Child Acting Career Tips

How can you help your child’s acting career? Here are five tips you can use to help them succeed while they pursue their dream of acting.

1) Sign them up for a good kids’ acting class

If your child is six or older, this is the first step to take before even thinking of an agent or headshots. Children actors don’t need that much training and “acting technique”. What they need is to build the confidence to be themselves when they act. Being around other kid actors and knowing what to expect when they go to children acting auditions will help them book their first acting job. A good child acting class teaches kids to stay natural by using their innate ability to make believe. It uses methods like theater games and improvisation that make learning acting fun and exciting for the child. Kids can quickly pick up bad habits as actors, so take your time when looking for a good class. Talk to other parents and look for a teacher that will give your child a strong foundation, rather then teach them “tricks” to be cute that will quickly wear off as they get older.

2) Get them a good kid headshot

Headshots are very important for any actors, because a headshot is the first thing casting directors see when they look through actor submissions. A kid headshot is even more important because children often don’t have much experience on their resume yet, so a lot of the time, all a casting director has to go by is their picture. What makes a good kid headshot? One that is natural, looks exactly like your child and shows their personality. You don’t even have to spend the money on a headshot photographer if your kid is just starting a child acting career. A good snapshot taken by you should suffice to start with. Just make sure you take it outside using natural light and that it is a smiling shot of your kid that shows face, hair and shoulders. Avoid make-up and fancy hairdos at all costs! A kid’s headshot should look like a kid. That’s what casting directors are looking for. Children who can have fun and be themselves in front of the camera. Once you have a good shot, make 8 x 10 prints for auditions.

3) Try not to coach them

It’s natural for parents to want to help our children, but coaching them can really hold back their child acting career. That’s because we don’t see the world like they do. If we tell them how to say a particular line for an audition, we’re giving them an adult’s point of view on how we think the line should be said. Not only will their rendition sound awkward and forced, but we will have taken away a chance for their uniqueness and personality to shine through. What casting directors are looking for at auditions is a child’s unique take on a role, not an imitation of …

NLP Training Can Boost Your Career and Personal Life

NLP training is essential if you want to learn how people live their lives, how they behave and how they deal with each other. NLP training is a powerful way of opening new possibilities for advancing your career and improving your relationships.

An NLP course examines the relationship between how we think, how we speak, and what we’ve learnt from experience. NLP is great for personal improvement and teaches folk to think and speak more clearly and improve their behavior.

Anybody can try NLP. It’s useful for improving personal or professional management and communication skills. NLP helps you break bad habits and implement better ones through a clearer understanding of how and why we do and say certain things. From a professional point of view, you’ll learn to become a better boss, teacher, leader or team-member.

NLP courses are designed to give you a clear understanding about why you act the way you do. It helps you assess whether you really need what you think you need, or whether the way you respond to certain situations is necessarily the best way. Once you know this, you can start to implement a more effective way of operating, both in your professional and private life. You’ll find that the people you interact with on a daily basis will respond to you better and you’ll be making quick headway in being a better lover, manager or employee.

You should think about studying Neurolinguistic programming if you’re interested at all in self development, personal improvement or psychology. It’s a set of near-complete and very powerful skills that will have you looking at the world in a whole new light from the minute you start to study it.

Imagine, for a minute, that you have studied music. When you hear a piece of music you understand the cadence, tempo, rhythm and structure. When you study NLP, you understand all these things about why people say what they do and act how they do. This is powerful stuff and highly recommended.…