The Netflix Curse

I have over six hundred books on my reading list, most of which I own. Some of them I’ve never read before, others I want to reread. They weigh on my mind and clutter up my room. Some I want to read so I can review them for my blog, Lover’s Quarrel, and others just look like fun. Everywhere I turn in my house, there are stacks of books to be read. I have four reading apps on my phone as well.

But too often I turn to Netflix when I have some free time. I love Netflix. With all of its shows and movies perfect for binge-watching, I find myself looking forward to marathoning That 70’s Show (again) instead of wanting to read Voyager by Diana Gabaldon for a couple of hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading. And there have been plenty of times in my life when I preferred reading to watching TV. But after starting college and then taking on landscaping as a summer job, I must confess that my reading habits have seriously diminished. I even had to take a brief hiatus from Lover’s Quarrel because I didn’t have any more books to review and couldn’t find the will to read any more.

Ironically, Netflix became my free time activity of choice for the same reason I prefer books to TV: it takes less imagination and energy. All of the sights and sounds are provided for me so I don’t have to spend precious mental energy and imagination, which gets seriously depleted during the school year.

But Netflix quickly becomes a vicious cycle. It’s too tempting to watch it when I have the energy to read, or even when I should be working. Luckily, there are ways to get me away from Netflix and back to reading, apart from unsubscribing to Netflix (let’s not get too crazy).

Listening to music or white noise has helped a lot. It gives me the same stimulation as the audio on a TV show, so it keeps my reading distraction-free. I have a white noise app that I like, and I’ve found some really good “Music for Reading” videos on YouTube. Audiobooks also bring me away from Netflix because I can knit or clean while listening to them.

However, the most effective thing I’ve found to get me away from Netflix is to keep binge-watching. No, seriously. Once I’ve found an amazing show and I get a huge obsession over it, I can’t stop watching it until I run out of episodes. And after I’ve run out of episodes, other TV shows are ruined for me for awhile. That happened with Stranger Things and I’m sure it’ll happen once I hit season 8 of That 70’s Show. Since all TV is ruined for me anyway, the best thing I can do is find a book that I know will be as addictive as a good television series. And that will take me away from Netflix. In the meantime, …

How Stanford University Got It’s Name

Stanford University, the private research university located near Palo Alto, California, is known around the world for the first class education it provides to roughly 6,800 undergraduate students and about 8,300 graduate students every semester. Interestingly, while the institution of higher learning is a place that literally hundreds of thousands of students dream of one day attending few know the back story that explains how the Northern California school came to be known as Stanford University.

The university, founded in 1891, shares its name with former California governor Leland Stanford, but the story does not end there. The school that now sits in Stanford, California (population approximately 13,000) was founded by Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford in the late ninetieth century as a memorial to honor the untimely death of their son Leland Stanford Junior who died at the age of fifteen.

While traveling with his parents in Italy Leland Jr. was stricken with typhoid (today commonly referred to as Salmonella) which is a form of food poising in which ingested bacteria makes its way through the intestinal wall and into an area of the body where it can cause severe damage to multiple organs. While trouble with Salmonella or typhoid is still prevalent in much of the developing world at strongly endemic rates (death rates are about 10% to 30% in untreated instances) for the illness to cause death in the developed world in the twenty first century is extremely uncommon. Unfortunately for young Leland Stanford Junior the circumstances surrounding his infection did not include the ready access to life saving antibiotics that are common today. The end result was the death of Leland Junior about two months shy of his sixteenth birthday. Today Leland Jr. rests in peace on the Stanford University campus alongside both his mother and father who were eventually put to rest at the Stanford family mausoleum as well.

In addition to serving as a predecessor to eventual famed California governors Ronald Regan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Leland Stanford Senior sat as a United States senator from 1885 until his death at the age of 69 in 1893. It was during his final years alive that he formally founded Leland Stanford Junior University while serving as a US senator from California, an event that took place seven years after the death of his young son. The first student that was admitted to Stanford University in 1891 happened to be Herbert Hoover who would eventually become the thirty-first President of the United States in 1929.

