachelor degrees in fields that include physical science, engineering, biological science, and mathematics. A vision test is also required before you can become an astronaut. After astronauts become qualified, then they actually have to complete an entire year of training before they can actively take on this job.

Making Money

The amount of money that …

The Crime Scene Technician Career in the Criminal Justice Field

Are you considering becoming a crime scene technician?

This career calls for someone who is detail-oriented and does not mind a little gore. As someone who catchers evidence at crime scenes, you will definitely need to possess the ability to tolerate some gruesome images. However, if you feel this career is for you, then there is no reason why you should hold back.

One fact in particular that you may find especially exciting about becoming a crime scene technician is that your average annual salary will be between 40K and 60K per year. Obviously, it's very possible to live a comfortable lifestyle off of this type of salary. In addition, you may be required to work overtime, especially when evidence is needed as soon as possible, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the week.

To top it off, this job is full of excitement. Some of the required job duties include physical evidence examination and analysis, taking pictures of crime scenes, collecting various forms of evidence, fingerprint analysis, as well as working adjacent local and county special agents and police officers. In many ways, a crime scene technician career is very similar to that of a crime scene investigator.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways that you can train to become a crime scene technician. A lot of schools now offer this program. Another one of the ways you can train is by becoming a police officer. However, in order to become a police officer, you need at very least an associate's in criminal justice. A lot of people are quick to attempt to skip over the required educational requirements only to find that no matter where they turn, they run into the same barrier.

You'll need to understand how to analyze evidence, fingerprints, etc. Obviously, unless you're able to receive training through your job as a police officer, it's highly recommended that you go for your bachelor's degree instead.

Although it generally takes four years to obtain a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, you can always begin work as an intern as you work on completing your associate's. Unfortunately, interns are not paid, but soonheless are able to snag the highest-paying starting salaries when they are hired.

The majority of crime scene technicians also take certification courses such as evidence collection, fingerprinting, forensic science, as well as numerous other courses to ensure that they are prepared for their future career. Regardless as to how you choose to go about working your way into this career, keep in mind that you have more than one option.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, there are over 6,000 new crime scene technician jobs available every year. Fortunately, this number is expected to rise in the future. A lot of people may shy away from this particular career due to the requirements.

However, if you're looking for something exciting, fun, and suddenless, interesting, this might be the perfect job for you. You can rest assured that …

MIT OpenCourseWare

The present era has seen an upsurge of scientific explorations and with the progress of the passage of time technological innovations have improved considering. One of the most significant technological innovations of the present century is computers and with the coming of the Internet, the whole mode of communication has revolutionized tremendously and today any information or data is just a click away. The internet has thus made transfer and retrieval of information quiet easy and this has facilitated the way for the introduction of online education.

The term online learning or e-learning refers to the process by which knowledge is imparted by a group of experienced tutors to interested students over the internet by means of interaction via emails, chats and blogs and various other software devices. In case of online education, several reputed universities and educational institutions of the world have introduced many of their flagship courses online and in those who undertake to study the course are offered a degree upon the completion of the course. In this way it is possible for various individuals who have access to a computer to gain the opportunity to study under reputed educational institutions.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the premier institutions in the world and its fame is widespread all over the world and meritorious students from different parts of the world dream of being a part of its prestigious alumni. The OpenCourseWare is an initiative introduced by MIT in their bid to make available the various course materials of its undergraduate and post-graduate courses online for free to interested candidates. It is doubtless that such course materials will be highly in demand among the student community and this institute is considered to be one of the finest in the world. Till November 2007, about 1800 courses have already been made accessible online and it is estimated that towards the end of this year all the course materials will be available. Apart from MIT, this ambition was financially aided by Andrew. W. Mellon Foundation and William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

It was in the year 1999 that this idea had dawned in the minds of the schools associated with MIT that it should make some sort of contribution to online learning and hence it was determined that its course materials should be made accessible online. The MIT OpenCourseWare enterprises of various interactive and collaborative demonstrations in Java apart from providing video lectures by professors of the institute. Most of the course materials provide analytical problems and examinations often provided with solutions. …

Student Discipline and the New Teacher

One of the most challenging parts of the job for a new teacher is dealing with student behavior problems. New teachers should arm themselves with the knowledge of classroom management and behavior strategies to help them deal with student discipline.

