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Kids Science Projects Can Warm Your Heart

Everyone talks about the greenhouse effect and how our earth and its climate are having greenhouse type of effects. What does that mean? You can do a science project that will show this effect and what is happening to our Earth.

Go to your pantry and look for these items. If you do not have them you can go to your local store and get these items:

  • 2 glass containers that need to be the same size and shape
  • A 1 gallon plastic storage bag
  • 4 cups very cold water
  • Ice cubes

Fill each glass container with 2 cups of the cold water. Add ice cubes to each jar. You will want to put the exact same amount of ice cubes in each jar. I would suggest 6 ice cubes in each jar.

Put one of the jars in the plastic bag and seal it shut.

Put both containers in the sun together and let sit for at least an hour.

You are trying to create the greenhouse effect with the container in the plastic bag.

At the end of 1 hour or a little longer remove the jar from the plastic bag and immediately insert a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water.

After you record this temperature measure the degrees in the water that was not covered.

When you placed the jars in the direct sunlight the air inside the bag became very warm. When you have a greenhouse it lets light inside which allows the sun's energy and also heat. Since the filters in but can not escape because you have made a plastic barrier it stays in the enclosed area and increases the temperature. When you demonstrated the science project above you created your own greenhouse and showed how warm you could get the water. What if you left that for two, three or four hours?

Think about what is happening to the Earth. There are chemicals that are creating a type of plastic bag around the Earth and it causes our air to get warmer because of the energy of the sun creating heat and it being retained in this enclosed area.

Even though you did not heat the water to boiling think about your car in the hot summer. This is what happens when you go in to work and leave your car outside all closed up all day. When you return at 3pm the car is scorching hot. This greenhouse effect has caused your car to be so hot you sometimes can not even touch the steering wheel.

This science project is a great idea about what we are doing to our planet. …

Why Is not Your Book Profitable? 10 Reasons

You spent a lot of time and energy on your book – your labor of love. You even had it professionally edited. But, often hidden reasons do not surface, or you are simply unaware of your actions and attitude that stop your book's success.

Here's 10 reasons why your book is not "Over-the-Top" successful.

1. You do not specifically define what you want your profits to do for you.

Does it mean taking a month's vacation each year, buying a home, paying your child's college tuition? Be sure you know what your money target is and what it will do for you before you chase it. It's all important to have a goal beyond just the money. Money is just the means to the real life goals.

2. You shotgun your promotion efforts and do not focus on one or two books.

So many times I hear collections adding another book, CD, or other product to their offerings. Just remember, you can only market one thing at a time well. Presenting too many products and making too many offers confuses your would-be buyer.

3. You set goals far too unreachable in the time allotted.

While it's great to set goals, make sure you will move forward to the finish line. Stretch, but define your goal in reasonable terms so you believe you can reach it. Like a huge weight loss in six months, it does not make sense to say, "I'll make a million dollars with this project." When you take a step and succeed at it, you'll feel confident you can keep succeeding. Remember after the goal, you have to "show up" and do the high-level activities.

4. You think your book project to death.

So many of us plan and plan, but do not act enough. Think about my favorite motto, "Get ready, Fire, Aim!" Once you start, you may make mistakes, but feedback from your peers will help you grow much faster than you would in a vacuum. For me, "check and correct" means to put it out now, then adjust what's needed to make the copy or offer much stronger. Often, the best way to kick start you is to copycat another successful person, then tweak to suit your specific talents and ideas.

5. You do not think your book project is urgent and must be finished now.

So many clients get discouraged because they want their book to be easy and fast. That's good, but to get to easy and fast, you need to learn what selling points make your book a winner inside as well as promotion campaigns that showcase your book's benefits and best parts. What may look like an obstacle can help you develop strength and skills. You must focus all your intention, your direction and your attention toward you goal. Always expect the best, but make no expectations.

6. Make your plan realistic.

So many times book coaching clients say they want their book finished yesterday. If you do want to …

Five Facts You Must Know When Changing Careers

Too often in life, we fail. We fail not because we set our goals to high and miss achieving our aspirations. Instead, we fail because we set our dreams too low and we realize them. If we realize what we set out to do then how is this considered to be a failure? Failure occurs when we are not fulfilling our highest aspirations. Theresa Castro, executive career coach and author of The Dark Before the Dawn: 70 Secrets to Self-discovery, provides insight on what anyone can do while they are in the middle of wanting to change careers.


We begin our lives as children with lofty goals. For example, a child might decide that they would like to grow up and become an astronaut and travel to the moon. This child does not have the ability to place any restrictions on themselves. They do not think about what degree they need to possess in order to be an astronaut. They do not become worried about all of the details that are necessary to achieve this dream. Instead, the child just knows that they are passionate about space exploration. When you are in the middle of a career change, think and dream like a child. Let your passions lead you in a direction that is right for you.


