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College Basketball History Part 1

The term “college basketball” is typically referring to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The first recorded college ball game was in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania between Geneva College and the New Brighton YMCA on April 8, 1893, and the first intercollegiate game was two years later. Here, Minnesota State School of Agriculture (now the University of Minnesota) defeated Hamlin College with a score of 9-3. A year later, the first game with the current 5-player format was played in Iowa City, Iowa. The first televised college game was between Pittsburgh and Fordham in 1940, taking place in Madison Square Garden. Pittsburgh came out on top.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were enough college teams to begin forming basketball leagues, and the NCAA was founded in Chicago in 1906. Over 5,500 fans were witness to the first NCAA Championship tournament, which took place in Evanston, Illinois, in 1939 (Oregon emerged victorious over Ohio State in the final game with a score of 46-33).

Another tournament, the National Invitation Tournament, was also very important at the time, and was believed to be just as high quality as the NCAA. However, by the 1950’s, the NCAA was dominant, and the NIT became a showcase for teams that were not as talented and couldn’t make the NCAA tournament. It is still played today in Madison Square Garden.…

Teaching Jobs – 7 Steps to a Teaching Career

More and more Americans are looking for teaching jobs as they are faced with a mid-life meltdown following the worst economic recession that has hit the US. Among those who pursued different careers in the past and lost their jobs recently, many are toying with the idea of ​​doing teaching work. The trend has become more of a passion with them as teaching can not only be financially rewarding, but mentally satisfactory as well.

Undergo training

If you can follow the simple 7 steps to a teaching career, finding teaching jobs will not be a big deal at all. Your first step would be to undergo training as federal states coast to coast require teachers to possess at least a bachelor's degree.

Get certification

You do not need to be a graduate, but as an undergrad, you can apply for teaching jobs. With an approved certification you can teach at K-12 levels, but for teaching at a community college, you would need to be a graduate.

Check aptitude

Find out before embarking on a teaching career wherever you have the necessary aptitude for the job. Working in teaching require loads of patience as you may have to deal with students coming from different backgrounds as well as diverse socio-economic groups.

Do substitute teaching

In a bid to know wherever you would be comfortable working in teaching, check out substitute teacher jobs. You can work part time or stand in for a regular teacher who has gone on leave and find out the environment first hand.

Identify age groups

Teaching jobs are available for different age groups beginning with pre-school kids. Depending on your qualification and training, you should decide which age group you would be comfortable handling. Teaching also involves handling as you need to fine tune your lesson plans to make it easy and simple for different students with equally different learning abilities. Teaching work ranges from pre-school to college and adult education.

Interact with teachers

Interact with several other teachers at forums or social interactive sites to get a hang of what the actual teaching process is like. Get as much information as you can from teachers you know as well as those you meet online at chat sites and forums. Exchange views and get to know the different challenges faced in teaching jobs. You can also get in touch with lot many first timers who have opted for teaching careers mid way after being laid off at the work place after the recession.


If you are into teaching for the first time, you could try another great way to begin. Start off with tutoring or volunteering for a local school and find out what motivates you to do so. Your financial situation will also determine what type of teaching career you want to opt for. And check out what impact it would have on your relationships with near and dear ones as well when you look for different teaching jobs. …

SAS for a Great Career

SAS certification has assisted thousands of candidates by enhancing their level of personal development. The popularity of SAS is noticeable as it deals with different types of structured and unstructured data belonging to different destinations. It is one of the customized integrated tools used for predictive modeling, data mining, and analyzing multivariate and forecasting purposes.

Working of SAS

The major industrial sectors using SAS are banking, pharmaceuticals, education, government and other commercial sectors. For users’ convenience, the SAS data is saved in HTML, RTF and PDF formats. However, the original data is either available in SAS format or tabulated Excel format. The data in rows are referred to OBSERVATION and columns as VARIABLES. In addition, the data is comprised of two phases; compilation phase and execution phase. This business-intelligence-software programming offers the facilities to manage and analyze enormous data sets with just the click of a few buttons or programming.