Everybody has certain biases and ways of looking at the world. Our world view is colored by our family, our childhood and our life experiences. Teachers are no exception. A teacher who comes from a background where education was emphasized may not be comfortable in a classroom in an alternative school where the students were never taught the importance of education. A teacher who was taught to respect their parents and all adults would be thrown for a loop if an unruly student becomes unabashedly disrespectful. A student may give a new teacher an especially hard time in order to “test” or “break” the teacher.

Student discipline does not have to be a headache for you if you can keep a few strategies in mind. Though it is a good to want to connect with your students, you have to be the teacher and adult first. Many new teachers make the mistake of trying to befriend and connect with the students at the beginning of the year because they believe this will make for a trouble free classroom. In reality, the complete opposite is true. If a new teacher tries to be “friends” with the students at the beginning of the school year, you have actually discredited yourself as an adult and leader in the classroom. If you begin the school year as the “cool” or laid back teacher, the students will not take you seriously and when a student becomes unruly and you try to discipline that student, that student will not listen to you because you have presented yourself as a buddy rather than a serious authority figure that commands their respect.

One of the main objectives someone is looking for when becoming an educator is to teach for knowledge and to build relationships with their students. No one, especially a new teacher wants to be seen as the “bad guy”. You must realize that classroom management and discipline come first and relationship and connection comes later. Even if it is against your nature, as a new teacher it is important to be strict, assertive and authoritative. The truth is students expect adults and teachers to have rules, guidelines, expectations, and limits. Of course it is just in the nature of young people to try and test those limits but that doesn’t mean that they don’t expect them to be there.

The primary key to dealing with student behavior is not just what the school or even the district wants. It is knowing how you want your classroom to run and having certain realistic expectations of how you want your students to behave. Again, if you would like a relaxed atmosphere in your classroom, DO NOT try to establish this in the beginning of the school year. It …

7 Things You Have To Know Before Choosing Bodybuilding As A Career!

Are you having problems gaining the serious muscle you want to? Are you working out a lot with little changes to your body? Want to get that ripped look men and women will envy and desire with a goal of becoming a pro bodybuilder? This article will reveal seven things you have to know if you are thinking about becoming a professional bodybuilder whilst on your way to building your ultimate physique.

1. Earning Your Pro Card

In order to become a professional bodybuilder, you must first earn your Pro Card. A bodybuilder looking to do this must first win a regional contest weight class.

When a bodybuilder wins or places highly they earn an invite to compete at their country’s National Championships contest for that year. The winners of each weight class at the National Championships will then go head to head in a separate contest to see who is the overall champion for the year.

Depending on the federation, the overall Champion will be offered a pro card. Some federations offer pro cards to winners of individual weight class champions. This can mean that each year more than one bodybuilder may earn a Pro Card.

2. Membership

Qualification as a professional may require membership of a professional bodybuilding organization such as the IFBB (The International Federation of Bodybuilders). Many Natural Bodybuilding organizations such as the INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation), NPA (Natural Physique Association) and NANBF (North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation) also have professional ranks.

3. Income

It is possible, though difficult except at the highest level, to earn a reasonable income purely from competition winnings. It is more likely that a particular athlete will be sponsored by local companies and supplement manufacturers. Many bodybuilders use their new found fame and knowledge to pursue business ventures such as higher level personal training, or opening their own fitness centers. Guest posing and appearances also support income.

4. Work Harder Than Anyone You Know

If you do, everything else that is meant to be will follow. If you focus is only on becoming a pro bodybuilder, then you are not approaching the sport properly. The core of bodybuilding is not about achievement in a public forum, such as on a bodybuilding stage. It is about the private sense of accomplishment you get in achieving your goals, whether you’re in the gym or on a stage.

5. Learn To Be Smart

At the gym, learn to be smart about your training. Go there to work, not for recreational purposes. Determine ahead of time what your workout will be for that day and stick to it, making modifications only for logical reasons. Apply the same standards to your nutrition. Decide ahead of time what you will eat throughout the day and adhere to that plan.