Society, friends and / or family members can put a damper on your hopes and tell you that you are incapable of achieving your highest vision. You may be told that you are too old, not smart enough, do not have enough money, do not have the right education or experience or just simply are the wrong race or sex. The reality of these limitations exists only in the mind. You have the choice to either believe or doubt the limitations. That's right, you have a choice. You can choose to be like the great composer, Beethoven, who was once told by his music teacher that as a composer he was hopeless. Beethoven recognized that he would not be stopped by the label that his music teacher placed on him even despite the fact that he was deaf.


When you are changing careers, you may find that you struggle with your own bouts of self-doubt. The last thing that you need is for other people to tell you what you should and should not be doing especially when you recognize that they are not fully supporting your efforts. With these people (and we all have them in our lives), you will need to advise them that you love and care for them but you would appreciate if they kept their comments about your aspirations to themselves. If you do not eliminate outer sources of negativity, you will find your passions coming buried deep inside yourself.


People sometimes do not pursue a particular career path because …

Bethune-Cookman University

Offering 37 degrees in various streams, Bethune-Cookman University has one of the widest ranges of subjects for aspirant undergraduate students. Founded in 1978 this institute has now graduated into one of the finest in the States.

Originally known as the Bethune Cookman College or BCC the Btehune-Cookman University is now known as BCU in brief. Offering degrees in as many as 37 streams for the students that include multiple wings of education, it has become a university offering the widest varieties of academic degrees for trainees. Set up in 1904 at Daytona Beach in Florida it is affiliated to United Methodist Church.

Schools in the University

o School of Nursing.

o School of Education.

o School of Business.

o School of Arts and Humanities.

o School of Social Sciences.

o School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

o School of Science, engineering, and mathematics.

What it Offers?

o Founded in 1978, the School of Nursing offers bachelor degree in Nursing. In addition it offers the state-of-art facilities complete with the labs as well as the community healthcare clinic.

o Students in the school are exposed to the clinical learning experiences as well as agencies dealing with mental health.

o Offering classes in accounting, business administration, and hospitality management programs the School of Business also offers classes on tourism as well as lodging facilities. Field trips and international study tours are added attractions in the school.

o Offering education for the adult learners from multiple backgrounds, the School of Graduate and Professional Studies also offers degree on Transformative leadership among other professional studies.

o A host of degrees are offered by the School of Arts and Humanities that includes English, mass communication, religion, as well as philosophy.

Other Features

Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the colleges and schools of Southern Association the university offers multiple facilities for the students. Application to be made to the university includes non-refundable application fees and should also be accompanied with high school transcripts or equivalent. In addition SAT or ACT test scores as well as the counselor's recommendation form.

Eligibility Criteria

Having the minimum GPA of 2.25 in the high school levels is required to make one eligible for the undergraduate courses in the University. At the same time the minimum GPA for the graduate level courses is 2.75. Basic requirements include reference letter, written essay and support from the employer. Acceptance of international and transfer students as well as online applications is also a feature of the university. …

Supercomputers – Advancement in Science and Technology


Supercomputers are a specialized type of computers which are used for complicated tasks like weather forecasting as well as biological researches. They are very expensive and are also responsible for working out many mathematical calculations in no time. The Blue Gene/L is the fastest computer in the world. It is in the national laboratory of Japan. It can execute up to 35.6 trillions of mathematical problems per second.

The chief difference between a supercomputer and normal PC’s:

1) Supercomputers are a specialized type of computers used for laboratory researches, weather forecasting, nuclear researches, and data analysis and in animation industry etc.

2) Supercomputers execute power into a few programmes, while computers run all applications concurrently.

Working and market:

Supercomputers have large processing capacity. It is mainly known for the great speed of calculation.

Supercomputers introduced by Symour cray. He is associated with Control Data Corporation. Samour cray introduced supercomputers with new design. He introduced those computers by his own company ‘Cray research.’

In 1980’s large number of smaller competitors entered into the super computer market. Market crashed.

Now the cray, IBM and Hewlett-Packard are building supercomputers. The IBM Roadrunner located in Los Alamos National Laboratory is the fastest supercomputer in the world.


In 1939 Atanasoff-Berry Computer was created at Iowa State


Supercomputers are a very useful resource for the science and technology. They have proved to be very useful tool in the processes of science and technology. they are relatively fast but can only power limited data compared to normal PC’s.

Author: Anil Purandare…

What's a Career as a Mechanical Engineer Like?

Many engineers specialize in mechanical engineering. This subset of engineering revolves around the application of physical principles for mathematical analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. The industry is divided up into smaller areas of focus: mechanics, kinematics or movement, and the energy of physical objects. Let's take a look at what makes a career as a mechanical engineer so rewarding.