The compatibility of SAS over flat and un-formatted files encourages users to use the software in various data analysis disciplines. Here are the industrial sectors listed below, which have explored SAS reliability:

• Financial analysis, Publication, Psychological testing, Sales forecasting

• Study consumer behavior, financial risk analysis, Academic research

• Website, Data analysis, Business Intelligence

• Banking and Pharmaceutical analysis

Participants, who have high career aspirations, can opt for a SAS Global Certification program. There are ten best reasons provided below to become SAS certified professional:

1. SAS certification helps to develop logical thinking and changes your perception when you look at the data.

2. It empowers your industry validation and SAS expertise.

3. Develops rapport with your employer and enhance the chance of personal growth in an organization.

4. It offers a good career and strengthens earning power.

5. SAS credential comes with a digital badge, which is easy to share documentation.

6. SAS certification makes you ready for immediate relevancy to real-world needs.

7. SAS is in high demand around the global industry.

8. Defined training paths and certification assist in easy preparation at affordable prices.

9. SAS certified individuals have the plethora of opportunities available in the field.

10. SAS certified participants are listed in the Directory of SAS Certified Professionals, which has the access to all employers that validate your credentials.

Acquiring a SAS certification validates SAS skills in Programming, Analytics, Data Science, Administration, Data Management and Enterprise Business Intelligence.

Aspirants keen to understand SAS, skill the programming, and want to master the technology, they must opt for SAS training course for the beginners. Later, opting for advanced SAS training and certification will assist them in finding a great and exciting career ahead.…

Inside Sales Is A HOT Career Area

If you're a young professional thinking about how to break into a great career, you should consider a career in inside sales. Why? There's huge demand for top sales talent in companies that span all types of industries including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and business services. Right now, the demand for talented inside sales people far outstrips the supply. So, it's a buyers market out there and the buyers are the employees who are shopping for the best possible career opportunity.

If you've been in any form of high volume calling environment and been successful at it in the past, you might want to consider a shift over to selling products and services over the phone using classic inside sales techniques. The mortgage brokerage industry right now has slowed as interest rates have gone up. So if you've been a mortgage broker and you're thinking about how to improve your income, you should consider a move over to inside sales. Why? The same skills that you've honed in making high numbers of phone calls to potential prospects and qualifying them over the phone – those very skills are the same ones required to be successful in technology telesales. We think there's a great opportunity for people to transfer their career even when their old area may have lost some favor and money-making opportunities are not quite as strong. They can transfer their careers into inside sales selling for b-to-b companies. If you're interested in figuring out how to do this, click here to send us your résumé and we'll talk more with you. …

The Secret Weapon For Career Success

"Coaching is not new, but it is changing shape and growing fast. Two or three years ago it was mainly a remedial business, a helping hand for the manager who was not quite making it. to be without. " The Sunday Times

Executive coaches are usually former high-level executives themselves. They do not actually make decisions for those they are coaching but use their position as external and impartial third parties, as well as their own experience, to give advice and create a non-judicialal, non-political space for clear decision making.

In today's fast changing and unpredictable workplace, even the most confident individuals wonder "what's facing me around the corner", "where do I fit", and "what's my future here …" and many executives are turning to Coaching for support.

With only one goal in mind – to unconditionally support their client – it is understandable why more and more career decisions are being made with the help of a coach.

Recent research from provided a startling statistic – "75% of people are unhappy at work … but only 50% are prepared to do anything about it".

If you are reading this article, then you are already more than half way towards creating your success.

So what is it that you want most? A more satisfying career? Increased income? More responsibility? More time to spend with your family? To build a business of your own? And how do you get your career success in place?

There are 7 key steps you can take to help you achieve the success you deserve in your career:

1. Self Analysis – think about what you are passionate about. What are your values? What really matters to you? What do you most want from your career?

2. Your Natural Talents – what skills do you enjoy using? (do not list all your skills, just the ones you really enjoy). What are you really interested in? What is your most desired work environment?

3. Self Belief – It's easy to forget that you can take control of your own future. The most successful people you know probably love what they do, give it their best, and would do it even if they were not paid for it … if they are able to achieve this, then so are you.

4. Action Plan – break the plan into small manageable steps. As each step is completed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence which fuels a feeling of "being on a roll".

5. Do not Stop – it will be exhilarating and uncomfortable. You will have good days and bad days. When you hit those bad days, do not stop! Countless executives on the brink of success fail only because they stopped trying too soon.

6. Time – work on your career plan at regular intervals (eg every Wednesday evening / Sunday afternoon). By creating a degree of consistency in your time-plan, you will more easily avoid those temptations to get distracted.

7. Support …

Party or Paper? How to Find Time to Edit Your Work in College

If you're like most college students, you start your papers the night before they're due, and you do not give yourself enough time to do a flawless, impressive job on your work. Do not be accused – everyone does it.

As college students, our intellectual side knows that we have to be professional and take the time to do quality work for our classes, because our coursework helps to determine our future careers and paychecks. However, our social side knows that if we stay in to proofread and edit the paper that's due on Monday, we'll be missing out on parties, bar nights, and other college experiences that frankly, we just can not skip. Editing by Amanda understands your dual needs.

