What You Can Do With Your Spare Time In College

Being in college, for some, would mean having some kind of independence. With this independence comes cost. Being independent would mean that you can support yourself. And what better way to support oneself with a part-time job.

Having a part-time job can really make you learn independence. This will teach you how to survive on your own. This gives you the opportunity to explore the options you have to be able to start something on your own. Getting a part-time job is not that easy though. There are a lot of competitions also not just from college but also from a major of unemployed people out there.

So choosing the right job based on your qualifications will give you the chance of getting it. If you have a certain skill that you think will be beneficial to your application then use it. These skills may help you get that job easily. Although most part-time jobs do not require much expertise but you'll never know.

You can get some tips from other students that have part-time jobs. They talk about their experiences so you can get something out of it. They can even recommend you to their employer if there is a position that is vacant.

You can also search for some articles on how you can increase your chances of being hired when applying for a job. These can help you prepare for your resume and application letter. These can also give you points on what part-time job gives good pay.

There are other jobs you can start on your own. You can start your dog sitting business. This can give you the freedom to choose the days you will be working and you can earn unlimited income from it. There are some great articles on how you can start your dog care business.

With the internet you can get some suggestions as to what you can do on your spare time that will generate some income on your part. You can do internet marketing sometimes. Or write a great article on a blog about your campus life. These do not generate much income as a start but when it builds up you can reap rewards without having to do much. It's the new hype of the internet age. Use it to your advantage while you are doing nothing in campus. The internet is a powerful tool if you know how to use it to your advantage. …

Becoming an English Teacher Abroad

I was working in an office building, doing the same old job day after day. I wanted something new in my life. I felt that my life was being wasted in that cubicle in the office and wanted to do something that would let me see the world and live a fulfilling life. I heard about teaching English around the world, and thought it would be exactly what I needed. I signed up for TEFL Academy online so I could become qualified to teach English in foreign countries.

By taking the online courses, I would be able to learn what I needed to be ready to teach English, and I would be approved by any organization on the planet that accepts English teachers.…

The Trust Factor

The relationship economy is founded on technology, but can only be built on relationships. It starts with relationship networks and ends with trust.

In relationships trust may refer to a relationship of reliance .

Sociologists recognize a hierarchy of forms of activity and interpersonal relations that impact trust, divided into;

behavior action

social behavior

social action

social contact

social interaction

These collective factors create interactive elements by which others, consciously and unconsciously determine the factors of trust that influence an individuals success with others and with entity communities networked together through a series of contact points.

In computer science trust can be referred to:

Trusted system, a system which failure may break a security policy

Web of trust, a system to establish authenticity

A trust metric rates users of social software

In psychology and sociology, a trust metric is a measure of how a member of a group is trusted by the other members. Trust metrics may be abstracted in a manner that can be implemented on computers, making them of interest for the study and engineering of virtual communities, such as Facebook and the host of other large networks. Attack resistance is an important property of trust metrics which reflects their ability to handle individuals who participate within social networks in bad faith (ie who aim to abuse the presumption of trust). feedback rating. Slashdot introduced its notion of karma, earned for activities received to promote group effectiveness, an approach that has been very influential in later virtual communities. Amazon's review system enables community members to rate a book or a seller of a book.

Enter Social Networks

The social interactions between individuals and networks assume a trust metrics in the undering social networks. Even if one assumes closed populations of constant size, due to mobility and communication, new links are created and new acquentions are made at all times. This means that the landscape and dynamics of social networks change over time. As new links are added to the network the path between each two individuals become shorter over time. In other words, the probability that any two randomly selected individuals know each other increases with time, thereby modifying the content of the collective memory in a evolutionary manner. Memory of an individuals trust factor is driven by the following dynamics

Players can communicate and inquire about the reputation of their co-players. The networks of acquainthood grows dynamically over time and the word spreads on who to trust and who not to trust . Information about the reputation of co-players is not obtained randomly; rather, players selectively acquire information from their acquirement network by taking advantage of the collective memory of the social networks to which they belong.Information is not propagated randomly in a population. New information resulting from new interactions modifies the content of the collective memory of a recipient and is hence selectively propagated through the recipient's acquaintance network.

A social network is an evolving dynamic entity . With new interactions, new links are created which …