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Dental Hygienists – Career Overview

Dental Hygienists are licensed professionals who hold their specialization in the field of oral health with a major emphasis laid down on oral hygiene, hence the term 'hygienists'. Dental Hygienists are not exactly dentists, but they do work under them or with them and some of these professionals even hold licenses to administrator local anesthetics.

The procedures that dental hygienists perform majorly include cleaning techniques like prophylaxis, root planting and scaling, dental sealants, administering fluoride and to give instructions regarding dental hygiene and care.

In a nutshell, the process of dental hygiene can be broken down into 5 steps:

Assessing the patient: This is the primary stage of a dental hygienic procedure and majorly involves a case study of the patient's medical history and X-rays. This even includes tests that need to be connected and a periodontal assessment of the mouth. A checklist of the procedures that need to be adopted is prepared in this stage too.

Hygiene Diagnosis: The data that was collected during the assessment is then used to identify the problems, if any, that the patient has. This also helps the doctor to develop a proper treatment plan for the patient.

Planning: This is a stage that pertains to the first and the second stage. A sequential treatment schedule is developed which gives priority to the patient's immediate needs and the areas that require emphasis.

Implementation: The implementation part of the plan is the most important as it involves the implementation of the proposed schedule. Care is taken to keep the treatment timely and effective.

This is the final analysis that is carried out after the treatment procedure. It is vital as it is the key to deducing the facts of how the patient has responded to the therapy. Sometimes, a procedure renders unsatisfactory results and needs to be replaced by a different technique altogether. Evaluation is important in pointing out such scenarios.

Dental hygienists rank among one of the fastest growing occupations. It is estimated that the number of vacancies for these individuals will shoot to 36 percent through 2018, much faster than the average growth rate. As people are becoming more aware about oral hygiene, these hygienists are in high demand through the world, especially in the show industry. There is a scope of a little competition in this field, but it is relatively new so one has bright chances of establishing a flourishing practice. …

Physical Therapy Colleges – What You Need to Know

Due to the wider array of physical therapy colleges from which one can choose from, choosing the right one may appear to be a daunting task. However, there are ways to narrow down one of choices and make the selection process a bit easier.

Certain aspects such as the area of ​​the country where one lives will certainly factor into the decision, as will the amount of money a person can set aside for their education. Initially, however, one must understand the educational requirements associated with the profession before beginning to review the various physical therapy schools to choose from.

Physical Therapy Colleges


The minimum education required for a person who desires to become a licensed physical therapist is a Master's degree in physical therapy; however, some students choose to pursue a doctorate. Most colleges that offer Master's degree programs require a bachelor's degree in neuroscience, athletic training, biology or a similar subject. These requirements will vary from one learning institution to the next, but almost all schools require a bachelor's degree in one of the above subjects.

From the time one first incomes college, it will take the student six to seven years to complete their education in order to work as a physical therapist. Those who choose to pursue a doctor in physical therapy can anticipate approximately eight years of schooling. Certain colleges also require that one have a grade point average of 3.0 or greater to be considered for admission.


Almost all physical therapy colleges are accredited, but one should still inquire about this aspect during the research process. Accredited colleges offer programs that have undergone extension evaluation by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy or the United States Department of Higher Education. Such accreditation ensures that a student will receive a high quality education from qualified instructors. In addition, to be deemed eligible to sit for the national licensing exam, one must have graduated from an accredited college.

Popular Choices

Although there is a wide array of schools from which one can choose from in the United States, some top choices according to educational experts include: the University of California and the University of Pittsburgh.

Those who are interested in undergraduate programs should consider colleges such as Connecticut's University of Hartford or the University of Evansville, which is located in the state of Illinois. These two schools offer combined bachelor of health science and doctor of physical therapy programs.

The American Physical Therapy Association offers up-to-date information with regard to the accreditation status and entrance requirements of various physical therapy colleges. The Association can also assist potential students with selecting the school that is most appropriate for their needs and budget. As the field is predicted to grow at an impressive rate, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, those pursuing an education with the intent of joining this field are making a wise investment in their future. …

Five Mistakes to Avoid On Law School Exams

Mistake # 1 – Inadequate Preparation

In order to prepare effectively for a legal exam, you must both (1) learn the law and (2) learn how to use it. Many students concentrate solely on the first element of this formula, and they cram and memorize legal rules ad nauseam. Unfortunately, when they're faced with a complex fact pattern on an exam, it takes them much too long to write a response because they're applying the law to facts for the first time.

