Accredited Online University Degrees – The Truth

Thinking about an accredited online university degree? Let me be honest. I feel bad for the people who pass up the dozens of ads in emails and in search engines advertising accredited online university degrees. The first reaction of many people is that this is simply another spamming tool. Some may think that it's too good to be true. But the few who actually click on these ads and pursuit a degree online are rewarded.

The positives which distanced education has to offer are numerous in number. Imagine being able to control the way you went to school. There are no more deans or principals to implement tough guidelines on dress codes or being on time. You are trusted with the power to rule how you go to school.

Learning has never been a seasonal thing. It's what keeps the minds of men fresh and working. Getting a degree online is one of the best ways to learn because it's a way of individualized learning from teacher to student. In large classes, teaching is informal and the teachers are not able to target the students individually. However, distanced education allows the teacher to cater to each student's individual needs by giving him or her a variety of lecture formats to choose from.

Schedules are a thing of the past and a student is allowed to work at his or her own pace. This is especially beneficial for students who have other jobs which they can use to pay for their education. Instead of having to go to and from work, school, and home every single day, students can now choose when and where they would like to study.

Have you always wanted to go to school in bed, or sometimes in a park or in a mall? Now, you can! If these environments are what work best for you, then nothing is stopping you from tapping these to be able to learn to the best of your capabilities.

Find that degree program which suits you, and get ready to open up your minds and learn. Thousand of opportunities are in store for you-all you need to do is open the door and find out which of the many accredited online universities and colleges is really right for you. …

How Networking Can Help Our Careers

Networking is one of the most used and misused buzzwords of our times. Many people confuse “networking” with the mere act of connecting with people via social media on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. While these sites can be used for networking – effective networking is so much more.

Napoleon Hill, a famous motivational author of the past century, had this to say about networking, “You have to give before you receive.” And Tom Hopkins, author and one of the top sales guru’s of all time, takes it a step further: “When people use networking, they are taking advantage of a basic law – the Law of Reciprocity. The law basically says, if I do something good for you, you will feel obligated to do something good for me.” This is what effective networking is all about.

There are countless articles about “networking to find jobs,” currently on the Internet. Unfortunately, many of these bestow the readers with the wrong mindset for networking. If you charge off with the attitude that you must find someone to help you land a job, you are missing the critical component of effective networking. A sound mindset would be: I have quite a few friends when I think about it: current circle of friends, co-workers, former co-workers, college friends, extended family, church acquaintances, sorority sisters, trade association contacts, softball teammates, etc.

I have a great deal in common with most of them – whether it’s our children, past schools or jobs, athletic interests, or careers. I wonder who could use my assistance or advice on the best smart phone to buy, good books to read, selling their products, or advice on people they should know to advance their careers. Once you have ongoing dialog and mutual trust and respect established, then and only then, can you ask for their assistance. Social networking sites can be great “mediums” to use to extend your reach to establish or re-establish connections with old friends to rekindle relationships.

Guy Kawasaki, author of Art of the Start and entrepreneur, suggests two degrees of separation is as far as you should go in recommending someone or asking someone for their help with your job search. Assisting a friend of a trusted friend should not be a concern, but the friend of a friend of a friend is stretching it and could have negative consequences for your reputation.

Networking is not just something to do externally, but within your own company as well, to enhance in your career. Being known as the person in your company who others can go to for assistance with a project, for advice, or even a sounding board will open “internal” doors for you. You will learn about openings in other departments firsthand and perhaps get recommended; hear about the “true” state of your company and it’s long-term viability; find out about new projects; and an exciting new product team you may want to join. Volunteer for company initiatives and projects to meet the …