Why Junior College Baseball Might Be Right for You

I continue to see and hear both high school baseball players and their parents have an "I've got to play (NCAA) Division I baseball" mentality. At the same time I see these players end up extremely unhappy because Division I baseball, was not right for them.

When Junior College (JUCO) might be the better choice for you:

1. You are not a great student in high school. Many 2.5-3.0 GPA high school students find the transition to a junior college is much easier.

2. You are a drafted player who was not drafted high enough to sign, but would like to play professional baseball (possibly a draft-and-follow). The junior college route allows the added flexibility of either signing or being re-drafted after both the freshman and sophomore seasons.

3. You are a potential draft pick, not drafted out of high school who wants the additional two years of draft eligibility. This can allow you to continue to work certain aspects of your game that may need improvement.

4. You have a dream of playing at a Texas, a Clemson or an Arizona State, but your only offers are from lesser Division I schools. By going to a junior college and providing yourself you may get the opportunity at the college or university you really wanted to play at.

The one thing that both the player and the parent needs to understand is that after two years playing baseball at a junior college when you transfer to a Division I baseball college the final degree you receive says "Texas", "Clemson" or "Arizona State ", and says nothing about the junior college.

Another issue when considering where to play your college baseball may be dollars. Most Division I baseball schools (who have 11.7 scholarships for baseball) are forced to split the money between 30-35 players, leaving the player a large portion of them that are owed to pay. With lower tuition costs and more scholarships (24) many times a junior college baseball program can offer two years free.

Two years free and then two years at 50% at a Division I baseball school is the equivalent of four years at 75%. That 25% per year can easily save you $ 20,000 or more during your baseball playing career.

Another reason to choose a JUCO is the potential for additional playing opportunity. As a Freshman you will also be competitive against players more your own age.

While Junior College is a good option for many players it is not right for everyone. The 3.5 – 4.0 student who is able to attend a Duke or Notre Dame would be foolish to consider a junior college, as these top academic schools usually do not have many junior college baseball transfers on their rosters.

Whatever your choice the one thing you need to remember is that you need to make the right choice for you.

Good Luck! …

Baseball Scholarships – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

The competition for baseball scholarships in college is tough. There are 11.7 NCAA Division I scholarships per school. NCAA DII only has 9 and NAIA schools have 12. The most scholarships available are at NJCAA or junior colleges who have 24 scholarships. The NCAA and NAIA classify baseball as an equivalency sport which means the scholarships can be divided into parts and awarded out to more players than scholarship numbers. Meaning if you are rewards a DI 50% or 5. partial scholarship, the coach has 11.2 more to award.

You will face a lot of competition for a baseball scholarship and it is important that you treat recruiting serious and like a job. Those who do are rewarded. Here are some of the most common mistakes see athletes make year after year.

1. Not believing in your talent. As hard as it is to believe I see many high school baseball players that should be playing in college but do not think they are good enough. Sometimes recruiting coming down to who wants it more once athletes reach a certain talent level.

2. Giving up during the recruiting process. Getting a scholarship is hard work. Many times athletes who are used to success are not prepared for the brutal nature of learning a scholarship. Those who can press forwards after being turned down by school after school are the ones who win in the end.

3. Choosing the wrong summer team. Playing in summer leagues has almost become a necessity. College coaches are not able to recruit during the season because they overlap. The summer is the main recruiting season for baseball. Do not choose a league with you friends, choose a team that will maximize your exposure.

4. Neglecting your academies. This is something that is preventable and should never happen. By just getting over a 3.0 GPA you make it 100 times easier for a college to accept you academically and recruit you. If you are behind on your grades, make every effort today to turn them around.

5. Not being flexible. We are talking about being able to touch your toes here. College coaches want athletes who can play multiple positions. If you want the scholarship be willing to play and be able to play around the field.

Remember, these are just 5 critical mistakes I have seen and continue to see every year. Start your recruiting process early to get a baseball scholarship and treat it like a job. …

4 Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance in College Itself

Life is full of uncertainties and we can never know what life has planned for tomorrow. And students are no different in that. Even if you are a student that doesn’t mean that you are immune from the unwanted events of life. Life insurance policies protect you and your loved ones against the uncertainty of life. In case of an unfortunate event, the insurance provider helps with a lump sum amount of money helping the family to take care of financial debts and other responsibilities. Losing a child can be a heart-breaking experience for any parent and accumulated cash amount can be very helpful in such situations. Parents or loved ones may utilize this amount to help them to take care of funeral expenses, pending personal or education loans and other essential expenses. In this article, we are going to explain what is the importance of a life insurance for students and the benefits offered by various insurance providers.

Life Insurance Options for Students

Insurance providers are coming up with advantageous life insurance policies for different types of customers and students are no different. Usually, students are more into enjoying their college time than thinking of protection from unfortunate incidents. For once, it may seem irrelevant to the students, but if you go into the details, you will find life insurance is a smart buy. However, most people don’t realize the need in the early stages of their life and hence can’t buy one for them. Such policies are providing the students a useful way to take care of their study and other essential expenses.

There are multiple companies offering life insurance plans at affordable rates online. You are just requested to fill an online for the official website of insurance providers or on an insurance portal with multiple providers. Insurance representatives from different companies will reach you with top insurance quotes as per your requirement. They will patiently listen to your queries, explain all the available plan clearly and suggest the most suitable for you. Comparing the different plans for their coverage and benefits, you can choose a plan offering the maximum coverage for the best price. Also, students are considered to have a longer life-expectancy than some older buyer and are expected to live longer. Hence, insurance policies offer a cheaper insurance plan to attract younger buyers. If you are unmarried along with being a student and make you mind buying a life insurance plan, you may qualify some great discount of your insurance plan and get a premium quite cheaper than someone who is married or is working with a firm. Moreover, if you buy a life insurance plan in early stage of life, you can help your parents take a breath if relief as they won’t have to think much about the uncertainty of future.

Reasons to buy a life insurance plan for students

There are several reasons that may compel a student to a buy a life insurance for themselves. Here are a few of