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Personal Change Management – It Starts When You Finished Your Career

Only a limited number of careers and the people that finished these will do exactly what is in line with the expectation of the career. For example:
You study medicine, follow a specialization and you finish as a surgeon. You work as a surgeon most of your life. Even if you would switch your practice to another country, your job – being a surgeon – will be much the same.

The same holds true for the accountant, the architect, the programmer, the coach (sports) or the engineer.
But the surgeon could also become the director of a hospital. After years of service this would be a logical next step. Even though the management of health institutions has been professionalized, the possibility still exists.

And, the engineer could become the manager of the engineering department, the programmer could become the manager of the development team or the salesman could become an entrepreneur.
Basically change starts with or after we finish school or university. You have studied to be employed in a certain direction, but after "tasting" the real thing you could very well switch and refocus on new opportunities.

For some it starts even earlier. They do not know what to do later on and they study something "randomly." Law is always a good starting point you can use this background in almost any job.

And then it is all up to you. How well do you know what you want and where you are heading to? That is basically what change is all about.

© 2006 Hans Bool …

Getting the Best Education With a College Admissions Counselor

Are you prepared to send your child to college? Knowing which academic institution can hone the talents of your child is challenging if you have no direction about the current college admissions landscape. There is no use starting the admissions process early if you do not know which colleges can offer vast opportunities for your child. In addition to this, the college entry process can be complex. For students and their parents to go about this correctly, they will need to hire college counselors.

Reasons to Hire a College Counselor

A college admissions counselor can help you in many ways. This professional can make sure you have a good choice of college for your child. A professional counselor can also lessen the stress broached about by the long and tiring admission process. It is no wonder many families seek the help of private consulting companies.

You may have specific requests with academics, athletics, and other learning needs. A college admissions counselor can check various colleges with special programs for your child. This assures your kids that they will go to a school that best suits them. Part of the duties of college consultants is attending many conferences and visiting campuses regularly. They should have a wide array of professional resources and a wealth of experience with high school preparations and organizing admissions requirements.

Counseling Services Outside School

The ratio of counselors offering college counseling to students in many high schools is extremely high. In most cases, they reach 500 students to one counselor. Because of this, school counselors do not have enough time to individualize the process for their students. Even the most experienced high school college counselors may have difficulty dealing with too many students. They may not provide enough care and attention your child deserves.

Most of the time, schools assign in-house college counselors to do other additional tasks at their high schools. Some of these include guidance counseling on personal formation, scheduling appointments, conducting career and personality tests, and record keeping. They do not have time to attend conferences and college tours. This results to poor relationship with admission representatives. As a result, they are outdated on recent college admission news and admission requirements.

This is one reason parents have to look for college admissions counsel outside the school. Most prefer working with both in-house and private counselors. Most professionals offering counseling services in high schools follow strict rules, requirements, and job description of their schools.

The additional insight private consultants offer can be a good asset to in-house counselors who must write hundreds of recommendation letters. The relationship maintained with a private consultant can remain confidential depending on the discretion of the family. The release of any information is also dependent on the family's decision.

Useful Reminders

If you are planning to hire reputable college counselors, get those who visit different colleges. Get one who knows how to prepare college lists, assist with college essays, and work on activity resumes. Your chosen consultant should know how …

Isaac Asimov – The Scientist and the Fiction Writer

Writing for Relaxation

When some people go home and watch television, others use the free time to push the best out of every second of their life. Such a man was Asimov, for how else can somebody write more than 465 books in a single life time?

The Man

Isaac Asimov was born in the Soviet Union in 1920. That made him a communist and if he stayed in Russia his work might have been unknown to the world. However he did not and he ended up in America in 1923. He grew up in New York City. His writing career was intense if you look at the subjects he covered. Science, Mathematics, History, Literature, Humor, Social Science and other subjects.

His work

He was never a shy writer. He used as many words as he could but they all made sense. His science fiction was written with a grasp of the basics of mathematics and science. This way he could imagine a Lunar based civilization and write a story about that. This story would include so much science that years later you would find the plot become a reality. Asimov was no fortune teller and from some of his works you get a sense that he despised such practices. One is a lengthy article about the effect of the moon on the menstruation cycle of a woman. Through a series of fact and persuasive educated arguments, he showed that the effect is minimal if any.

His fears

Asimov admitted that the year 2000 would be the science fiction year. The triple O that would mark the beginning of a millennium. He mentioned in his book; Asimov s Chronology of the World, that since a child this fascinated him. At a point he wonders where he would be during this time. He would be 80 years old and as he himself knew that was a bit over the life expectancy of human beings. The year was 1989 as he wrote that and he believed his health might just favor his chances.

Isaac Asimov wrote more than 3000 essays and nearly 400 short fiction pieces.

