Education Barriers Among the Immigrants in the US

With the widening increase of hopefuls crossing the US borders every day, immigration is one issue that never seems to decline. This is placing a magnificent pressure on the US border patrol and the dollars spent by the government is taking a toll. Many of the immigrant children and youth cross the border in order to escape the deadly political violence or natural disasters, to escape from civil wars in their countries or even torture. Even with the barbers set up, they still try to overcome all hurdles on the pathways to US citizenship. Immigrant students too enter the US in millions every year, and they face a lot of problems – emotional, financial and social problems in the "land of plenty".

Adversity encountered by Immigrant youth

Teens face the ultimate hardship that is, they are stuck in two worlds, a world where they are either wholly American nor are fully part of their own country. Most of these children who arrive do not have any formal education in their own country nor are they able to attend school in the US – due to illegal papers or low English proficiency. Even though they have enrolled in schools, migrant workers are forced to return to their homes, as they are unable to be employed during the winter season. This again affects their children who have been forced to discontinue their studies for several weeks, negatively affecting their attendance.

Limited English learning Immigrant Students

The Urban Institute reports that the number of immigrant children has tripled by 6-20 percent between 1970 and 2000. With this rapid enrollment of immigrant children, the nation's school strength is estimated to increase by 30 percent. Immigrant youngsters who lack English Proficiency have also increased drastically. A number of Spanish speaking children are being seen with limited English proficiency, followed by Vietnamese, Cantonese and Korean.

Challenges faced by Limited English Learning Students

Even though children of immigrant perform well, most of them, especially teens face problems when it comes to language skills, culture, and social barriers along with their poverty circle. Children are not able to cope with the natives speaking English as they lack time to get their study materials and make friends with native citizens. There are no helping hands from their family as the parents work multiple jobs or work in shift timings to make ends meet. This in due course results in more dropouts.

Young immigrant's independence constraints with the family

Children who have mastered English are often seen as translators for their parents outside, as the parents have limited English proficiency that have less education and qualification. This creates tiffs among the parents and children, where the child feels isolated in the new country and has mixed cultural barriers, on the other hand the parents feels their children have become too Americanized and independent. These misconceptions can be brought down when there is some active communication established by NGOs' to educate the parents so that they are able to give some …

Taking Free Career Tests

You may already have heard about free career tests, but you might be wondering whether they are actually useful.

Like many other people, it is quite possible that you started on your career path with a lot of enthusiasm and that, some point later, you start to feel lost, confused or even ready to give up on your chosen career. One good way to help you decide on which direction to go with your career is to take care tests.

There are free and paid career tests, and you can take them either in a career testing center or online. There are no right or wrong answers, but the answers you give can tell a lot about whether you should move on to a different career or simply strive harder in your present one.

While you can usually get reliable results if you took one given and interpreted by a qualified professional like a career counselor, there are a couple of good online tests given for free. Like the paid one, many of the free tests are very convenient to answer and take only a few minutes to complete. Some sites even interpret your results right after you take them.

On the other hand, though, many free online tests are not standardized. They may come with disclaimers stating that the test is only really for fun. It is there important to take these tests only as a guide and combine the results with more reliable advice such as the assistance of a professional career counselor. Even reliable standard tests should not be viewed as an oracle that has to be strictly followed.

There are also some sites that offer free tests only as a teaser., And they are questions and test items that may perk your interest. In reality, these test questions may just be a small proportion of a more reliable and comprehensive care assistance package being offered for a price.

There are times when it makes a lot of sense to register with sites that offer more services than just a free test. You may have to pay a registration, membership or monthly fee, but what you pay may be really worth it. After all, your career is part of your life and you would want to end up feeling happy and fulfilled.

In any case, taking some initial free career tests can be a good idea if you are just beginning to question your career choices. A test that does not ask you to deplete your wallet can be a good starting point to convince yourself that you need more help to steer your career in the right path. After all, it can be emotionally, physically and financially costly to stay in a job you do not really like. …

A College Party Changed My Life Forever

Excitement immediately exploded as one person after another was asked to the Toga party at the elite sorority house surrounding the pristine college campus. To be invited to this occasion was like finally arriving at the top! Now you would be forever associated with the 'in crowd' who set the highest bar to the most elite parties around.

I could not believe how lucky I felt! What was I going to wear to the Toga party? Quickly I text messaged my friend telling the news and together we planned my entrance. I wanted to be noticed and invited back again and again.

I arrived at the sorority house filled with anticipation. Entering the house, I walked through two Roman like columns with white cascading draperies across the top and long flowing white sheers on either side. My hostess handed me a beer. Looking around I saw a tent with more sheers and drapes and skimpily dressed girls standing by the entrance beckoning everyone to come in. There were pillows and mattresses spread all over the floor.

Music flooded my ears and the smell of tobacco and marijuana gone through the air. There was a group of girls all wearing olive leaves in the shape of bikinis and they were dancing and enticing others to join them. One girl grabbed my hand and encouraged me to let go and have fun.

I was from a small town and I was raised by a very conservative family. This was the first time I had attended any kind of toga party with my friends. I had to admit I was a little shy about letting go and enjoying myself. I took a puff from a joint that a friend handed me and before long everything I was taught about faith and obedience to God was pushed aside.

I wanted to have fun. I did not want to think about whether it was right or wrong. Before long the girls and guys began disrobing and it was no longer about drinking, but about hooking up with as many people as you desired. I was feeling so free and they were so enticing! Why should not I join them?

Not many people understand that we live in a teaching world. It all began when Satan entered into the snake and tempested Adam and Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge. In order to attain knowledge you must be presented with right and wrong choices. Now the once perfect world God created was instantly changed because Satan entered into the world bringing the full force of evil with him.

Satan became man's greatest adversary and he corrupted the souls of men by luring them away from the right teachings of God. Satan does this by attacking man's human desires. He uses sex and the feelings of desire that awakened within a man at the sight of a beautiful woman to lure him into giving into lust. He uses feelings of not being accepted …

A Freelance Career in Writing – How to Get Started

How do you get started with a freelance career in writing? There are many ways to achieve success as a writer, but there are some basic steps that pretty much every freelance writer takes to get his career on track. (These mostly apply to those focusing on the online writing market.)

First, find the job ads. My recommendation is that you research and bookmark at least 10 different online job boards. Then, make a point of browsing through them for suitable job ads on a daily basis. There are different types of online job boards – some you join as a member (some have upgrade capabilities, but you can start with a free membership), and others have completely free access to all job board information. There are also sites where you post your own writing, and publishers pay you a fee for the rights to it.

Second, take a chance . You will never get started with your career in writing if you do not put yourself out there. Bid on something small, with a VERY manageable deadline, and do you very best to please that client. Happy clients give good references. Write well, and edit well.

Third, build good daily habits . Start each day by setting up your daily tasks. Give yourself mini half-way deadlines for different projects, and schedule in a certain block of time each day (no more than 1 hour) for looking for new work. Resist the urge to surf the internet for hours on end, even for "research" purposes.

So, find the job ads that appeal to you, get started writing, and build good habits right from the start. The three important basic steps to starting your online freelance career in writing. …