Challenging Work

Mechanical engineers use their knowledge of force, heat, mass and energy in design structures. They help research, design, test, create, maintain and monitor heating & cooling systems, vehicles and aircraft, bridges, buildings, machinery, industrial equipment and more.

A key focus in mechanical engineering is optimization. Work as a mechanical engineer focuses on optimizing ease and durability in projects, costs, safety and usefulness. Some tools frequently used by mechanical engineers for manufacturing projects are: CAD / CAM, CFD, FEA, milling machines, robots, CNCs and lathes.

Career Tidbits

The following list includes a few bits of interesting information about the field of mechanical engineering:

– Work as a mechanical engineer is generally 40 hours per week, but may be more, especially under tight deadlines and heavy workloads. The daily tasks often involve work outside an office and in the field.

– The best mechanical engineers enjoy solving complex problems. They are true innovators.

– You will need at least a Bachelor's degree to qualify for a position as a mechanical engineer. Most accredited colleges and universities offer specialized programs in mechanical engineering.

– Job opportunities for mechanical engineers are planned to increase at a faster than average rate through 2014.

– The average salary for engineers in 2002 was reported at $ 65,000. Top engineers earn over $ 90,000 per year. A mechanical engineer just out of college would earn an average of $ 40,000 per year.

– Mechanical engineers commonly wind up working in corporations or for the government.

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and hottest tasks in the engineering field. …

Co Education System in India

Co – education is the recent system of education where girls sit and study along with boys in same classes and in a common college. This system was not popular in ancient schools and colleges. At that time, it was not considered appropriate to allow boys and girls study together in same institutions. Rather, boys and girls were sent to separate schools and colleges. Social mixing of boys and girls was not allowed. This was considered essential to maintain the purity of character in them.

Actually the elders of each family consider many disadvantages in co – education and that's why they are against sending their children or grand – children to such schools and colleges. They think that co – education makes their children absent – minded. The children became indisciplined and the whole atmosphere of the schools and colleges gets polluted.

The boys try all sorts of motions, gestures and songs to attract the attention of the girls. Even the girls temptation the boys for all sorts of indiscipline. Boys do not come for the teachers in the class. They keep combing their hair off and on and waster their time. The boys and girls all try to show themselves as heroes and heroines respectively and are mostly running to cinemas to see latest movies. The educational institutions start presenting a look of fashion parades. All types of unsocial and undesirable habits are developed and students forget to listen to their elders or teachers. In such an atmosphere, one can not expect a good quality character.

Co – education is considered better than social point of view in spite of its various defects as explained above. Such a system of education gives an opportunity to understand each other's problems and, therefore, can co-operate better in achievement of respectable goals. A healthy spirit of working and competitiveness is created by co – education. The boys try to keep a polite and gentle character so as to give a good impression to their girls class – fellows. During their long period of education, they can better understand each other's psychology and even can choose their life partners from amongst their class – fellows. In this way, problem of parents to select a suitable match for their children is also solved. The boy and girl educated together make the best match due to their broad attitude towards life and closer understanding of each other's habits and manners of living, likes and dislikes.

Co – education provides economic and advanced education to girl students. This is because same amount of money is invested to upgrade or provide better equipments and infrastructure in schools and colleges. Otherwise, funds would get diverted for constructing separate schools and colleges for girls. Further, in a free democratic country like India, we can not deny education to girls along with boys, the girls must also be equally educated. However, where girls students take interest in greater numbers towards studies, there, special separate institutions can be established to …

BTec Factories

I work in an office sandwiched between two manufacturing units. One on the left, the other on the right. Both are multi-storey buildings in the heart of the city. The manufacturing process starts at 8.30 in the morning, and ends at 4 in the evening. Raw materials reach the unit from around 8 am. The one on the left has an evening shift as well. They go on till 11 in the night, sometimes later. The process looks- from my building, laborious and uniform on both sides. Are the products, of good quality?

But what do they produce? Now, that's a good question. They do not produce any material. Nothing that can be seen. But they manufacture youngsters with a degree after their names. Yes these are BTec Factories. IIT student factories. Coaching centers cum Intermediate Colleges. Buildings with huge posters of IIT entrance rank holders' photos and their 'marks' obtained, hanging in front. BTec manufacturing units!

In this locality, there must be at least 10 of these institutions- Junior Colleges as they are called. I am proud of the fact that so many of our youngsters are interested in higher education and are actually into it. But I am sad that their interest is mostly in one particular field of study. I wonder what is so much alluring in being an engineer. And why and how does our country need so many engineers? Do not we need English schools, fashion designers, primary teachers, merchants? Or should they all be engineering failed candidates?

