Advaita Vedanta and Science

The philosophy of Advaita Vedanta is one of the few spiritual philosophies that conform to science. It is however contradicted by nor contradicts present scientific positions.

In Advaita Vedanta, the world is said to have two levels of reality, the level of the world that we see around us which has relative reality, and the level of Brahman or Oneness, which has absolute reality.

The world around us is said to be only relatively real. This does not mean that it does not exist or is unreal, but only that its level of reality is not perfect, it is an ambiguous reality. It has an indistinct reality, nothing that we examine in the world can be shown to have a definite reality. Whenever we analyze anything in the world down to its roots, we will find that it degenerates into an ambiguous reality. It is only when we reach the level of Brahman or Oneness that we will find a definite reality.

Brahman in Advaita is considered to be the absolute reality. It is not affected by time or space and hence is homogeneous, non-discrete and beyond this everyday world.

Now, coming to present science, we find that as far as the first part of the Advaita proposition, quantum physics defines the world in the same way. In quantum physics also, the ultimate reality of the world is said to be quantum particles. At present, the particles of the Standard Model, a table that defines about 50-60 subparticles like quarks, muons and bosons, are considered to be the fundamental particles that institute all of the world. Now, it is interesting that the reality of these quantum particles is described in very much the same terms that Advaita Vedanta used to describe the relative reality of the world. In quantum physics also, it is recognized that the reality of these quantum particles is not well defined, and they have an ambiguous, 'smudged' reality.

Again, it is well recognized in present science that the Standard Model is not complete, and there is a sub-structure below it. What exactly this is still not known, various theories like String theory, Technicolor theory, etc. are proposed. These propose entities which define, if possible, entities which are even more ambiguous in their reality! Thus both Advaita Vedanta and modern quantum physics assert that the world has an ambiguous reality.

However, here the similarity between present science and Advaitism ends. Quantum Physicspite proposing particles with ambiguous reality at the base, does not go on to propose anything which has absolute reality and says it is this ambiguous reality which holds at the base.

Advaita Vedanta would not say that present quantum physics is wrong. Instead what it says is that it is incomplete. It is the assertion of Advaita Vedanta that regardless of the Standard Model nor other theories like String theory that propose discrete, 'atomic' particles will be the final answer and they will be found to be incomplete with further sub structures beyond them. Advaita …

All About the Starcraft Mods

StarCraft is a military science fiction video game that came on the market in 1998 from Blizzard Entertainment. It has become one of the best-selling computer games with more than 9 million copies sold throughout the world. It is considered as one of the best games of all times and raised the bar for the development of future video games. Based on the success of this game Starcraft mods have also been developed, by hackers who want to cash in on this success and make money on their own.

Many of the custom configurations you get when you purchase the StarCraft game use the same editor. However, with some of the newer games you have to make a few custom hacks changes to be able to get around the restrictions of the existing editor. Some of the mod creators even record their own sound effects and voices, but for the most part they still exhibit the same polished integrated structure as the original game. This is because it is reliably easy to break the balancing and produce artwork that fits in with the Blizzard creations.

There are custom mods for the StarCraft game that do have changes made in the programming. This gives these mods their own unique take on the game. Hackers that create these mods can adapt the StarCratft files and have different sounds and graphics. Some of the mods are even more intense than the original game providing for single players. Others have made extensive changes to the sound and graphics and even the action of the game itself.

There are many different mods of the StaraCraft game, some of which vary little from the original. They include:

– Aliens vs. Predator: Retribution TC – this is a German speaking version of the game with total conversion
–'s TC pack – This German version of the game features a collection of homemade add-on packs and TC's. They are bundled together and sold as one package.
– Gundam Century – This was originally called GundamCraft that replaced the StarCraft graphics with the manga mecha characters of Gundam and their robotic vehicles. The game also replaced two of the StarCraft races – Federation replaced Terrans and Neo Zion replaced Protoss. The site was shut down for a while, but is now live again. However production of new mods has not resumed.

– NeoTech – This mod features an upgrade to all the Terran forces with most of the units replaced by units that look more spectacular.
– Open Rebellion – This is a total conversion of the Brood War that very closely resembles the original version.
– Robotech: Enemy Frontier – This is a total conversion of the Robotech game of the 1980's.
– StarCraft Sickel Add-On – This is a fan built extension kit for the Brood War game. It adds to the existing line of units and allows for the addition of new units. There are two new Terran tanks, a new Zerg unit and several …