You can not afford to make this common blunder. Would you read a book about aviation and then, without ever practicing, get behind the throttle of a plane for the first time and try to fly it? Of course not. You would not risk your life like that, so why risk your law school career? Each and every legal exam you ever take will be like flying for the first time. If you put in your "flight time" and practice, you'll soar. If not, you'll crash and burn.

There are three important components to successful preparation for law school exams: (1) preparation thorough, accurate outlines and checklists, (2) participating in an effective study group, and (3) taking numerous practice exams and discussing them with your study partners. You probably never wrote a course outline in college, and you probably rarely – if ever – studied with a study group or took practice exams. In law school, if you really want to maximize your grades, you must do these things for every course you take.

Mistake # 2 – Overwriting and Oversimplifying

There's a delicious balance between saying too much about something on an exam and saying too little. When confronted with a hypothetical exam (ie, a complex fact pattern), many law students have difficulty finding this balance.


"Overwriting" is spending an inappropriate, disproportionate amount of time raising an issue. Many law students overwrite issues out of nervousness, poor planning, or failure to spot other relevant issues. Professors allocate only a certain number of points to each issue on an exam. Once you've said everything relevant about a particular issue, everything else you say is by definition irrelevant and then will earn no points.


"Oversimplifying" means focusing only on what you perceive as the most important or prominent issues, leaving out issues you consider trivial or immaterial. Unfortunately, a professor grading an oversimplified exam answer does not see the thought process that went into the distillation of big issues and discarding of small issues; she perceives only that the student has failed to discuss certain issues.

For example, assume you're told in a torts hypothetical that A, B and C were walking along when D threatened them with a gun, causing A to faint. Most students would see that A could recover from D under an assault theory. However, B and C also have assault actions. These actions are not as important or prominent as A's (because A suffered the worst injury), yet they're clearly worthy of …

Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat was born in 1985 in Newbury Park, California. Colbie grew up in Malibu, California where her music influence stems from her father Ken. He co- produced two of the biggest albums in history, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors and Tusks. Ken Caillat now runs his own record label. She learned a lot about music from Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. When Colbie was 11 she wanted to pursue a serious career in music after she heard the Fugees version of Killing Me Softly. She entered her first talent show singing the song that inspired her to sign up.

With her father behind her, he offered her a big piece of advice that stick with her. He told that having a good voice is great but record labels and producers give more respect to song writers. So, in addition to writing, Colbie had to take up an instrument. She had taken piano lessons as a child but it wasn’t until she was 19 was when she learned how to play acoustic guitar.

Once she began playing the guitar, she began writing song after song. She found two great influences along the way, producer Mikal Blue and singer, songwriter Jason Reeves. After Colbie had written a few songs she played them on her MySpace page, hoping to get the word out about her songs. Her first single called Bubbly, she doesn’t quite understand why that songs seems to be a favorite with listeners. The song is described as a feel good song and with the song that people can relate to the words.

Colbie attributes the style of her music to some of her greatest musical influences like Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley and even John Mayer.

Colbie is new to the music scene and with her debut album due out this summer, she describes her sounds as folk sounds with some soul mixed in. The record title Coco stems a childhood nickname that simply stuck with her. Look for her new album in stores very soon. You may be hearing a lot more from Colbie Caillat in the future.…

Online Business Degrees – Drastically Improve Your Career Prospects

If you one of the many people who does not enjoy their job and is constantly worried about money then you might be able to change your career path by becoming more educated and getting a business qualification. The concept of undertaking a business degree is all well and good, however, for many people the logistics of studying, combined with an already hectic lifestyle, can seem extremely daunting. The reality is that you have to go to work so you can pay the bills, meet your commitments and feed yourself and your family.

Well one of the ways you can overcome some of the obstacles is to study via the internet and get an online business degree. Once you have completed your business degree it will then enable you to get a more rewarding job from both a personal and financial perspective. Studying online offers great flexibility as you are able to listen to lectures and tutorials, and complete projects and assignments any time and literally anywhere you have access to a computer and an internet connection.

If you are like the vast majority of people where you live from pay check to pay check the added expense of committing to a college degree could seem completely out of your reach. If your finances are not in great shape and you are concerned about how you are going to pay for your online business degree you will be guided to learn that many of the online schools have financial aid arrangements available.

Simply visit the college website, find the link to their financial aid plans and learn how easy it is to benefit from them. Many of the arrangements involve loans that you will have to pay back but there are also quite a number of grants available and these grants do not have to be repaid. If you are able to secure a package of loans and grants you will be able to pursue your online business without getting into financial difficulties.

