10 Tips For Managing Your Career

Here are some tips for those just beginning a new career and career changers. If you have been in a job for a while, these tips may be helpful in revitalizing your career or in focusing your attention on the need to make a change.

1. Take responsibility for building your own career – In today's work environment managing your career is your responsibility. Even if you are lucky enough to have a mentor you are the one that needs to take charge of building your career. Mentors make suggestions but you decide if the suggestions fit or if they will work for you and then act on them. You must have a vision of where you are headed and then find your own path!

2. Define care satisfaction for yourself – Notice what gives you the most satisfaction and where your passion is. Know your life purpose and use it to guide your career. Once you know what you love and what is most satisfying to you, find ways to do this kind of meaningful work either in your current job or another.

3. Have a detailed career plan which you update regularly – Make a career plan and follow it. Watch for job opportunities that meet your career goals and apply for them. If you miss a goal in your career plan, update the plan and create an action plan to achieve the missed goal. Use your weekly career time (see # 8) to call people (see # 6) who can help you to reach your goal.

4. Build your own brand – Find a facet of your work that interests you and that is useful to others. Develop an expertise so that you are the "go to" person for this expertise. This gives you a competitive edge and you become known for your knowledge (the expert).

5. Track your accomplishments – You can not rely on your manager or your peers to remember and credit you with your accomplishments. Keep a list that gives your accomplishments in the format that states the problem, the solution and the result. You can use this document as a reminder for yourself during your annual review and also as a basis for updating your resume.

6. Build relationships – It is all about your network. Building and maintaining relationships with people in your field and people who are in a position to help you move forward in your career is imperative. Start with your college professors! Find other mentors, advisors and coaches along the way to help you expand your network. Stay connected to colleagues from past jobs who may be able to help you in the future.

7. Communicate frequently – To become known as an expert in your field you will need to write and speak frequently. Work with the leading professional organization in your field to speak at meetings and write for their publications. Find other places to speak and write on your expertise. This will help you …

Teen Driving Education: How To Drive Defensively

Many states require teenagers under the age of 18 to go to undertake driver's education in order to qualify for a driver's license. As a teenager, you need to learn how to drive defensively. For you to be a great defensive driver you need to do the following:

Stay focused

Driving is a thinking task as you have to think of many things when you are behind the wheel. For example, you need to think about road conditions, traffic laws, following directions, and cars around you.

As a result of this you need to stay focused and concentrate only on driving. This calls for you to get rid of distractions such as talking on the phone, eating, and playing loud music.

Stay alert

It has been shown that almost all accidents occur as a result of the driver not paying attention. For you to stay alert, you need to ensure that you do not drive under influence of alcohol or drugs. You also need to ensure that you are not drowsy.

Think ahead

Although, you can not know what the other drivers are thinking, you should try to expect their next moves. To be on the safe side you should always keep your eyes open and be prepared to react to any possible driving mistakes made by other driver (s).

Apply the three-second rule

When driving you should keep a minimum of three seconds of following distance between you and the car in front of you in order to create time and space for you to react to unexpected situations. If you think that you are too close to another car you should slow down or change lanes.

Have an escape route

You should always position your vehicle where you have the best chance of seeing and being seen. It's also wise to place your vehicle in a position where you can have an alternate route if your immediate path of travel was suddenly blocked.

Observe your speed

Almost every road has a speed limit and it's your responsibility to drive according to the given speed. You should remember that high speeds make it difficult to control a car and often results to accidents and deaths.

Make use of turn signals

To let other drivers know of your intentions it's paramount that you make use of the turn signals whenever you are turning. Making use of the signals not only saves the lives of others on the road, but it also saves your life. …

Wealthy Affiliate University – What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate University is fast becoming most popular Internet marketing learning center online. It was first launched about five years ago the year 2005 by two millionaire internet marketers Kyle and Carson. It has quickly become one of the premier places of learning.

It is a no-frills place where serious people can learn the tricks of Internet marketing from their fellow marketers and hundreds of resources created by the owners.

It also provides members with about 12 different Internet marketing tools using which you can execute campaigns from the very start to the end. Some of the tools included are website builder, keyword analysis tool, article writing tool, competitions spy tool etc. Using these tools you can do almost anything that you will need to do to make your online career successful.

Wealthy Affiliate membership also includes unlimited unlimited web hosting with unlimited bandwidth. This means that you have complete solution for website hosting too.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the Wealthy Affiliate is the forum. And it is very famous for its forum. It has more than 350,000 posts. Being a member myself I can say that all the people inside the forum are always ready to help with almost every topic. There are people who can guide you on issues like website building, PPC optimization, cloaking etc. You just need to give a shout and somebody will be there to help you.

If you are looking to make money online then Wealthy Affiliate is a very wise investment as I have seen many people in the last one year start making healthy living online with the help of the tools and training resources provided within members area. …