Although nearly everyone refers to Stanford University by the shorted title that simply includes the two previously mentioned words the official full name of the school is Leland Stanford Junior University. In a somewhat clever, albeit insensitive manner, rival schools have been known to jokingly refer to Stanford University as a junior college as a play on the full title and the United States junior college system that prepares students for four year universities.…

Have Online Education For A Brighter Future

Today people realized how advantageous is online education in their field of career. Several degrees on someone's name is really an advantage. Since we are now living in the world of high technologies and people are too busy in their lives, majority prefers not to spend years to earn higher education. Instead people want to achieve degrees in a fast way and that is through online education. All they have to do is to have a set of computers and Internet service where they could go online to have classes wherever and whenever they want. Because of this, many universities and colleges began to offer online degree programs to cater the needs of people with hectic schedules.

Online education or distance learning is now widely accepted and is the choice of many professionals. The method of teaching here has become virtual. The course content and materials are distributed by post which can be finished anywhere you want. That is why this mode of education is best suited for people who can finish their course at their own pace without quitting their job in attending online classes.

Online education has gained popularity all over the world. It is now the best way to gain new information and strength one's skills for academic qualifications. You do not need to loose your job for you to have time in learning. It enhances your academic standing. Most of the employers today appreciates employees who are participating in online education for a higher education. If you work hard and works professionally, promotions and salary increases can be achieved. This mode of education is very flexible. You can pursue a degree in any location as long as you have access to Internet. Most of online degree courses allows you to plan your learning schedule so that it will not have conflicts with your working hours.

But before you consider taking a degree course online, there are some factors you have to take into consideration in order to ensure that you will achieve quality education which has value to the field of your career. You have to know the advantages and disadvantages of learning an online degree. Consider the pricing that the online school offers. Choose only the prestige university or college for online classes. If you have the right guidelines before pursuing an online education, you will surely earn the online degree that will bring you to a brighter future. …

Should College Students Take Unsubsidized Federal Student Loans?

One of the first questions on the mind of any college student when they receive their financial aid award letter is, What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidizedfederal student loans? Sometimes students are only offered unsubsidized loans and they are puzzled about whether they should accept them are not.

Both subsidized and unsubsidized federal student loans are offered through the Federal Direct, or the FFEL Stafford Loan programs, which are administrated through the federal government. Both types of loans must be repaid. Although the terms and conditions of the loans are set by the federal government (generally making them the best loan options students have), the system is set up so that the actual money comes from and is paid back to private institutions – that means banks.

Now, here's what you really need to know before taking out an unsubsidized student loan.

First, with subsidized loans the government covers the interest payments for you while you are in school and / or in deferment. The loan accrues interest just like any other. You're just not responsible for paying any that accrues before you enter loan repayment on the principle. Students who take out $ 10,000 (for instance) in subsidized loans, find that, six months after they leave school, they basically owe $ 10,000 plus whatever interest that gets charged after they start repayment , whenever that might be.

When you take out unsubsidized loans, you are liable for all the interest that the loan (s) accrue, even while you are in school. While managed and during the deferment period, you will be given the choice of making voluntary payments on that interest. Making payments like this is a good idea if you are able; it keeps you from being charged interest on your interest. If you do not pay along the way, the interest will be added to the principle of the loan. This could mean that you pay a lot of extra money in interest, which is the largest drawback of unsubsidized loans.

On the other hand if you have not gotten any subsidized loans, because you were told you had no need because your parents make too much money or something, there's still a good chance unsubsidized federal loans are the best option for you. Subsidized loans are need-based and unsubsidized loans are not. Your level of financial need gets represented by specific numbers calculated from the information you put on your FAFSA application. Without getting in to all the particulars, students who have greater levels of financial need qualify for subsidized loans that those with less need do not. Even if you have no need at all (according to the governings reckoning) you can still be offered and receive unsubsidized loans.

Knowing the differences between these two types of loans can save a lot of confusion, and a surprising amount of money, for you through your college career. If you are ever in a position where you are being offered a combination of subsidized and …

College Scholarships For Single Mothers Can Help You Pay Your Tuition For School

College scholarships for single mothers

Last year the US Bureau of Labor Statistics took the occupations that will be the fastest growing up to 2016. This is part of the government body and it works closely with the Department of education. The department of education issues grants to help students pay for their tuition and the State will issue College Scholarships for single mothers.

