Science And Reason May Have Failed When It Comes to Dealing With Matters of The Human Heart

It's a well-known fact that if a person is in love with someone else, he or she should also protect the possessions of his or her sweetheart, as well as look after the welfare of him or her. A Christian Priest, St Bernard, reportedly said in the year 1153:

'Que me amat, amat et Canem.'

Meaning: "Anyone who loves me also loves my dog."

And in the year 1480, another famous saying about love went as follows:

"He that lovytheme, lovythe my hound."

A hound is a type of dog used for hunting; a foxhound. Additionally, there is a famous saying in French West Africa about love:

"Pas la jalousie, pas l'amour."

Meaning: "If there is no jealousy, then there is no love." Love and jealousy are, therefore, strange bedfellows and that if a man loves a woman he will always be restless if he sees her talking to a stranger and vice versa.

People have grown so busy that personal relationships are now impoverished. Friendships are now harder to keep. Families are shrinking, and not only through divorce. People in developed countries are now having few children, and the elderly are not often cared for, at home. And, despite human relationships have been categorized into many types, relationships with the opposite sex have been the most common in all cultures under the sun. These relationships could just be platonic ones; they could also be a romantic ones; however, the romantic ones are arguably the "sweetest". As far as romantic relationships are concerned, they are the same in the East and in the West. Differences, however, would not fail to exist with respect to their longevity, closeness and intensity.

The words "love" and "lover" are used so freely these days that it may not necessarily indicate the dichotomy between an amorous relationship, where one partner is usually considered only as a "usable and expendable commodity", and an intimate companionship, whereby the intended goal is matrimony. Some men want to boast about their priapic conquests. Some sailors are reputedly famous for their priapic episodes ashore (a girl in every port).

Science and reason may have failed when it comes to dealing with problems of the human heart. Today, we are witnessing a new revolution that will shape the knowledge society of the 21st Century. This revolution affects all aspects of our life- styles, the way we learn, work and communicate with each other; but will it be able to keep marriages intact; insure loyalty between couples; put a stop to child prostitution and pornography; end violence against women once and for all? In short, will it make the world a better and safer place to conduct faithful relationships?

The Somber Princess Diana – the People's Princess – telling of her lonely and desperate existence in her early married life to the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, says: "My husband made me feel so uniquate in every possible way," she told her biographer Andrew Morton. Princess Diana also talks about her several …

Support During Career Transition: Keeping Upbeat and Focused

Do you sometimes find that as soon as you take that leap and decide to make a positive career change, you’re met with criticism and resistance from those around you? They tell you why it’s a bad idea and try to persuade you not to follow your dream.

Luckily, it only seems that way. One of the biggest challenges that many people in career transition face is trying to convince their families, friends, coworkers and the people who know them best, that change is a good thing. At a time when everything is in flux, it’s tough for us to reassure people we are headed on the path to success despite any obstacles which may surface along the way. We may even be uncertain ourselves! And because we frequently experience the most resistance to our ideas from the people who mean the most to us, it can FEEL like our core support system is caving in. But don’t worry, I assure you it’s not!

As a certified career coach who has helped many people overcome obstacles and who has paved the way for my own career, I make sure my clients know where to find the best type of career support, at the time when they need it most. Here are five sources where you can seek out guidance, education–even commiseration!–during your career transition period.

1. Career networking – both online and in person.

There are tons of career-focused networks and resources on the internet and in your local area. To locate them online, do a Google search. Check out your home town paper to find out where the best career focused communities are hiding. Go out and mingle with like-minded professionals who are seeking a change in their own careers or who are currently in the career you want to pursue. Participate in workshops, contact your college alumni office or attend a networking event. The information is there for the taking, all you have to do is seek and you shall find.

2. Individual career coaching.

On my site I offer what is known as Co-Active Coaching – a style of coaching that empowers the career seeker to find the right answers on their own and navigate their career course in a way that feels right for them alone. A good coach will never just hand you instructions, but is there instead to offer expert advice, an objective viewpoint, positive encouragement and suggestions to help manage your goals effectively, in a manner that works for you.

3. A career seeking buddy.

Sometimes it isn’t easy being that “horse of a different color” in your group of friends. If everyone you know is consumed with their corporate job but you have a strong urge to strike out on your own, you may get some resistance from those who can’t relate or are fearful you might be making a mistake. The solution is not to try to persuade the naysayers, but instead seek like-minded people or a supportive friend to commiserate …