Begin With Your Brilliance

"We all have the extraordinary coded within us waiting to be released." ~ Dr. Jean Houston

Top of the year reflection, visioning and goal-setting can sometimes feel complicated and overwhelming. The ideas and options are endless and it can really slow you down or stop you completely. Yet, we know some type of forethought and plan is best for success. I am a fan of doing whatever works for you. If you thrive on resolutions, do them, if you like traditional goal-setting – go for it. If you prefer to think out a few years and create an ideal vision, and then back into it, that's a good one also. To me it just has to work for you. That said, I have found there is something that is key no matter which way you decide to go.

Begin with your brilliance.

Tapping your brilliance means you need to take the time to determine what your most unique and powerful skill, talent or gift is – in what area you completely shine, and then really leverage it in as many areas of your life as you can.

Whether or not you know it, you have a gift as unique as your fingerprint, that nobody has quite like you. It is the thing that comes most effortlessly for you, and yet has the most impact on others at the same time.

It could be the way you connect people to each other, the way you inspire others one on one or as a speaker, your way with children, your humor in difficult situations or the finesse you have as a leader who people naturally follow and trust. Your brilliance could be your keen intuition or strong ability to solve complex problems. This special gift of yours is usually consistently recognized by friends, family, clients and collections alike …. so if you are not sure, just ask them. Ask what it is about you that affects people the most. What is it that they know they can "gain" from you when they need it?

Another way to confirm your signature brilliance or strengths is to use assessments such as Myers Briggs, DiSc or even the StrengthsFinder 2.0 which directly covers this question. Asking others and taking assessments usually is great for honing in on your core brilliance or confirming it. And for many of you, it may only be a confirmation. I say this because deep down, you may really already know what it is.

Regardless of how you come by it, once you figure out what your brilliance is, you are working with your best success-asset.

When you lease your unique gift and fully plug it into your career and life, you are going to be happier, more passionate, more on purpose than you ever were, and it will make it so much easier to reach your dreams.

You will attract people, resources, and opportunities to you move forward, and even stuck areas will unhinge and start to shift. This ripple …

A Good Choice For Home Education – Online Home Schooling

Many parents today make home schooling their choice method of educating their children. There are numerous benefits a child can enjoy. Often a parent decides that their child would excel much better or faster than being taught at home while receiving their undivided attention. Sometimes, children who may have had difficulty in learning or other significant problems in school, will be much more successful being taught at home by one of the parents.

If you are trying to decide if such method of study is right for you and your child, rest assured that there are unlimited courses available on the internet that contain curriculum from grades second through twelve. A good example of this is the Global Student Network. There are more than eighty courses available. All the class material that your child will require, is presented through the internet and they'll have the finest libraries, museums and informative sites in the world at their disposal.

Home Schooling Curriculum

The course of study for internet home schooling is flexible and changeable, and also very interactive. The curriculum is always kept current with the latest and pertinent material. The lessons which are offered online, essentially encourage reading, but assist the child to psychoanalyze, conceive and then vocalize their ideas. Online access is twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year. It is completely internet secure, and congruous with all internet characteristics including parental mastery.

Numerous American families residing overseas, choose online home schooling as an educational option for their children. Because the total realistic courses of study are from grades two to twelve, the option of classes in the syllabus, may offer much more diversity than in a local school. Some of the available online home school materials, are very cost-effective and all-inclusive.

The Advantages

One of the biggest advantages is time. You decide your schedule and the hours your child will be in a school room setting. Through the online school mentioned previously, the 80 courses are for one calendar school year. This would be available three-hundred and sixty-five days a year, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This curriculum offers many features so that each child can have an individualized learning plan. Likewise, at the same time, according to the needs of each student, the curriculum can also be customized for the appropriate subject and grade level which is normally taught in the public school system.

Audio And Video Help With Home Schooling

Some of the best features for online home schooling are the audio and video components. The audio component is able to read texts to students and show video clips for many of the courses. The curriculum is absolutely web-based and is delivered entirely through the internet. No CDs or books are required. The material also may not be downloaded.

The courses offered for online home schooling stick to strict regulations presented by the National Curriculum standards and are presented in a way that they will be of benefit to all learning styles, …

Launching a Successful Career As an Artist


It is important for anyone launching an art career to have a direction towards their development and to keep that development alive. The very act of creativity can be neglected or underestimated by an artist presupposing future works. The dialog an artist has with your work changes with each new piece. Each succeedive work causes an adjustment in direction: a revelation, an inspiration that alters the creative path. It seems that creative work has a life of its own which grows and is nourished by communication with its creator.