The US Bureau labor will only identify jobs that require a bachelors degree.

The valuable part about this information is that you can see exactly what your median income will be if you decide to go into this field, however this is not a definite statement of what you will make. You can make more or less. Income ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 90,000 per year, with a median of around $ 35,000 per year for the average starting salary for a college graduate in the technical field.

College scholarships for single mothers can help you pay for this education so you can be qualified for these jobs that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics analyzes each year.

There's nothing like looking at your resume and not having enough qualifications to make $ 40- $ 50,000 more per year. College scholarships for single mothers can be applied for any time of year, and although each one will have a different requirement from you, the free money for a college scholarship gives you more than pay for your schooling. Getting a job after you graduate and being at a job you enjoy is priceless is our eyes.

According to the US Bureau labor statistics says that the following jobs would be hot for the next six years.

Computer and communication analyst- for this job you will need to have a bachelors degree. The United States is estimated to employ over 41,000 people in this field by 2016. Average salaries in this field are over $ 50,000 per year.

Computer software engineering-this field is pretty fun because you can make applications that help solve problems in any field. 733,000 people are estimated to be employed by the year 2016.

Personal financial Advisors-this is one of the easiest for those to get into because it only requires to get a degree in business. After this you can shoot for an MBA and earn even more per year.

Personal financial visors will make up at least 250,000 people employed in United States by the year 2016

College scholarships for single mothers makes the top three careers available to you because it enables you to pay for your tuition and living expenses in college. We have found that women will get at least three or four scholarships. They are offered by the government, and private companies that fund scholarship programs. …

University of Kansas (KU) Jayhawks Bowl Game Wins and Losses – 6 Victories – 6 Defeats

The University of Kansas (KU) Jayhawks have played in twelve bowl games in the history of their football program and during that time the team has six wins and six losses. Interestingly the University of Kansas which is primarily known for its basketball prowess has been playing football longer than it has been playing basketball. The first football season at KU occurred in 1890 and eight years later the first basketball season tipped off in 1898.

While twelve bowl appearances in a 120 year history equates to just one bowl appearance for every ten years there is an encouraging aspect to the overall record and that is the fact that the Jayhawks have won five of their last six post season games. For many optimists this statistic alone is enough to prove that the football program is moving in the right direction.

The twelve appearances with results are as follows:

  • 1947: 21-14 Orange Bowl loss to Georgia Tech
  • 1961: 33-7 Bluebonnet Bowl win against Rice University
  • 1968: 15-14 Orange Bowl loss to Penn State
  • 1973: 31-18 Liberty Bowl defeat to North Carolina State
  • 1975: 33-19 Sun Bowl loss to the University of Pittsburgh
  • 1981: 10-0 Hall of Fame Bowl loss to Mississippi State University
  • 1992: 23-20 Aloha Bowl victory against Brigham Young University (BYU)
  • 1995: 51-30 Aloha Bowl win against the UCLA Bruins
  • 2003: 56-26 Tangerine Bowl loss to North Carolina State
  • 2005: 42-13 Fort Worth Bowl win against the University of Houston
  • 2007: 24-21 Orange Bowl win against Virginia Tech
  • 2008: 42-21 Insight Bowl victory against the University of Minnesota

While it was a glorious honor for Jayhawk fans to be invited to the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Orange Bowl in 2007 few supporters probably realize that the Orange Bowl is actually the post season contest that the University of Kansas football team has competed in the most number of times. The Aloha Bowl is the post season venue that KU football teams have had the most success at with a perfect 2-0 record after victories in 1992 and 1995 against BYU and UCLA.

Exactly what future post season successes lay ahead of the University of Kansas remains to be seen. The one thing that is certain is that former head coach Mark Mangino who helped the team turn the corner into national college football relevance will not be joining the squad for the ride. After the 2009 college football season Coach Mangino was relieved of his duties. The newest head coach for the Jayhawks is a man by the name of Turner Gill who most previous job was serving as the head coach for the University of Buffalo from 2006-2009. …

Inventory Management

After finishing college and moving out into the business world, you will be faced with many tasks one has to complete. Being in the real world, there is much less room for error. You can not "have a bad quiz" because you did not study. You hire hired you to do a job and expects that job to be completed on time. Business tasks in the accounting field can include anything from calculating costs of goods sold (CGS), finding the depreciation of an asset, or managing your inventory costs.