Five years ago when I was in Chennai, I had learned that there are around 130 engineering colleges in the city of Chennai itself. Each college will have at least 200 students in a batch. Which means, Chennai alone 'manufactured' 26,000 engineers 5 years ago! Look at Andhra's condition. It has 847 (year 2012) engineering colleges with 3.39 lakh seats! Interestingly, no one talks about the pass percentage of these engineering colleges. It is unofficially heard that not more than 40% pass each year! Now, that is an interesting figure. Out of 100 engineering students, 90 buy their engineering seats paying lakhs. And after 3 or 4 years, they gloriously fail in their course. What a national waste!

Therefore, these manufacturing units do not manufacture engines alone, but loafers and thieves and failures and dropouts and criminals and drug addicts and psychos as well. That's a great social service they are doing. I appreciate the pain they take.

Coming back to the coaching centers, they do another wonderful service to the nation. That is, they inspire a sort of 'spirit of competition' in students, that pulls them down to the abyss of despair if they get one or two marks less than the expected 95+ in the top rated subjects.

Why does this happen? Because it is big business. Having a network of such coaching centers in the heart of cities is no joke. Assets in terms of land and building are huge in magnitude. If 3 …

Career As a Forensic Dentist


If a dead body could not be identified because it is too far burnt, destroyed, or decayed, the teeth can provide clues that lead to who that person was. Using the teeth and dental records to identify the dead people is the main field of odontology and forensic dentistry. Forensic dentists have become a very important part of investigation on missing persons, disaster recovery, and solving and prosecuting crimes.

 Job Description:

The forensic dentist is responsible for identifying the deceased individuals by using the forensic dentistry methods. There are two main forms of dental identification. The first form is the most often performed examination called the comparative identification. This form is used to establish or prove that the remains or bodies of a decedent and the person represented by the dental records before death (antemortem) are one and the same. Information from circumstances or body usually has the clues that lead to who the dead person was. The second form is used in cases where the antemortem dental records are not available and that there are no clues that lead to the possible identity of the dead person. In such case, an after death dental record (postmortem) is completed or compiled by forensic dentists suggesting the possible characteristics of the dead to narrow down the search for the before death or atemortem materials.

Educational Requirement:

Since forensic dentists focus on the identification accident victims, crime victims and the analysis of bite marks to identify the assailants, candidates for this job must have completed a degree in dentistry and must have attended and completed courses and trainings in Odontology (diseases, anatomy, and development of teeth). It is also a plus factor to have attended trainings in criminalistics and law enforcement. Education also does not end once hired as a forensic dentist. Continuing education is a must to maintain proficiency as well as to earn sub-specialties.

Forensic Dentist Salaries:

Since the work of a forensic dentist is time consuming and that the working hours are irregular, a forensic dentist may receive a daily wage of $2,000 or as much as $150,000 a year when hired as a full-time forensic dentist.…

The Career Opportunities for the Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapy or its abbreviation PT is a health care profession concerned with maximizing the movement potential for patients needing rehabilitation after being immobilized due to an accident or a stroke. The aim of the physical therapist is to recover the full mobility of the patient in order to allow them to lead a normal life. Physical therapy is provided by a physical therapist or the physio therapy assistant under their guidance and direction. These healthcare professionals work with all age groups from the elderly to those in the infant stage who have health related physical problems that limit their movements to function normally.

Physical therapy is a demanding job and the physio therapy assistant needs to be in the prime of health with a good level of strength and vigor. Predominantly, this profession involves a great deal of communication skills and ingenuity since most patients would more likely be uncooperative when faced with difficulty and discomfort. It is up to the professional skills of the physio therapy assistant to encourage and motivate the patient to undergo the treatment. When the physio therapy assistant gains the trust of the patient, the rapport and relationship will improve, since providing an ideal situation where the patient will respond to the treatment and care provided.

The physio therapy job is a responsible job that needs a license before it can be practiced to patients. In order to acquire a license for this job, the individual needs to undertake a 2-year associate degree program which can be entered through the online programs or educational establishments. Following the completion of the program, a licensure examination needs to be passed in order to get the license required prior to practice. The license needs to be updated that it is often necessary to keep abreast with the continuing medical and healthcare procedures and policies. Career advancement in physio therapy can also be availed of through the 4-year bachelor's course in order to become a full-committed physical therapist.

Career opportunities in physical therapy are very vast and even employed persons can provide physical therapy to patients on a part time basis. The hours are flexible and will not interfere with the other normal functions. The physio therapy assistant salary is a reward return for the skills and experience provided for people needing this kind of treatment. This is especially rewarding for people who want a part-time job to earn a physical therapy assistant salary to augment the earnings earned from another career. …