Identifying Your Dream Career

Often, all it takes to identify your dream career is a clear picture of your personal preferences and style. People tend to success best at things that they enjoy, that utilize their strengths, and that happen in the kind of environment and structure they enjoy. Answering the ten sets of questions below will give you concrete insight into the qualities a career choice should have to be the ideal one for you .

Take your time with them, and write your answers down. It may take you several days to decide how you really feel about some of the questions, but it's worth the effort to figure them out. As you work with them, make notes about any career possibilities that come to mind.

1. Your Strengths

What do you do better or more easily than others? What skill do you have that seems to come naturally to you? What subject did you find easiest in school? What knack do you have that others say they wish they had? What activities leave you feeling more energetic when you complete them then when you started? What gives you a sense of real satisfaction or pride?

2. Your interests

What unfailingly grabs your interest? What kinds of magazines do you look for when you're in a waiting room? What kinds of movies do you rent? What types of books do you read? What types of stores do you love to visit? What types of catalogs do you like to browse through? What types of sites do you look for online? Who are your heroes?

3. Your Idea of ​​Fun

What's your idea of ​​a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon? What's fun for you? What kinds of things did you like to do when you were a kid? What hobby do you most enjoy? What hobby would you like to get involved with? If you will a free week-long vacation of your choice, what would you spend it doing?

4. Your Dissatisfactions

If you could change three things about your lifestyle, what would they be?

5. Your Favorite Media and Materials

What kinds of materials and tools do you enjoy handling? What are your favorite toys? Do you enjoy interacting with animals? Plants? Some aspect of the natural world?

6. Your Problem-Solving Style

What types of problems are you good at solving? Would you say that you're more analytical or creative? If you're both, do you prefer one mode over the other? Which one? What would be your ideal mix?

7. Your Preferred Environment

What kind of environment do you prefer? Would you rather spend most of your time indoors or outside? Do you like to spend time in a fixed location or to go from place to place? If you prefer to play inside, would you prefer a place that's filled with stimulation and activity or one that's quiet? If you prefer to play outside, what climate do you want to work in? How much organization and order do you …