So the very first step going forward is to find a suitable learning institution that offers an online business course course and enrolling in the course. Then the hard works begin as you will have to be focused and dedicated to complete your degree. You will unduly have difficult times but the key to online education is maintaining your motivation and being disciplined. It is very important to remain focused on your end goals as it is very easy to get off track when you're trying to get your online degree.

In your mind you should hold on to the thought that once you have your online business degree you will then be able to move into the job of your dreams. From there you will then be able to improve your financial position by earning much more money than before.

So get online, track down the best online college for you, check out their online business degree courses, sign up and start to further your education …

Top 15 Strangest Scholarships

Thousands of soon-to-be students are hunting for extra financial assistance for college tuition. Without a perfect SAT score or the ability to run a sub 4.5 forty yard dash, you might find your chances of securing a scholarship aren’t looking too bright. However, you might not realize that your odd talent or hobby may make you the perfect applicant for one of these 15 strange but real scholarships.

Oink, Oink

Has your room been compared to a sty? Are you comfortable living in a messy habitat? These aren’t requirements for a scholarship, but they are attributes of the creatures you care about – pigs! If you’re interested in creatures of the bovine persuasion, this is the scholarship for you; the International Boar Semen (IBS) Scholarship is available for those interested in swine management. For more information, visit

The Next Generation of . . . Klingons

Trekkies, leave your capes, figurines, posters and other memorabilia behind. Just bring, well, yourself! Klingon Language Institute, in an effort to promote language study, awards one lucky winner a $500 Kor Memorial Scholarship-but don’t worry, fluency in Klingon is not a requirement. Check out the requirements for this scholarship at:

Think Tall Thoughts

You’ve got Michael Jordan’s stature but you’re about as agile as a water buffalo. That’s okay with Tall Clubs International! Males over 6’2″ and females above 5’8″ are encouraged to apply. The reward is no small (pun intended) amount either; awards a whopping $1,000 scholarship to the winner. Find more info at:

Yo, Shorti!

For the vertically challenged, the Billy Barty Foundation offers scholarships to students of “short stature”. Similarly, the Little People of America awards students – and their families – scholarships. To join, members must be 4’10” and shorter. Scholarship amounts range from $250 to $1000. Read all the requirements at:

More Trans fat, please!

Say goodbye to the cabbage soup, grapefruit only, or south beach diets! The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance encourages “fat” people to apply for one of their two merit-based scholarships. The scholarships, offered to already-existing NAAF members, awards $1,000 for first place, while the second place prize is $500. For more fat-friendly information regarding the scholarships, go to:

For the Herbivores

Calling all veggie-lovers around the world! Two health-conscious winners will be awarded $5,000 in scholarship money from the Vegetarian Resource Group. But be forewarned: unless you love your legumes, this scholarship is not for you. Eligible applicants must not only exemplify a healthy lifestyle, but also promote vegetarianism within their community too. For more information visit:

Sk8 through School

Thanks to Tony Hawk and a few scrapes, bruises, and breaks, your skateboarding skills may have finally paid off. The Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship program awards four different scholarships each year. One applicant will receive a $5,000 college scholarship and three others will receive $1,000 awards. And your mother thought skateboarding would never get you anywhere! Requirements include maintaining at least a 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA, …

Career Change Resume Writing Tips

Your career change resume is a very specific tool, quite unlike a 'normal' resume so you must approach it's creation differently.

Here are some tips to make sure that your career change resume is up to the job of getting you to interview.

Now, because the aim of this document is very different from that of a normal chronological resume, in other words the aim is to help you move into a different career, then the recent career history becomes less important than the skills you developed.

These skills must be presented in a way that supports your career objective, so starting at the top:

Under your name, address and contact details you MUST add a targeted, job-specific career objective statement. This is a clear statement of intent, so spell it out by saying exactly what job you are pursuing. This way there is no confusion about what you want to do from the start of the resume.

Next on your career change resume it is best to add a bulleted skills section. This is a short list that helps hiring managers quickly see that you have the requisite skills for the job. Only include those skills that are directly relevant to the new job and leave out any that you may have but are unrelated to your new objective.

Write a personal profile summary. Focus clearly on the skills and qualifications that are required for the new job. Get as much information about the intended role as you can so that you can understand the depth and level of skills and personal attributes needed. When you are clear weave your own qualifications into the personal profile statement of your career change resume. Remember any experience that is relevant, regardless of where it comes from such as volunteering or even hobby work, can add significantly to your presentation and so increase your chances of getting the role you want.

