Moving Into Your First Home the Green Way

Moving out of the parental home and into one's first home is very exciting, if perhaps a little scary. Suddenly the reality of adulthood is sinking in: rent payments will need to be made on time, bills will arrive on the door step … and household chores are waiting, when one returns home from work or university.

Before one can settle into domestic bliss, there is the stressful day of moving home. No matter how many cardboard boxes one has managed to get from the supermarket, there never seems to be enough to store all one's belongings. Even after a drastic "cull" among the children heirlooms and teenage memories one has been holding on to, there are still the clothes, the files needed for university or work, the books one can not bear to part with and the CDs, DVDs and technical paraphernalia that comes with modern living.

Keeping valuables safe during the house move is paramount, but cardboard boxes from the supermarket or newsagents are not designed to carry heavy loads like books or files, let alone computer equipment. Worse, after the day of moving one is left with a pile of wrappings and cardboard boxes that clutters up the new flat until the day of the fortnightly waste collection. Although purpose made cardboard moving boxes can be recyclable and possibly even reusable after the move, they can be expensive to buy. At a time when most young people are struggling to find work or the money to go to university with escalating university fees, saving money during the house move is more important than ever.

Hiring green recyclable, reusable plastic moving boxes is a viable alternative to cardboard, especially since most cardboard, even the recyclable kind, ends up in landfill sites. Moving boxes can be hired for a whole week for very little money, plenty of time to pack up the things one wants to keep and to take the rest to a charity shop or sell them online. After the move the rented boxes are returned to the hire company. There is no waste and many other people get to enjoy the benefits of using these strong, stackable moving boxes.

Rather than making many trips with a self-drive rented van because the cardboard boxes can not be stacked high enough, one can save petrol and time by packing up marriages into recyclable, reusable plastic moving boxes fit for the purpose. This saves not just on cost of fuel but also on time with regard to the van hire, since vans can be hired for half days or just a few hours rather than a whole day or weekend.

When one arrives in one's new home, there is always the annoyance of the previous occupant having removed all the light bulbs. Moving into a new home typically means spending some money on replacing every single light bulb in the property. Oh, and one must not forget the toilet paper – that's never where it should be on the …

There are No Republicans in Science Fiction

Only in America can you win the Nobel Peace Prize and then be condemned in the media. Rather than taking pride that an American won a prestigious award right wing pundits have reignited the whole there’s no global warming shtick. You would thing that they would begin to tire of being wrong, but no. When you never have to admit your wrong it becomes easier to be wrong even when the non-perfected disagree.

The party that voted against Social Security, Civil rights, seat belts and air bags is running the cigarette smoking campaign redux with global warming. For years they contended there was no definitive proof that cigarettes caused cancer. Study after study proved the connection and Republicans with their tobacco lobby allies would claim the study defective or the scientist’s partisan. Then the tobacco lobby would produce their own study disputing the original facts.

I have always been a fan of science fiction films of the 1950’s and 1960’s it’s fun to look back and see how they envisioned our future. With picture telephones the size of car spare tires and robots with spinning antenna on top of their heads. But usually the crux of their movie plot involved some dire crises facing planet Earth. In the Japanese classic Godzilla the monster rose out of the sea because of mankind’s careless use of nuclear power.

No one thought to dispute the issue of the monsters intent, so as I’ve said there are no Republicans in science fiction. Were it real, Republican legislators would have stood in the well Congress, “Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak in support of our friends in Japan. Their Capital City in ruins because of this horrible monster from the deep, but Mr. Speaker let us not be too quick to assume that the monsters motivation was nuclear energy. This monster also attacked bridges and commuter trains so it is just as plausible that the monster was opposing public transportation.

Mr. Speaker I stand today to defend America from horrible sea monsters and encourage my fellow members to vote against the mass transit appropriation bill, to which I would like to add an amendment that I call the Godzilla protection act.

In the classic film “The Day The Earth Stood Still” an Alien space craft lands in Washington D.C. The alien has been sent on a mission to convince mankind to pursue the paths of peace. In a speech before the United Nations the visitor asserts that if mankind will only renounce war that assistance will be granted to our planet. But if we continue in our warlike ways then the Earth will be destroyed.

Bush and Cheney would have had a bill before Congress quadrupling the military defense budget as soon as the nuclear cloud had dissipated from where the alien spacecraft had landed. “And our Fox News poll tonight, Should the world’s leaders be dictated to by horrible alien space mutants and their nine foot tall robots?”

It just doesn’t matter; every …

Supporting Your NCAA Pride With Your Team Colors

Saturday gets a little bit sweeter when the brisk fall rolls in and the season tickets are ready, having fans tied up for the rest of the NCAA college football season. For diehards, it can even be a little tricky working in the holidays with all of those bowl games to keep you busy. It is all about showing off that collegiate team pride.

Tailgating. It is a must. In fact, it is almost a weekly ritual. Pop up the tent, turn on the grill, play a few tailgate games and though it seems like it isn’t soon enough, it is game time! So get ready to cheer on your tigers and chant about your razorbacks or get ready to roll tide. Whoever your NCAA sports team is, you have almost everything on your checklist.

However, there is one thing missing. What to wear to your NCAA college game or even to hang out with the buddies to watch the game is almost comparable to how a woman might pick out her outfit on any given day. It takes thought and care. Shall you wear your jersey or your lucky old Clemson t-shirt that seems to bring a big win despite the fact that it has more holes than Swiss cheese?

Do you go to the stadium in your full war paint? Maybe your game is even on a big local network and the shirt has come off and the letters of your favorite sports network are painted across your chest. Sure, this is acceptable… if you are a student still. It isn’t very likely that the average adult NCAA college football fan goes to the games sporting paint and team tattoos and spray painted hair when they have officially retired from that stage of their life. Come on, you want to look classy and somewhat normal even.

Let us consider proper attire for NCAA football games. It is borderline chilly weather with a little bit of brisk breeze, generally, though it depends on the reason. It is the beginning of fall for goodness sake and yes, you will have the opportunity to tailgate and even look a little bit tasteful. But first, let us think about some of the traditional college costumes that NCAA football fans across the United States have adapted. Many styles are specific to the regions and where schools are located. Fortunately, some of those styles become fads that pass within a couple of years while others maintain tradition.

For those football fans in the southwest, good food and good weather is what they have in store for NCAA football games. They might just have their fitted hats, their university t-shirts with cut off sleeves and board shorts. And southwest region football fans shall not forget the eye black paint under the eyes in case of that ever so bright glare.

On the west coast, specifically the mid-Pacific region, the male football fans are just a little bit more on the preppy but casual side. A …