RV Education Questions & Answers

Q. I have a water heater in my RV. Every year I drain it for storage. When I do, I notice that the anode rod, which is also the drain plug has been at different stages of decay.

Mark Says: It's a good thing you drain the water heater and that you take notice of the anode rod. Many people do not know it's even there. Anode rods are used in suburban water heaters because they have steel tanks. The anode rod attractions minerals and deposits that could have been harmful to the tanks lining. These deposits eat away at the rod rather than damaging the tank. I would replace the rod when it's about 75% consumed.

Q. Would like your thoughts on the pros & cons of towing a trailer behind my F / Wheel because I miss my Harley-Davidson during long winter stays down south! Also do you know of states laws prohibiting this? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Mark Says: It's quite common for people to tow things like boats and small trailers behind their trailer. Some concerns are the hitch on the back of the trailer, it needs to be capable of supporting the additional weight and the tow vehicle you are towing with needs to have a tow rating capable of towing the total amount of weight. If you were to exceed the vehicles Gross Combined Weight Rating your insurance or vehicle warranty may be void in the event of an accident or breakdown.

As far as the legal issue goes, here is a link that shows each states laws for trailer towing. You will notice that one of the criteria is for towing two trailers. The one thing I'm not sure of is, if it's legal to tow two trailers in the state you live in can you that configuration across the border of another state and still be legal. You may want to contact the highway patrol and ask that question.

Q. Where would I be able to get instructions on using the convention / microwave oven in our motor home. It was put in to replace the original one but the instructions were lost prior to our purchasing the used motor home. So far the oven has not been used at all other than heat something up.

Mark Says: Try to identify the manufacturer of the convection oven and go to their web site. Often times they will have the owners manuals available for download.

Q. I have a 27 foot Dutchman Travel Trailer that I bought new in 2002. To date I have blown out 7 tires. I am now on Goodyear radials having replaced the OE Carlyle tires. My question is this: Do tires on a trailer require balancing and alignment like a car? I just find it amazing that I have had that many blowouts.

Mark Says: My first thought would be that the tires are overloaded. If you have not done it yet take the trailer to …

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