His legacy

Sadly he died in 1992. Versatile in imagination, but firmly rooted in science, any piece Asimov wrote can be enjoyed. Strangely in an earlier book he mentioned that:

The Last Question was his favorite short story and one of the last questions will always stays unanswered. Where was Asimov that night when the year 2000 started? …

5 Tips For Boosting Confidence in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is the foundation of learning in the first part of a child's life, also known as the formative years. This is generally from birth to age eight. The formative years are the most vulnerable times as this is the time when the character is formed. What a child learns and experiences between birth and eight, will make or break his or her confidence. ECD teachers can help to build a child with a strong character that will adjust easily to all situations in life. It is important to cultivate a positive self-esteem at home and at school alike, using the following tips.

1. Unconditional love helps a child to feel secure in the knowledge that they are loved, even when they mess up. This creates a safe place for the child to venture out and try new things. Remember to praise the child for successful achievements and encourage new challenges that will teach valuable skills. The more encouragement you give, the more the children will try new things on their own.

2. Learning basic life skills helps a child develop a positive self-esteem. Teach the child basics such as dressing by themselves, tying shoe laces and tidying up his or her own toys when he or she is at preschool age is appropriate. Keep supplies such as hand washing soap and towels, clothes and toy baskets within easy reach.

3. Being part of the household, means taking responsibility – a valuable characteristic for everyone to know. Teach the child to make a valuable contribution to the household by letting him or her feed the dog, drying dishes, or doing other age specific tasks. Children tend to argument about taking turns to do chores. You may consider using a chore chart that keeps a tally as to who did what last.

4. Give children individual attention. Spend at least a few minutes every day with each child during routines and activities. Show that you are interested in what the child has to say and ask him or her questions. Let them know that their thoughts and opinions are important to you.

5. When kids tease each other, react by pointing out similarities and differences. Perhaps refer to a famous person who was also short, had red hair or freckles. It is important that they feel accepted, no matter what their failures or shortcomings. Point out one of their advanced skills or characteristics. …

Seven International Educational Qualifications That Matter

The Internationalization of Education has meant that even in the more remote regions of the World, Students can take an internationally recognized Test. A Test that allows them to qualify and compete on an equal level, with other students, Internally.As the World gets smaller with online educational tools and testing, this trend should continue, standardizing an International Education for anyone, no matter were they live.


CIPAT is a Primary Education program launched by Cambridge from the UK. This program Internationalizes basic primary qualifications in the Sciences, English and Mathematics. Cambridge in recent years are continuing expanding their testing centers to many countries outside the UK.


CHECKPOINT is a secondary Educational program launched by Cambridge for Secondary students. CHECKPOINT primarily offers an International qualification in the Sciences, English, Mathematics and other subjects.


IELTS is one of the more popular English programs for Students who want to study in an English speaking Country at College level. IELTS covers standard, ongoing subjects that Students in a College may have to cover in their studies. IELTS does not offer a passing grade, only a score based on a Test delivered in your home Country. This score is often a compulsory requirement to enter certain Colleges, and Universities around the world.


TOEFL iBT is an International Test that American based Educational Institutes recognize, which is score based. TOEFL iBT Test Centers are located throughout the World, and the Test itself is online. In recent years students prefer IELTS, citing more Countries recognize it as an International qualification.

5 IFB Courses

In many cases students outside English speaking Countries who are accepted into an English speaking College or University, still have to take a compulsory foundation course before they start their first year at University. Many internationally recognized IFB courses are available in their home countries, as many colleges and universities expand internationally.


Australia is one of the more popular Countries for qualified Immigrants. TAFE is an Australian based Trade rather than academic qualification. TAFE courses have expanded outside Australia, and qualify skilled people for non-academic jobs.


In order to qualify to take an MBA in some Countries, Students need to take a GMAT course to 'qualify' for admission to a traditional University or College. GMAT is score based, and the score determines what College could accept you.Many of these International qualifications have expanded through the years to become net based, and even based in emerging Countries around the World. Education has globalized, and with these qualifications creates an International standard in Education.

A standard that allows students in emerging Countries to qualify on the same footing as students in more developed countries, creating an emerging Internationalization of traditional Education once only based on local Education, rather than internationally. …

Fun With Boston Tourism

If you are one of the lucky travelers that are going to visit Boston, this article is ready made for you to have immense fun in Boston! Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and is referred to unofficially as "Capital of New England." Boston is a fun place to vacation due to its exceptionally important cultural and historical makeup.

The city is nicknamed " Beantown " and it is still considered and remembered in history books as the site of the "Boston Tea Party." It is a historically exceedingly important city!