Managing inventory is something not many people have any experience with unless you've taken some type of college level accounting class. When managing inventory, there are four main techniques to do this. The first, FIFO or first in, first out. The second being, LIFO or last in first out. The third technique is WAVG also called weighted average and the fourth technique used in managing inventory is called specific identification. I will go over the first three techniques I have mentioned. Specific inventory while still important is used mainly for very expensive items such as real property or housing.

FIFO, meaning first in first out, means just what it sounds like. The goods that are welcomed in for inventory first, are the first goods sold or disposed of. This also means that at the end of firms fiscal year, there inventory will be complied with goods that have gotten there most recently. An example of this would be in the car business. Each year, new models are produced, typically there are available for sale around September. Managers know this and try to sell for example all their 2010 models before the 2011 models are available for sale.

The next method is called LIFO also known as last in, first out. This is the same concept of as FIFO but still differs. This simply means the latest goods in inventory are the ones sold first. Again this means at the end of a company's financial year, their ending inventory will be made up of goods the company received prior to their most recent inventory. Using LIFO, the objective is to charge the cost of current purchases to work in process or other operating expenses and to leave the oldest costs in the inventory.

The final method is called weighted average. This is a "method in calculation in which the weighted average cost per unit for the period is the cost of the goods available for sale divided by the number of units available for sale" (Barron Education System). In this method, the order in which goods are purchased does not matter. The costs of the goods are averaged at the end of the year to find your cost of goods sold.

In the accounting world, it is very important how you manage your inventory. I have discussed three of the four main techniques used by companies today. The first, FIFO, first in first out. The second being LIFO or last in first …

Would A University Online Degree Suit You?

It is quite interesting to note that individuals considering committing to a college degree nearly always exclusively consider campus-based programs. Very few even think about taking an accredited online degree, which is just as good as campus learning in the real world. Many potential students baulk at the idea of ​​taking a university online degree because it means venturing into the unknown. Very few people actually know enough about accredited online college degrees in order to make a decision, and very few attempt to do the research to find out! The purpose of this article is therefore to give you a quick guide to university online degrees so you are quipped to judge whether it will suit you or not.

All degrees from recognized schools are hard work. Accredited online college degrees are no different, so if you think for one second that this option will provide you with an easy ride then you are sadly mistaken. Often, course content varies very little between the two but the methods of learning have very little in common, which is why you must investigate both in order to determine the one that suits you best.

University online degrees are all about self-discipline. If you are a weak person, forward to procrastination or laziness, then a university online degree will not suit you at all. You have to be able to motivate yourself because nobody else is there to do it for you. Campus degrees, and the various classes that are incorporated into them, are run by a variety of tutors who are all employed to watch over students and make sure that there are enough reminders issued about deadlines and ongoing work. They are also there to help individual students out during class time. They effectively spoon feed students the course content. Whilst this my sound harsh and unheard to anyone that has attended a campus university, it is true in comparison to the outside input a lot of online students receive. University online degree students do not have that and have to be organized in order to remember all of their deadlines by themselves, as well as keep on top of ongoing work and find their own research sources. It is very easy to leave work if nobody issues you reminders of what you are supposed to be doing.

Accredited online college degrees

require sheer hard work and effort if you want to get something out of them. In effect, you reap what you sow. If you do not think that you will be able to effectively organize your own education or if you doubt that you will possess this sort of motivation or determination, then a university online degree is not for you. You must see an accredited online college degree as a challenge in order to benefit. However, if you believe that you are up to this challenge then go for it. A university online degree can certainly prove that you possess the necessary skills to survive in the …

Researching the Pros and Cons of Getting Your Degree Online

Are you considering getting your bachelor's or master's or other degree online? It's a growing field that's receiving acceptance and approval for all types of career and education goals.

