Pursuing Human Resources As a Career

Planning a career path suitable to your natural talents need not be a challenge, particularly if excel in personal relationships. If you consider yourself outgoing and able to get along with people, if you enjoy research and organizing any number of tasks to help other jobs run smoothly, you may wish to pursue a career in Human Resources.

What is "Human Resources"?

At first glance, one might think the prime duty of this person position is to collect resumes from job applicants and arrange interviews. While it is true that the HR Department is the first stop for any candidate, an employee's association with such a director does not end once the position is offered.

HR workers are an integral part of any place of business. Just as a high school guidance counselor helps steer students toward scholarship opportunities and career and college information, so the manager in your building is there to assist you with work benefits, insurance enrollment, and training. Human Resources is responsible for oversees 401 (k) programs and work leave policies, relationships between employers and employees – and unions where applicable – and must be knowledgeable of laws and regulations that can affect work flow. A person manager is a teacher, mediator, and morale officer, and one who is strong in these skills can help a company achieve optimal work production.

If you feel you have the personality and talent for managing the needs of large groups of people, this field could be your calling. Even in times of economic doubt, companies require the work of this kinds of managers to look over employment budgets and prepare retirement and severance packages. To be considered for a position in HR, it is strongly recommended to obtain at least a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources. Advanced degrees are also available in this field, and may attract you in the future if you wish to look into training future HR managers or work with a national corporation.

Jobs in Human Resources

Once you have the requisite schooling, you will find various opportunities within your field for which you are qualified. Thorough research of classifieds and online marketplace sites may yield these and other related vacancies:

  • HR Generalist
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Human Resources Director
  • Recruiter
  • Employee Compensation Specialist
  • Staffing Coordinator
  • Manpower Analyst
  • Security Assistant
  • Training and Development Specialists

For a rewarding career suited to an extroverted personality with a knack for strong planning, Human Resources could be the career for you. …

Richard Branson Blown Away by Squamish BC

Richard Branson, world renaissance adventurer, extreme sports enthusiast and entrepreneur, was incredibly impressed with his first visit to Squamish BC, The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. "This place is amazing! I'm definitely coming back some time to do more kite surfing! "Exclaimed Branson after a 40 minute kite surfing ride in strong winds off the Squamish Spit against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the monolithic rock climbing playground of the Stawamus Chief.

Of course, this was not only a chance for Richard Branson to get out and have some fun. It was also a media event, with a helicopter circling above and camera crews on shore ,. All this provided great photo opportunities for two Virgin Mobile promotional announcements, including the announcement that Virgin Canada has pledged $ 100,000 to sponsor a team of extreme female athletes. Virgin Canada Chair Andrew Black said the 'Women's Extreme Team' was a good fit and a good opportunity for Virgin, as extreme sports reflected their brand. Female athletes were chosen because much of the extreme sports sponsorship and attention has previously focused on males.

What led Branson and Virgin to choose Squamish BC as the location for this event? It seemed there were a number of factors. First, Western Canada was left out of the Virgin Mobile announcements with Branson when the company launched in March. Second, Branson has recently become a very avid kite surfer. He was eager to promote the sport in Canada, where, according to Branson, the levels of participation are below what they are in other parts of the world, and below what they should be, given it is such a great sport, and one " Can get into it for a relatively low cost ". Voila – a visit to Western Canada's premier kite surfing destination was in order.

Members of the Squamish Windsurfing and Kite Surfing Society rated Branson as "Pretty Good". Given that it is always hard in a new location until a kite surfer gets the feel of the local wind and the waves, Branson put on a great show on his first trip to Squamish. One member noted that it was impressive that he used a 14 foot rig as opposed to a 12 footer, given the strong winds.

What makes the Squamish Spit such an excellent windsurving location? The best summary I found was on the http://www.flexfoil.com site, summed up in an article by Cliff Umpleby, a Flexi team rider:

If you're not familiar with the kite scene in Canada or the infamous Spit at Squamish I'll fill you in …
With the Stawamus Chief, the second largest granite Monolith on earth as a background, the constant thermal winds of Howe Sound lead to epic conditions with summer seeing usually 6 days a week on the water. The basic rule here is, if it's sunny, it's windy. Warm air boarding rising sucks the cool sea air up the valley.

The Squamish Spit is located at very end of Howe Sound on a …

6 Things Your Grandmother Told You About Happiness – Does Science Agree?

Happiness Lies in Random Acts of Kindness

In a recent study, participants were divided into three groups. One carried out five ‘random acts of kindness’ in a single day, the second spread them out over a week and a third served as a control. After repeating this for six weeks, it was seen that the first group experienced the most significant increase in happiness. “Kindness can jump-start a whole cascade of positive social consequences,” they observed. “Helping others leads people to like you, to appreciate you [and] to offer gratitude.

Happiness is a Journey

Our mind’s ability to absorb and adjust to both positive and negative changes means that no emotion, however strong, lasts forever. We soon return to our original baseline of happiness, regardless of winning the lottery or meeting with a serious car accident.

Our inability to hang on to happiness puts us on what is known as a “hedonic treadmill”. We’re always seeking out short term mood boosts, which means that happiness is not a goal but a series of joyful moments that run through our lives.

Happiness Comes When You Least Expect it

Studies show that those who consciously make an effort to seek out happiness in their lives actually report lower levels of happiness and satisfaction. On a related note, those who are more optimistic in life do report greater levels of self esteem and lower levels of depression, loneliness and stress, but their optimism also drives them to take greater risks, which makes them less likely to quit smoking and more likely to have an unwanted pregnancy.

Sharing Happiness Creates More Happiness in the World

Alice Isen, PhD, of Cornell’s Art College, found that the smallest gestures – a free sample, loose change on the sidewalk or an unexpected gift – can cause people to experience a thrill that drives them to show more generosity and friendliness. This in turn makes them more flexible, creative and better able to solve problems. These small bursts of good feelings can over time result in making people smarter, more productive and more accurate. They even conducted a study on radiologists and found that after receiving a small present, they made more accurate diagnoses!

More Choices Don’t Always Mean More Happiness – Appreciate What You Already Have

Although it’s widely accepted that freedom of choice gives us the agency to express ourselves and create lives that will make us happy, this may just be another myth propagated by capitalism. A study conducted on the topic showed that greater the degree of choice, the more miserable the individual.

Too many choices actually cause us to be overwhelmed, leading to an inability to actually make a choice – in other words: not free at all. With every new option provided, we find our own choice less satisfactory. Once you’ve checked out all the options, you are likely to eventually question and even regret the choice you actually make.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

While money definitely buys a lot, wealthy people …