Editing by Amanda is a Boston-based writing resource, helping students around the country to edit papers, cover letters, and other assignments so that they can fulfill both their need for procrastination and their need for success. Social butterfly and top scholar? Why could not that be you? Editing by Amanda's online paper editing center helps you to make the most of your writing and gives you advice for how to maximize future projects.

You should be proud of the work you pass in to your professors. And come on, college students should never be penalized for wanting an active social life. With the right skills, you can write great papers and have time to party in college. …

3 Easy Tips on How to Remove the Effects of Pepper Spray in Your Dorm Room

One of the greatest parts of any dedicated high school student’s life is the chance to be able to go to college. College life is basically the opening of great opportunities and the best way of getting your most-sought-after freedom. You’ll finally be able to do everything you want away from your parents’ watchful eyes. For any parent, a child going off to college is both a happy and heartbreaking sight to look at. The fact that you won’t be there to protect and defend her can be very disturbing at times.

Staying in dormitories, especially co-ed ones can be quite unsafe especially for freshmen since they are the ones who are mostly taken advantage of. There are actually several ways for you to be able to defend yourself, one of which is keeping pepper spray on hand. Pepper spray is one of the best options for students on the go since they are easy to carry and easy to use. However, you need to be extra careful in handling your pepper spray or any self defense device for that matter if you want it to work to your advantage. But for future reference, here’s what you need to do in case you accidentally sprayed or spilt pepper spray in your dorm room.

Tip#1 Let the Air Out

Open all the windows and doors of your room so that the harmful smell can be carried along by the passing air. You need to cover your mouth while you do this considering that it could cause you constricted breathing once you inhale it. Turn on your air conditioner or ceiling fans to help dispel the smell. Turn it to its full capacity so the air is passed along faster and quicker. Remember that it will take a while before the air gets neutralized so you need to be patient.

Tip#2 Take Care of the Culprit

While waiting for the smell to be dissipated, find the source of all the mishaps- the pepper spray canister. Unless you do something to take care of it fast, the smell will just keep on coming back and you will still feel your eyes being irritated and your breathing restricted. Do this as fast as you can to avoid further disastrous situations.

Tip#3 Freshen Up Your Room

Once you have done the first two tips, the air will be quite neutralized already. But for the finishing touch, you may have to deodorize your entire dorm room by applying air freshener all over. Air fresheners will help in battling the bad smell caused by the pepper spray while getting rid of the remaining particles in the air. These residual particles can still cause great harm if you fail to remove it from the air.

Make sure that you put your pepper spray canister in the safest area of your dorm room to avoid accidents from happening. Keep it away from sharp objects or from high portions to avoid it being ruptured or broken. You can also keep …

Getting What is Due

College athletes whose names are used to make profits for their schools should receive some portion of the profit. Universities are moneymaking entities that currently profit from free labor of their athletes. College athletes bring in millions to their schools through the selling of jerseys, hats, and other memorabilia. The players whose abilities popularize the items for sale do not get any credit for the sales. Their universities are exploiting these top-notch college athletes. Colleges offer student athletes scholarships as meager compensation for full access to all the potential profits. Moreover, NCAA players are not allowed to earn income while participating in sports. Players can not have a part time job of any kind. These NCAA regulations are completely unjustified and wrong. Therefore, athletes should have paid a percentage of the profit received from their sports.

Colleges have developed a cartel. A cartel is a business agreement to level the playing field. In this case, the field is talent in athletes. The agreement states that colleges and universities can not offer players anything more than scholarships and tuition benefits. From a business aspect, this is an intentional lowering of labor wages. If a business tried to do this they would wind up in court, but colleges get away with it. Colleges use this agreement to make profits off the players they have acquired for free, or essentially free. Once the players are on the team, merchandise can be sold with all profits going directly to the school. The profits instead go to the coaching staff and other personal. For example in 1997 the head football coach, Steve Spurrier, for Florida University made 1.1 million dollars, money his players earned, but he received unfairly.

On top of being exploited, players are not allowed to hold part time jobs. Athletes have to dig in the couch for enough change for a slice of pizza. This regulation has recently been eliminated, but it still illustrates the unfairness the NCAA imposes on its athletes. Along with jerseys representing athletes, coaches make shoe contracts restricting the players choice of shoes. For example all the Kentucky Wildcats basketball players have to wear Nike shoes. The Kentucky coach signed the shoe deal and he receives the check from Nike. He is not forced to wear Nike shoes; His players have to wear them, but they do not receive an endorsement.