The city is the site of many ornate theaters, which include the Orpheum Theater, the Citi Performing Arts Center, the Boston Opera House, and the Cutler Majestic Theater. Boston tourism is not complete unless you make contact with its culture. Within all of these theaters can be found performances by the restructured Handel and Haydn Society, an old choral company, the Boston Lyric Opera Company, the Boston Early Music Festival, the Boston Ballet, and the truly renovated Boston Symphony Orchestra! If you are lucky enough to vacation during the Fourth of July Celebrations, you can hear the Boston Pops concert held at the banks of the Charles River, which is accompanied by a magnificent fireworks show!


Even people from Europe have heard about the famous baseball team acknowledged as the Boston Red Sox as they were founding member of the American League and play in the well-known Fenway Park. The first game of the World Series was played there. Any Boston tourism should include Fenway Park!

The New England Patriots football team was founded in the year 1960, but they were then known as the Boston Patriots. Everyone who knows all about the American Football League knows that they were a charter member of the AFL!


Boston has some of the most diverse museums available. Vacation families should not miss the New England Aquarium, nor the Skywalk Observatory. Fun in Boston should include the Boston Children's Museum. Boston is also the home of the prestigious Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Family Fun

If you wish to see outdoor acts consisting of magicians, jugglers and the like with your family, or you want to shop in the very best shops, or even if you wish to sample some of the wonderful food of Boston, make absolutely certain that you head toward Faneuil Hall Marketplace, for it is the star of Boston tourism.

Its restaurants will astound you, the women in your party will be flabbergasted by quality and quantity of the shopping, and the kids will giggle all day at the outdoor street performers. Truly a most exciting vacation locale! Also, Quincy Market, a part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace is considered to be one of the most visited food halls in the world. Do not miss this tourist spot as part of your vacation!

Riding the T

Colloquially known as "the T" the underground subway through Boston is quite easy to travel with, and you'll find …

Education, South Africa, And the Millennium Development Goals

In its most recent issue, Time magazine reported that 4 million child deaths would be prevented around the world by boosting mothers’ education. This news is hardly surprising. Start an internet search with “effects of education on” and Google finishes your sentence with any number of social ills: crime, poverty, the economy, health, income. Nevertheless, Time’s statistic is timely.

The Millennium Development Goals

Last week, 140 heads of state and government gathered at the United Nations in New York to review the Millennium Development Goals. It has been ten years since world leaders adopted the MDGs to eradicate poverty and “ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for all the world’s people.” With only five years to go before the 2015 deadline for achieving the MDGs is reached, it is more critical than ever that donor countries reaffirm their commitment to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

With measurable, time-bound targets for each, the eight Millennium Development Goals are as follows:

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2. Achieve universal primary education

3. Promote gender equality and empower women

4. Reduce child mortality

5. Improve maternal health

6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

7. Ensure environmental sustainability

8. Develop a global partnership for development

Universal Primary Education: MDG Number 2

The Millennium Development Goal that is closest to the hearts of those involved with the Khanyisela Scholarship Program is Number 2: achieving universal primary education. In fact, it is this goal that can catalyze all other goals, as education alone increases income levels, empowers women, and improves access to health care.

Education in South Africa

In South Africa, leaders are quick to point out the success of attaining this Millennium Development Goal. Indeed, South Africa is on track to exceed universal primary education for all children before the 2015 deadline, and 98 percent of 18-year-olds have completed grade 7 or above. These statistics, however, while shedding light on improved educational accessibility and availability, cloud South Africa’s continued educational challenges. South Africa remains fourth from the bottom in a ranking of global education systems. Forty percent of high school students don’t make it to grade 11. According to UNICEF, Around 27 percent of public schools do not have running water, 78 percent are without libraries, and 78 percent do not have computers. South Africa’s challenge, then, is not necessarily educational quantity or accessibility, then, but rather quality.

At a time with renewed commitment to the Millennium Development Goals, South Africa must not become complacent. Nor can we as members of the global community take satisfaction in the extraordinary progress that South Africa has made in achieving universal primary education. Rather, let us continue to act, to recognize the importance of high quality education. Every other Millennium Development Goal depends on this one. And every vulnerable child depends on a basic education to escape poverty, to improve her health, and to change her life.…

How to Make State-of-the-Art Video Singles Cheaply

When it comes to promoting their new music releases, I have

found that most musicians only consider radio as the vehicle

for exposing their music to the public.

Rarely do they consider publicity, in the form of print media,

i.e., music magazines, weekly arts and entertainment

publications and newspapers as support tools to help support

their radio airplay (another subject I shall address shortly).

But, even rarer, is their consideration of the importance of

having videos for their singles. A video of your single, which

was once considered an optional luxury, is now a standard,

vital and necessary tool if you are going to compete with

fellow independent recording artists for media and consumer


And, a video is even more important if you are going to

compete with major label artists. In fact, since having a video

for your single, particularly, your very first single from a new

release, is so vitally important, why would you even release a

recording without one in today’s music climate?