Don t skip meals. Don’t indulge in gluttonous behaviour that will negatively impact your physique.

6. Do You Have The Necessary Genetics?

If you have the desire to compete, prepare for a competition as if …

Scholarships For Moms Can Help You Pay For Your College Degree

It has been said that the best money that you can get is free money and this is also true for college. In this article we will discuss many ways that you can get free money from scholarships for moms to pay for your way through school. (A scholarship for mom can pay you up to $ 10,000 for you to take care of your finances while you are going to school.)

One of the most popular scholarships to get when mothers are trying to go back to school is a scholarship that can pay for their first year of college so that they do not have to work an additional job to afford school. The easiest way to apply for a scholarship for moms is to find a company that has put funding in place to help you pay for your school. There is no doubt about it, single mothers can have it very hard without education and if you can prevent yourself from being in this situation being you should head down this route of getting free money for college.

The second way to get free money for college is through a government grant for moms that can give you around $ 5000 per year to go back to school. This is the second most popular way for students to pick up free money to cover excess expenses such as food, clothing, textbooks, and even transportation.

In this article I will list one example of a scholarship for moms that you can get to help pay for your education.

This small example of scholarships for moms will give you $ 1000 every year and they will award over 30 people this scholarship every year. This scholarship for mothers involves a bank internship where you will work in the banking industry while you are going to school. You will need to serve as an intern which will allow you to get paid from both your scholarships and from the company.

You will need a major that focuses on business and management in order to receive the scholarship. You do not have to have a specific GPA to apply any deadlines for this intern scholarships are at the beginning of each year in February. This is just one example of many of how you can get free money for college. …

Offshore Cooking Jobs – Cooking Up a Storm Offshore

Offshore cooking jobs provide some of the best opportunities to break into the offshore drilling industry. Regardless of whether your ambition is to become a Chef, or to look for an opportunity to get on the drilling crew, there are plenty of ways to make a career and move up the ladder once you have your foot in the door, and cooking offshore is a great way to go about it.

Cooks on an oil rig are typically part of the catering department, which includes the Camp Boss and Chef, Bakers, Stewards, Galley Hands, Utility Hands and Housekeepers. On smaller rigs, some of these roles may be combined; for example, the Steward could be the day cook as well as in charge of managing the kitchen and the housekeeping crew. On larger oil rigs, you’ll find multiple positions for many of these jobs.

Most offshore drilling and oil service companies contract out the entire catering department. This means that your best shot at getting hired to work on a oil platform is to hire on directly with the catering companies. Some of the better and well known food service companies that cater offshore include Sodexo, Trinity Catering, Delta Catering, Taylor’s International, and Sonoco, to name a few of the US Based catering companies.

Sodexo is international, and employs people on oil rigs in 80 countries around the world. Worldwide, they employ over 350,000 people. Working for Sodexo provides an incredible opportunity for the ambitious, namely, the opportunity to work all over the world. If you enjoy traveling, then Sodexo is a great company to consider working for.

In Canada, Reliance Offshore is the company to work for, and they have a lot of openings, and will have even more in the future as the offshore fields in the waters off of Newfoundland begin coming online and producing oil. They are unique among offshore catering companies in that they recruit for a variety of offshore positions, not just for the catering department; they also hire deckhands, riggers, welders, motormen, electricians, and crane operators, among others.

All of these companies have online application forms, and all of them have openings. As one example, Delta Catering, a 34 year old offshore catering company, is currently hiring experienced Chefs, Sous Chefs, & Line Cooks, and offers competitive pay, credit union, health and dental insurance, and a 401 k plan. They are also accepting applications for housekeeping staff.

If you don’t have cooking experience, you can still get on as a Galley Hand, and learn the trade on the job. If you are determined and persistent, and apply with all of the above, you are almost certain to find work. If you are able to, you should strongly consider making a trip to Louisiana and applying to the catering companies based in Lafayette in person – call first, but applying in person is really the way to go – you could start work the next day.…