It is possible to work successfully, heedless of the changes inspiration and innovation bring on. This often happens when an artist finds a successful and profitable "niche" and repeats over and over the same subject matter, style and techniques of working over a period of years. The market will always want the same or similar product, to guarantee a reliable value. It is regrettable, however, that many artists in this creative stasis, refuse to develop their full capabilities and are forever tied to the intrinsic values ​​of their work.


The "art scene" is competitive only to those that want it that way. As a artist develops a body of work, having a perspective of other artists' work is not only a good way to share creative energy, but a relationship that keeps individual work vital. Being aware of what is happening in galleries and events locally, nationally and globally can inspire an emerging artist to move their creative work in a different direction, address different subject matter and change an attitude towards personal art relative to the work of other artists.


There are many resources that can be useful for artistic development, including: art magazines, local and national galleries and online art newsletters and forums. This information should not be intimidating. Frequently, an emerging artist is in a fragile tier of development. Being defensive or put off by exploring the art world restrictions personal perspectives. One should look at these resources as a buffet and choose the lovely morsels that will nourish personal creative growth. There is also, a strength and great camaraderie in having relationships with other artists, showing in group shows, becoming a member of a local coop gallery, and participating in art auctions and fairs. Each artist finds their own degree of involvement, whether it is commitment to a highly social scene or minimum input from a local gallery or several friends.


Being able to see your work objectively at a distance and up on a wall is a good way to start examining your artistic direction. Choose an area where you can step back at least fifteen feet from your work. Try to arrange your work in some kind of order, for example, earliest work to later work, groups of similar subject matter or stylistic changes, etc. Put everything up – all sketch and …

Finding a God That Jives With Science

Dear reader.

When we are born we have a fully mature sense of emotions needed for survival. Fear, Pain, Anger, Love, and Pleasure. Emotional health begins when we see a loving face looking at us and us at them. Usually and optimally, this is parents. But now for the first time in human evolution, the child in no longer raised in the tribal society where genetic connections are not as important as tribal unity. We needed each other for mutual survival. Put a group of Americans on an Island somewhere and come back in a month and I guarantee everyone will be dead. We have lost our basic survival skills.

Through the lightning evolution that has occurred in the past 500 to 600 years, we have gone from tribal to agricultural to industrial and now to information ages. The western family unit is a dying form of coexistence. We no longer see the loving face because mommy and daddy both have to work. Then we learn language and are immediately taught concepts such as fear and punishment and death, all the brewery for all man's psychiatric woes.

I am 51. I have a sister who does not seem to care about me. A mother who despises me and a dead father. My dad had 8 siblings so I should have dozens of first and second cousins. But since I have no family tree, I could run one of the people over and keep going. As a child family was stronger. It was just after WWII. Now I am just alone seeking other kindred souls to find a divinity and spirituality and self appointed family that may work better than the biological family I was dealt. A sense of purpose on this Earth.

I am seeking others on this journey and quest. I do not know what to believe. At best, a person may know a great grandparent while that person lives. But what about 10 generations ago. I did not even know they had writing utensils 1000's of years ago so wear has all the prolific history come from. Who's words am I to believe. The Christians, The Jews, The Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims. How can it be proven who is right and who is wrong. For all I know, the sages of these stories were stark raving mad.

Who has time to read the great works of philosophers in this day and age. There are 6 billion people on this earth. In the US there are about 500 billionaires and 270,000 millionaires depending on which figures you believe. Globally the figure may be 2-3 times greater.

These people do not live a conditional existence as I and the remaining 4.5 pillion people live. Subtract another 500 million middle class leaves about 4 billion people in misery and suffering right. Maybe.

Of course money is great but it brings a great price. Business executives suffer among the highest depression rates ever recorded. Yet, African tribes untouched by western civilization, famine …

Career Of a Police Officer

A police officer is there to protect ordinary people. That is what is his duty and what he is trained for. This is not an ordinary responsibility. He instills trust and confidence among people.

However, a police officer is subject to certain risks as has been demonstrated time and again. He is always in the harm's way. Weaving a distinct uniform, he is always noticeable.

