Online PhD In Management – For A Great Career In Academia Or Business

If you want to acquire the education to become a college business lecturer or perhaps become a well-known author of business books, then consider doing an online PhD in management.

Online lessons were designed for people who wanted to get a higher education but due to time constraints (and possibly financial constraints as well), were unable to attend campus based universities.

Being able to do PhD programs online is especially advantageous to master's graduates. This is due to many masters degree holders currently have good jobs – jobs which they do not want to leave. By doing their doctor degrees online, they can keep their jobs and pursue their education at the same time. Furthermore, they can complete their doctor degrees at

their own pace.

However, do not be fooled into thinking that because the PhD in management program can be completed online, the program is easier than the ones taught at campus-based colleges. This online program is still very difficult and you still must complete an original thesis that can withstand serious academic scrutiny.

Apart from completing research, you may also be required to do the following courses:

Qualitative Research Techniques. This course will concentrate on enhancing your skills in exploring issues relating management. You will be trained in how to gain a thorough understanding about the subject you are exploring. You will also be trained as to how to analyze the reasons for which the particular phenomenon has occurred.

Advanced Quantitative Research Methods. This course will focus your attention on the investigation of certain phenomena related to management using quantitative techniques. You will be instructed on how to apply theories, hypotheses and mathematical models relating to those phenomena.

Advanced Marketing Strategies. Here you will learn advanced strategies that you can use to turn an organization's limited resources into great opportunities for increased sales. With these strategies, you'll be able to compete more effectively with your competitors.

Social Responsibility. Here you will be equipped with ethical ideologies that your company or organization can employ to balance profit-making and social responsibility.

Financial Management. Here, your knowledge on the maintenance and administration of your company's financial assets will be sharpened. You will learn advanced skills in managing and identifying risks.

From the skills you'll acquire during the program, you can see that doing an online PhD in management is not just ideal for students who want to become college professors. Doctoral management degree holders are prime candidates for high level executive positions including the coveted CEO positions.

Before you embark on the online PhD in management, you need to know if this program is right for you and if so, where to find good online business schools. …

Top Ten Graphic Design Career Options

There are hundreds of job opportunities within in the design world – graphic design is just one option. If you've decided you want to pursue a career in graphic design, you may want to know about all the career options you have to choose from. Graphic design is not just limited to arranging words and graphics for a magazine or newspaper – that's only a small part of what graphic designers do. Technology is advocating quickly, and many graphic designers are finding them spending more and more time producing electronic media for the Internet than ever before.

So, if you're considering a career in graphic design, here are 10 career options (in no particular order) you have to choose from.

1. Logo Designer

Many graphic designers say logo production offers a great balance of font and word choice with graphic creation to satisfify their cravings. Many logo designers freelance their services out and work independently – which is appealing for many who can not stand having a boss. They are often hired by companies to create signs, marketing and promo materials. A logo designer works to mold the company's image using color, type and graphics.

2. Flash Designer

Graphic designers who enjoy working online can choose to freelance, or work in house for companies that design or create websites. Flash designers use interactive flash animations (which is one of the hottest things on the Internet right now) to design cool applications for their company's website (s). Flash interactive can be used for advertising, information or customer entertainment.

3. Web Designer

If coding and HTML is your thing, you may consider working as a webpage or website designer. Web designers must understand computer languages ​​and create appealing websites for their clients. Projects can be as big, or as small as a client wants and needs – sometimes web designers are hired to just create one specific page of a company's website. Most of the time, web designers start out freelancing until they've created a portfolio that can impress big firms.

4. Art Director

The art director (also called creative director) is in charge of a team that produces artwork for magazines, television, billboards, products, the Internet – you name it, they do it. A director is in charge of a team made up of artists, photographers, designers and others who work together to develop and produce media products for the company.

5. Brand Identity Designer

Brand identity designers develop products and promo materials that mold how the public views the company. A brand identity is the visual element that represents the company's image. Designers choose the look, feel and use of particular items and brands. The brand identity is also what helps customers remember the brand and usually what keeps them coming back.

6. Advertising

Working in advertising does not limit you to just creating designs and page layouts. In order to be successful in advertising, you must understand marketing, public relations and consumer behaviors. Your understanding of those business areas …

Is There a Future For Graduates of Political Science?

Can one make a living out of political science? The answer to this question will be answered below. But before proceeding, it is also important to know the basics of this course. So, what really is political science? This question is often the most basic point that students of law, politicians, and even laymen are trying to answer in their quest to understand politics. At its most basic core, political science is the study of political behavior, political processes and dynamics, as well as the study of Governments in general. Being one of the branches of social sciences, political science aims to analyze, describe, and predict political behavior in relation with existing political systems. Although it is considered science, political science revolves around subjective elucidations rather than verifiable empirical data. As a science, its most essential function is to help individuals understand interpersonal relationships as well as study how relationships between individuals affect other individuals, groups, nation, state, and governments.

As an academic subject, political science is a relatively new form of discipline, which has only earned sufficient recognition in recent decades in the United States and other countries. It has many subfields such as philosophy, international relations, theory of political systems, political economy, policy studies, and other related fields. Formal students of political science aim to get enough understanding and knowledge of politics in general to help them in their political career. In the United States, graduates of political science are called political scientists. They can get jobs in many government agencies including exciting ones in local, state, and federal government. Some graduates can also go into law, business, electoral politics, and even international organizations.

Job responsibilities can range from boring to exciting. This includes analyzing the entire spectrum of political behavior, public opinion, taxation, public administration, and voting. Research on many public issues and political relationships are also part of the job. Political scientists can also make recommendations as well as suggestions on matters that affect the environment, business, and citizens. Elections such as the coming 2010 Federal Election in Australia can get varied opinions on TV, radio, and other media from many political scientists involved or monitoring the event.

Since getting into career options in college considers the chance of getting employed after graduation, or the high number of future employers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States made a study on the course. The Bureau claimed that jobs available for political scientists is constantly increasing. Thus, there is bright future in this field just like any other career. Average alerting of political scientists depends on their education, geographic position, and experience, but usually the starting salary is $ 27,000. Those with advanced degrees can make more than the average. Further, bachelor's degree holders can also move into paralegals or administrative assistants vacancies. Many graduates of this course can also employ them in colleges and universities. On top of this, they can also boost their income by teaching summer school courses, writing books, and even …