Many jobs, although different on the surface, have common skills requirements and these core skills are also your most transferable skills. For example you may include: communication skills, project management skills, customer service delivery, and excellent organizational skills as these would apply to so many jobs. The most important part of this although is not to just claim the skill but to provide evidence to substantiate the claim, quantify your resume results wherever possible.

Stick to these tips for your career change resume and you will be very pleased with the outcome of your efforts. …

Why Should I Take a Gap Year

I have recently exhibited at a number of Gap Fairs and found there to be a number of common questions and concerns amongst potential gap students. At the moment, only around 1 in every 5 students who consider a Gap Year actually go through with it. Having missed out on a Gap Year before university myself, I know the fears and concerns associated with taking a year out. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I would definitely change my decision now if I was able to take it again and would like to discuss my opinions about a few of the main issues in this article by answering broad questions.

1. I do not have enough money to take a Gap Year?

This is a common concern for almost every student, especially with student debt looming on the horizon. I still believe there is opportunity to travel though and go to university with some extra funds.
Recently, I heard a presentation from Phil Murray at Gap Advice who stuck me with one fact. How long is a Gap Year? We talk about a year out but the time out of education is actually 15 months. This provides a large amount of time to earn money, gain invaluable work experience as well as having the experience of a lifetime.

Example: A student could work for 12 months and earn around £ 12,000 if they worked hard. Lets say that after expenses and tax etc they have £ 6,000 left over. With still 3 months left, you could spend £ 3,000 on a volunteer project, very achievable, and still go to university with £ 3,000 more than you started with.

2. I will not go back to studying once I've had a year out?

This is a very valid concern and one I must say encouraged me not to take a gap year. I would like to say that with hindsight now, I feel I made a mistake though. This is a personal decision and each individual will feel differently about it.

I would not say it will not be hard going back to study after taking a year out. In my experience at university, the students who took a year out were completely behind in the first term of the first year. This however soon changed as they climbed up and by the end of the third year I found them to be way ahead. I believe this was due to 2 main reasons. Firstly, they had the opportunity to have a break from studying and refreshing for another 3 years at university. Secondly, they were that slightly more mature.

I certainly do not think a Gap Year is for everyone though. I will instead offer an alternative to a year out. Why not travel during the summer holidays between A-Levels and university and take a mini-gap. This is harder cost wise but offers you the opportunity to travel and gain excellent life experience and still go straight to university.

3. …

Free Computers For College Students

Not everyone thinks you can get free computers for college students. I am here to tell you differently. I am in college, and I do get free electronics online. To be completely honest, the Dell laptop I am currently typing on was free, and not only am I a student, but I also enjoy getting things for nothing. I know your mother or friend may say it does not work or that it is a fraud, but they are wrong.

This is my story on how I found out about these. A few years ago, I was the same way. Struggling to manage my way through school and I had to worry about how I was going to pay for the things I needed for class. By luck I came across a website that wave advice to people on how to get these things for free online. Here is the deal, when companies need to add a product into a market; they need research, and lots of it. Many times it is just too much work to get all of the research they need, so they outsource. They outsource to companies that specialize in surveys and feedback promotions.

So by giving away free computers to college students, they enable them to reap the benefits of receiving a lot of money from these companies. What is required in most of the surveys is that you fill out all the information correctly and complete the entire survey. You can not skip any single step or you will disqualify yourself from receiving anything for free. Good luck on your venture! …

Become the Stud That Attracts Girls Like Crazy

Most guys don’t get the fact that attracting girls isn’t about what you say or how you look. It has more to do about the way you are, and the way you behave as a man. But don’t worry everyone starts at some point, and no one is born a stud.

The truth is everybody learns how to become more attractive to women, whether they know it or not. Some men starts when they’re young, while other learn it at a much older age. Personally I didn’t get the this area of my life handle until the second of my college. So I know how you feel…

The point is that it’s not too late to learn to become that stud that is surrounded by beautiful girls, or even just to attract the girl of your dream. And believe me you when I say you can do it! Because I did it. Anyway girls are attracted to men who are strong, and confident. They don’t want a weak men, and they don’t want a nice guy. And by a nice guy I mean what most men do when they are trying to get a girl to like them, they act nice and buy her flowers and do anything she ask him to do…

If that sounds like you than STOP what you’re doing, cause that’s not what girls are attracted to. But on the other hand a lot of guys turns in to a bad boy when they realize being nice don’t work, that doesn’t’ work either SO don’t be a jerk.

What you want is to be yourself, and be the best of yourself. So take some time and find out about yourself, and what you believe in. Once you can just be 100% yourself in every way, then you’ll have girls come in to your life from every angle possible!…