The Symptoms of a Bad Education

“…Waiting for Superman”, the movie, is best served by turning each of our students into the man of steel, by giving them the tools espoused in, On Building Better Students – the Critical Success Factors for Learning. Hooray, there are transformational tools, but we have somehow gotten out of control, and fixated on repairing the system.

We have known forever that there are bad teachers – we had them when we went to school too. They will not be reading new books on this subject. Along with other maladies bad teachers do not seek to improve their craft.


Why are we leaving students out of the equation? Here are the symptoms of a bad education:

  • Bad test scores
  • Bad attitude
  • Bad participation
  • Bad homework assignments
  • Bad abilities to duplicate materials
  • Bad reading skills
  • Bad test results
  • Bad report cards
  • Bad, bad, bad (I have left many off this list)

Many students today give every appearance of lazy, not committed, and totally irresponsible. Why is it that way? The Department of Education has spent decades blaming television, gaming, bad parents and substance abuse.

Okay, perhaps partially, but what if, in a large measure, these are just symptoms of the hopelessness we all feel on seeing our children not getting better, and instead getting worse at school? What if the apathy is so great that PhD’s write books that say the students are bad and the schools are good? What if students are feeling that same hopelessness? True apathy, if not treated, is a mental illness.

When something goes wrong, we look for answers – that’s part of those critical thinking skills. Just because you know students did you think your answers were always right on what is wrong with them? Are we capable of pulling data from other sources to expand our critical thinking skills, and perhaps have some better ideas?

We have clues from test scores over the last thirty years that we need a Renaissance in teaching methods? Have we ever had the thought that perhaps the problems we face today may have begun when our present day teachers were students themselves? Look, I know it is difficult to judge oneself – but could you have had some bad teachers when you were learning how to teach?

Why have we taken such great care to download the latest edition of Microsoft Windows, but we have not downloaded the latest edition of how to help our student(s)? Are we just in this to make students, parents and society wrong, in order to make ourselves right? There is no solution in that.

Do you remember the movie Matrix? The part where the hero and heroine are running on a rooftop toward a helicopter, and he says, do you know how to fly that? She says, not yet, as she makes a call to her operational control person, and he downloads all the data so that she can now fly …

Excellent Education With IWB

Actually it is a proven truth that education has the ability to shape any person as a perfect human. It makes you realize who you are, what you have, what to achieve and how to live in this competitive world. So, the basic need for any person whether man or woman is education, which is nothing but gaining the knowledge about particular things from someone who is an expert.

It is a well known fact that education takes places in schools and colleges. The person who facilitates schooling to other people is called a teacher or tutor or coach. However do you think that only a teacher is enough for providing a quality learning session? Only a teacher can not make it possible. A quality and excellent education can be provided only by arresting the attention of students towards teaching. As the source named knowledge needs to reach the destination named students to get the original product named 'perfect human.'

So what do we need to do to engage students towards education in the class rooms? The only answer is by creating an entertaining atmosphere inside the class by implementing the latest technology known as an interactive whiteboard. It is a big white digitized board which replaces the blackboard in most schools and colleges today. It will show you everything that is installed in your PC.

Since the board is touch-sensitive, you use your finger as the mouse to operate it. It is stated that using interactive whiteboard in the modern classrooms has increased gradually and students are also engaging more with the sessions. …