Free Massage Education

Many people wonder how they can get a reliable and effective massage education. Some would like to be able to massage their partner, or just massage friends they know. Others would like to be able to massage their husband or wife. Others still would like to be massage therapist, or as massage therapists learn more about massage and its different modalities! How can I learn massage the inexpensive way?

Well, as a massage therapist we have to pass a twenty four hour course every two years to keep out massage licence. These classes can be in any modality we choose, deep tissue, myofascial trigger point release, reflexology, ayurveda massage, thai massage, tuina, amma,californian massage, esalen massage, medical massage, craniosacral. Some courses are live hands-on and really you get the most training this way and learn the most as you can practice the new skills you are learning on real people. But I also found that many LMT’s (licenced massage therapists) order videos to watch at home to practice and then they can pass a test online where you are asked a series of questions and need a certain number of correct answers to pass and get your certification in whatever modality you are taking!

The videos usually go with a books which is most of the times about 30 pages long and ends with a test where you can test your learning, then when you are ready, after having practiced the exercises on a live person, a friend of yours, or family member, you can go online to their website and pass the real test, where you are required to have at least 60 percent right answers. If you fail you are able to pass again and pay a repass fee;Some of these courses are very expensive 300-400 dollars if you order the videos and the texts. The state of Florida require 24 hours of CEU’s every two years.…

Boost Your Career – Get The ECDL International IT Qualification

The ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is an IT qualification that is recognized throughout Europe. The ECDL is proof you have attained the basic skills in everyday computing, from using email to word processing. The European Computer Driving License looks great on your CV and is sure to impress any prospective employer in Europe.

Find out more about taking an ECDL

Benefits of the ECDL

  • Enhance vital IT skills
  • Become more confident in using computers
  • Gain a qualification recognized through Europe
  • Boost career opportunities
  • Go on to achieve further IT qualifications

Learn about :

Concepts of Information Technology (IT) – Covering the basics of how computers work, including data storage, memory and information networks.

Using the Computer and Managing Files – Including how to use settings, organizing files and directories and understanding viruses and anti-virus software.

Word Processing – Dealing with how to use a word processing application. Create and format documents, tables and learn how to implement graphs and pictures.

Spreadsheets – Covering everything you need to know about using formulas in spreadsheets, as well as creating graphics and charts.

Database – Including how to use data to create tables and reports and retrieve information from databases.

Presentation – Dealing with how to use presentation packages, incorporating text, images and charts and slide-show effects.

Information and Communication – Covering the Internet, related security issues and search engines, as well as using and understanding email software.

How to get a European Computer Driving License

You can study for the European Computer Driving License from home and work on it in your own time, at your own pace. The home learning specialist, ICS, provides an ECDL course – allowing you an unbelievably flexible way to get this internationally-recognized IT qualification. The advantages of a home learning ECDL course include:

  • No previous experience or qualifications required
  • Start when you want and work at your own pace
  • Full support given from a tutor
  • Access to online student community, offering help and advice

Start an ECDL course today to learn more about computers – and watch your career take off! …