Do college athletes really deserve to be paid? After all they receive a free college education. Sports are not cheap. Universities and colleges pay for traveling expenses associated with away games. Without the schools support, students would have to pay for rooms at hotels, gas for the buses or planes, and food as well as other expenses. These expenses are a part of sports in general and student athletes should not have to pay those expenses. High school athletes do not have to pay for traveling expenses so it is unrealistic to expect that of college athletes. Ticket sales and television air time deals more than make …

Top 10 Accounting Scholarships

There are numerous accounting scholarships that students can apply for if they are planning on getting an education to go into this important field. There are many new job opportunities in the accounting field at the moment, and the job field is more lucrative than ever before. There are also many listings of accounting scholarships to get a leg up if you are having financial difficulty attaining the program of your choice. Competition is stiff, but you'll never know if you do not apply. The following top 10 scholarships for accounting majors are worth looking into if you are studying or plan to study in this field:

Accounting Scholarships

  1. AICPA / Accountemps Student Scholarship: The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants offers several accounting scholarships. The first is the Accountemps Student Scholarship – five $ 2,500 awards to undergraduate or graduate students that meet GPA requirements.
  2. AICPA John L. Carey Scholarship: Ten $ 5,000 rewards go to graduate students in CPA preparation programs.
  3. AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students: There are 137 awards ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 5,000 that go to minority students around the country.
  4. American Society of Woman Accountants: Many different awards go to female undergraduate and graduate students in accounting each year. Most listings of accounting scholarships include several for women, since they are encouraged to enter this field.
  5. Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program: As much as $ 18,000 is awarded to various accounting students and select students in other majors every year.
  6. Derek Hughes / NAPSLO Educational Foundation: Ten to twelve students are awarded $ 2,000 each year to pursue their studies in accounting, finance or a related field.
  7. Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting: A limited number of women in financial need may receive $ 2,000 to $ 16,000 over four years to study in this field.
  8. HSF-ALPA Scholarship: Hispanic students majoring in accounting may receive $ 1,250 to $ 10,000 through this scholarship.
  9. National Society of Accountants: A total of 30 undergraduate accounting students will be awarded $ 500 to $ 1,000 each year through the society.
  10. National Association of Black Accountants: Between 40 and 70 African American students who are members of the NABA are awarded $ 500 to $ 6,000 every year.

It's clear that there is not shortage of accounting scholarships available. With a little research, complete lists of accounting scholarships can be at your fingertips. …

Student Loan Bill Consolidation – Which One Should You Choose – Federal Or Private?

Image is expensive. Not only do you have to consider your tuition fee; but you also have to consider textbooks, room and board, just to name a few. You have managed to graduate from College with the help of multiple student loans, now that you're out of college with a job you need to consider how to pay for these loans. There are programs and companies that can help you manage or handle your loans for you. You may have tried to apply or inquire with some student loan consolidation companies but found their plans were not flexible enough or right for you.

With no loan consolidation a graduate may have started paying for multiple student loans. Having different credits, payment dates, interest rates, it can get confusing. One way to make paying these creditors is easier student loan bill consolidation. Student loan bill consolidation allows you to work with a professional management person. These professionals handle your account loans. They will turn your multiple student loans into one new loan, to be paid to one creditor. These professionals study your financial history. They will talk to your creditors.

A reputable consolidation company may be able to lower your interest rates and waive certain charges. The interest rate should be considerably low from your previous creditors. They study your loans and your current costs. They look into each creditor's information: terms of agreement, interest rates, fees, etc. They study each loan in detail to find the suitable repayment plan for you. Once they find possible loan solutions or repayment plans for you, they consult you. Because you are a part of the development of your repayment plan, you can get the best repayment plan suitable for you, one that you are sure you can be able to pay, a plan you know that you can pay on time and still be able to afford what you need.

Student Loan Bill Consolidation has two types: Federal and Private.
– Federal loans are funded by the US Government, they provide low interest rates. It's always advised to first apply for Federal Bill consolidation before private.
– Private student bill consolidation has higher interest rates then federal. These are handled by private companies.

There are a few requirements for student loan bill consolidation:
– You need to have graduated or should be out of school.
– You would need to be already repaying your student loans and in the stated grace period.

With student loan bill consolidation, being one loan, you're now able to track your loan. You should be able to pay your loan on time without being confused with other loans as you may have before. One important rule that you should remember is to always pay your consolidation bill on time, failing to do so would result in having it in your credit history.

When considering a consolidation company, do your research. Not all companies are reputable companies. Look for referrals or any evidence to support their creditability. It would …