To me, that is like a soldier going to war with only a handgun

while leaving his automatic weapon behind in his barracks.

But, perhaps, in your mind, you believe that it is still very

expensive to produce videos for your singles. Even more,

while you are likely an expert on producing music, you

probably feel like an amateur when it comes to video

production. However, that need not be the case any longer.

So, I am going to show you a no-brainer approach to easily

getting a video produced for, at least, your first single from

your new release, if not all of your singles.

* Steps to Getting Your Video Singles Produced Cheaply *

1. After you have your mastered soundtrack, and have

selected your first single, you should then contact an area

college, university or art institute.

2. Tell the school’s administration department that you need

to get in touch with its “broadcast journalism” department.

3. When you reach the broadcast journalism department,

ask to speak to an “advisor” or “department head.”

4. Tell the advisor or department head that you are an artist

interested in getting a music video produced, and that you

would like to be put in touch with either a senior student or

graduate student who is majoring in broadcast journalism

with, perhaps, a concentration on “production” or “direction.”

You may also want to stress your preference for a student

who has experience with having produced music videos

already. Depending on the size of the school, there will likely

be several highly qualified student candidates.

In most cases, you will find video producers or directors who

will want to work from a script, which includes a story line, for

your video single. If that is the case, and you are in need of

a script, I would like to direct you to, which can

produce a video script from your single. See the below link:


You can also see a sample video script that …

Preparing For a Successful Mining Career

When you think of getting a mining career, one of the advantages to this is that there are many positions available to unskilled workers as well. Although many vacant position postings cater to people considered to be skilled in their jobs, there is also a wide opportunity for unskilled workers who are still trying to gain experience. In the Australia mining industry for example, many job hunters want to find the entry level job perfect for their credentials.

The advantage in taking up an entry-level job as an unskilled worker in Australia mining industries is that you can build up on your experience first. Not many people are able to get the right training and this is why an entry-level job is often the best way to start your career in the mining industry. However if you are a skilled worker but there are no vacant positions ideal for you, you can also take up an unskilled job post first, and start from there.

When you choose to get an unskilled job in the mining industry, you need to have the physical stamina in doing so. Most of the mining career tasks require intensive effort, so you need to be ready for them. Although not all jobs are physically taxing, it is important for you to expect that the jobs could also be challenging and often situated in difficult areas. Thus, following the right instructions is essential, specifically when it comes to safety measures.

Another typical job for an unskilled labourer is being the operator of a machine or some dump trucks. Thus, you need to have the right license for such jobs, like a driving license or a truck license. Most of the jobs available in the mining industry are done on a per-shift basis. Most of the shifts run for straight 12 hours. The roster arrangement is also often followed in many types of the mining career. This often dependent on the company you are employed with nonetheless. Rosters can run for 3 weeks, giving you a week off.

You can find a wide range of mining jobs in Australia.

Some of these jobs are trade assistants, preparers, driller assistants, and of course, being a general laborer. Office positions, albeit on an entry-level, are also available. These include cleaning positions in the office and even catering posts. There is also a good opportunity for you to earn good money from a mining career, even when you choose an entry-level post.

Although you are merely applying for entry-level jobs, the right background and training is still important. You need to have the right licenses for your position, and this also includes the right credentials and certifications. In Australia, there are many mining jobs waiting to be filled. One of the best things that you can do before applying for any job is to get the needed advice from professionals.

By seeking the right assistance from the right sources and knowing where to look, you can jump start on your …

Career Planning – Winning the Performance Review Game

Q. My performance review was disappointing, although I've had two promotions in the last four years. My boss said I needed to work on showing more leadership skills when I'm working on a team. When I try to pin him down for a discussion, he brushes me aside.

A. As you move up the ladder, you'll be expected to work on your own, with less and less feedback and direction.

A lack of feedback can be a sign that you're trusted and respected. You're expected to read between the lines and interpret unwritten signals.

Start with these three questions:

Q1. What is your company's culture around performance reviews?

In some cultures, you're expected to take a negative review in stride. Responding will be viewed as defensive and insecure behavior. Other cultures value discussion and at least the appearance of openness.

Q2. What signals are you sending?

Your boss needs to know that you're willing to talk tough. You can say something like, "Do not worry about hurting my feelings. Then act on your promise.

You may say, "I'm happy with my review – just trying to learn. Can you give me some specific examples of situations where I could have demonstrated more leadership?

Q3. What's the unwritten message?

Your boss may be absolutely delided with your performance, but the rules (formal or informal) require him to include negative along with positive feedback. So he thread in some comments about leadership, which does not amount to much.

The key is to take your performance review in context. If you're receiving tangible recognition – increased responsibility, invitations to key meetings, attention from major players – you'll appear insecure if you worry about your performance review. But if you're getting warning signals – missed meetings, weaker assignments – you need to understand what's really going on. …