Police officers often times lose their lives unexpectedly. They constantly face dangers. One never knows that even while carrying normal duties one can face unexpected violence or happenings.

Recently one police officer got killed while searching a car. The driver reversed the car and dragged the officer underneath. In another instance, while making a routine round, police spotted a normal looking house used as a narcotics lab.

Given the preset day technology, underground mafia, gun culture, terrorist attacks, lure of riches etc., anything can happen anywhere. Police are already located of these and they are provided sufficient training to deal with all such situations.

But nothing can be secured altogether. There is always element of risk. People always find new ways of doing crimes.

Any one who wants to take police as his career, has to be prepared for all the situations and even death. It is not an easy job.

Besides being liable to risk, a police officer is also required to work at odd times. On occasions, he is expected to be present for prolonged hours. He has also to work on shifts.

Though salaries and perks of police are better than many others, they are not the best. One will not become rich by being a police officer. One has to accept usual pay and a commitment to serve the public.

A police officer caries respect and prestige. He has to be address with proper salutations and obeyed. He can also be a friend and a guide. Many times public members approach them even for directions.

Police carries huge powers. With this also comes responsibility. They have to use their powers judiciously and carefully. They are liable for immediate media attention and complaints. While police are liable to easy criticism, they may not get an equal appreciation for their achievements.

Pursuing a police career can not be right for everyone. This needs commitment, hard work, agility, a motto to serve, readiness to face danger etc. If all of these visits are there, a career with police department can be really satisfying. …

Online Learning and Higher Education

One way that the use of networks in online learning could be approached is to take a conventional campus-based model of higher education, with lectures and tutorials, and overlay these with telecommunications to make them "distant". Let us look at the ingredients in turn.

Lectures can be televised, with a lecturer at one location being displayed on large screens at some remote lecture theater, or even in industrial concerns or homes. The EuroPACE enterprise of the late 1980s was supported by a number of commercial organizations. International authorities were filmed, in studios, lecturing on their subjects. These lectures were submitted by satellite to the subscribers, who typically recorded the programs at their site and viewed the material at their leisure. Those studying the material could contact the lecturer over the following months, if they so chose. The enterprise was discontinued after a number of years, though there have been attempts to resurrect this. It seems to have failed because of the extreme remoteness of the student, with no real ability to ask questions or other devices to engage the student in the process of learning.

One can introduce some level of live and intermediate interaction by enabling questions after lectures, for example, by introducing an audio link from remote sites back to the lecturer, rather like a television phone-m program. Some universities that work between multiple sites, like De Montfort and London University in the UK, can even do two way video links, building on the video conferencing model. Some success is reported anecdotally, although many lecturers are related to use the facilities, and need training in their use.

Contact between lecturers and students can shift from face to face encounters in tutorials, to email exchanges. Individuals in technical departments of universities, like computer science, have done this for some reasonable time, but for non-technical departments using email has been `unnatural 'and not favored.

Email has also been used to collect formal assignments set for assessment purposes. The UK Ceilidh project attempted to formalize this, providing services for collecting student assignments, recording their submission, arranging for lecturer comment and marking, collecting and recording these marks, and then returning the material to the student -all done electronically. A similar system is being piloted in the Open University, based around several commercial products, with the additional concern of authenticating the submissions to avoid possible fraud – always a concern in mass education.

Students need access to reading material to supplement the knowledge given to them in lectures. In some disciplines the consideration of alternative points of view manifest in different works may be an essential part of the study. Students have either bought or borrow books, and libraries have been an integral part of any campus. With the rising price of books, and the need for a library to hold set texts in multiple copies, they have turned to digital libraries – see, for example, the special issue of the Communications of the ACM on this. Some universities are already using digital …

Problems With the American Educational System

Education – Is a Life Long Experience.

Every Citizen of the World, young or old, has a natural right to determine their own destiny! Life Long education plays a large part in determining and maintaining that destiny.

I think you will agree today’s education system needs work, to say the least. So many of our kids move on without the basic skills needed to survive let alone prosper. We need to do a much better job at educating our future – our children; and re-educating our present – you and I.

I recall a number of years ago signing up for several classes at one of our local community colleges. In so doing I had to take some mandatory placement tests (English, math etc.). When the test scores came back, I remember the instructor commenting that I “… must have gone to school when they actually taught kids something”.