The largest advantage to online degree education is that it's a complete college degree program that is delivered via the Internet. All classes, materials, tests and lectures are delivered online. This process allows the student to "attend" class from anywhere at any time that is convenient to them.

According to educators from Cornell University, "the web provides significant new functionality in transmitting information to the student and providing forums for exchange. The web is revolutionizing some areas of study through increased opportunities for learning and alternative formats for information." (Dwyer, Barbieri, and Doerr, 1995).

One of the ways it has done this is through enhanced student-to-student and faculty-to-student communication. Students and faculty can both benefit from using the communication and assessment tools that are made available via online learning.

The technology also enables students to exercise more flexibility in their approach to education, depending on what best suits their personal learning styles and busy schedules.

In addition, the class material and program is continuously updated for up to the minute, real world application. This allows the student to immediately begin applying their new knowledge to their existing work environment.

There are many different types of programs available. Students can receive a bachelor's or master's degree in many areas such as accounting, marketing, human resources, e-business, information technology, nursing and even elementary education.

The typical online program takes three years to complete. A master's degree program may take up to four years depending on the type of degreeought and the prior education of the student.

Most programs are accredited and they usually accept the transfer of prior credits from other accredited universities. Some of them are also well-known off-line schools such as Duke, Stanford, Jones International, and Capella.

While enrolled, a student typically takes just one class at a time for a five to six week period. This allows the student to concentrate solely on that material before moving on to the next module of information.

The price of an online degree education program is comparable to that of a regular college degree. Plus, many students are eligible for financing in the way of a student loan. Sometimes employer education programs can even reimburse a student's tuition fees.

Keep in mind though, that you may have to be a little more organized and self-motivated for this type of education and you will have to manage time demands in other areas of your life. Because you normally will not have set class times, it will be up to you to the time into your schedule. Then again, some programs require that you log on to the Internet at designated times for virtual class sessions.

Another potential disadvantage is that some employers still prefer that their employees have degrees from traditional colleges. However, these views are rapidly changing.

A recent survey of 1,300 graduates …

What Is a Coverdell Education Savings Account?

Supporting the increased cost of education often becomes a tough job for parents and some even have to compromise with their desires for higher studies. Students who want to continue their course of education should apply for Federal Grants and Scholarships to get the necessary assistance. In addition to that saving for college should also play a part in helping to fund your child's education. The Coverdell Education Savings Account is a popular choice in this matter of many intelligent students and parents who want to save some money for funding education costs.

A Coverdell Education Savings Account or Coverdell ESA was designed to help students and parents save some money for meeting educational expenses. If you do not have a covered Education Savings Account, you can check out the details to get an idea of ​​the benefits you can receive. Also note the clauses that are to be followed for becoming eligible to get the benefits.

How The Account Works?

This is one of the most important points to be noted, when you are planning to open a Coverdell Education Savings Account. Both parents and students can open this account and save money as per their financial ability. However, the deposit limit is restricted to $ 2000 per year for every beneficiary, irrespective of the number of accounts he or she holds. Also note that only children under the age of 18, with the exception of special needs students who can be of any age, are eligible for these accounts. The amount that is deposited in this account grows tax free but you must pay taxes on it when distributed if they are not used for qualifying education expenses.

The money saved in this account can be used for funding expenses in Elementary schools or secondary schools as well as in colleges, depending on the requirement.

Some Important Points To Note To Enjoy The Advantages of Coverdell ESA:

• The money that is deposited in this account will be eligible for tax free distribution only when it is use for funding education costs, like paying tuition fees, buying books or other items needed for studies. One can also use this money for paying the rent of boarding schools.

• The school or college where the students are enrolled should be recognized by the board of education. Any private school, public school and even religious schools offering education as per the state law are covered under Coverdell ESA.

• Students enrolled in voluntary schools, colleges and universities working under the Department of Education can enjoy the tax free distribution of the money deposited in the Coverdell ESA scheme.

• To enjoy the benefits of this saving plan, students should have all the supporting documents for providing their eligibility. Failure to do so will lead to taxable distribution of the money saved in this account.

What Happens When Distribution Is Not Restricted to Qualified Education Expenses?

In case the contributions of the money saved in the Coverdell ESA is not meant …