While that comment was a great ego booster in reality it was a sad commentary on our educational systems. To much teaching to ‘tests’… Life is not a test – It’s real. You cannot test for it!

Knowledge is now expanding at a vicious rate. Today we all lead extremely hectic lives. I agree it is certainly difficult to keep up with everything demanding attention in ours busy lives. As individuals, we need to find a way to bring that expanding knowledge into our lives, in little bits and pieces or in large chunks – whatever works for you.

For instance, I attend a great many on-line classes, covering a wide range of subjects. This means I learn in the comfort of my home – important for me due to my limited mobility. Some sessions can be downloaded for later viewing. This is just one way to enjoy my learning experience.

My point being Learning need not be a chore, especially considering education really is a 24/7/365 experience.

And our children need to be included. We can’t just ‘dump’ them in a building for six hours a day, five days a week and expect them to learn the ways of the world. Classroom learning certainly is of great value and completely necessary. But it is what is learned outside that environment which teaches the real lessons of life.

As teachers, both formal – in the classroom and informal (you and I) – in a child’s external environment, we need to instill a desire for continuing curiosity to learn more and teach them how to satisfy that curiosity. ( )

We are a species with a built-in thirst for knowledge. Finding out what next great adventure the Universe has planned for us, as individuals or as part of a group is a natural desire. Certainly our knowledge base is not going to cease expanding.

We are thinking, reasoning beings – at least some of the time – which compels us to explore and learn. We need to continue instilling these qualities in future generations.…

Feng Shui Tips For Career And Business Success

Very few people get great success in a career or business without some luck! Or is it luck? What is that extra ingredient permanently all the hard work in the world will not get you success in a career journey or business adventure.

Feng Shui has knowledge that is more than luck that does not leave life's fortunes to chance. The Ancient Masters of Feng Shui worked out patterns to control and attract success in many life areas. This knowledge is available today and is simple to apply and is better than hoping for luck in fact its has an amazing dynamic to attract luck.

Ihave interviewed several successful business people and those who had successful careers and the universal comments are – hard work, network contacts, two years at least to build,
and finally you must have some luck.

So lets look at the luck concept, the one ingredient that is not absolutely in your control. With Feng Shui luck or good fortune is attracted by arranging your inner house design to allow the universal energy of 'Chi' to flow freely and harmoniously. There are several factors that come into play here.

In your bedroom is the foot of your bed facing the doorway? Did you know this is called the 'coffin position' so change the position of your bed to ideally have wall on one side and good welcoming light from a window on the other and not pointing doorwards. When you create this positioning you are creating a 'Sheng Chi' energy flow in your life. This is the positive chi energy and your career aspects will be lifted.

Your working desk is important, as this is symbolic of work and careers. Make sure you do not have your back facing sharp edges as this creates negative effects for you. If you can not change the location then neutralize the area with plant or crystal behind you as you work at the desk. Ideally your work position should be at the south of the Ba Gua Map for best energy flow for a successful career

Removing clutter from a working space or indeed any living area is very important for career prospects. Clutter being loose papers, scattered books and documents and generally messy work environment. Many of us say "I know where everything is" but in Feng Shui knowledge you are diminishing career opportunities while you live with the mess

Concern clutter your front door is a vital area to stop or attract opportunity. The front door to the house is the mouth of the house, it is the entrance point for all good things or bad things and it is important to take care with this entrance by keeping the entrance area clean, open and light filled. If you have a small-darkened entrance hallway you can expand the chi of the area by placing a small oval mirror at the end o the passageway and facing directly the entrance doorway.

Do you have in mind the picture …

Computer Technology – Online Learning Possibilities

Computers are used in virtually every business and home across the United States. Business professionals and individuals may know how to use a computer to accomplish all of their needs but many people are lost when it comes to fixing a computer error or creating an information system. This is why online learning in computer technology is beneficial.

The possibilities open to students inside the realm of computer technology can have an individual doing everything from installing computers to creating programs for computers. The route of education is solely up to the student.

Approaching this field can be overwhelming but knowing the options prior to enrolling in a program is a helpful first step. Students who have no desire to create computer programs or build systems can earn a different education in computer technology. Students who like working with computers can learn how to repair, maintain, and control computer viruses through different certificate and degree programs. On the other hand students that want to learn how to create computer programs and work with businesses to establish information can find certificate and degree programs to enter. Students interested in computer technology should consider what tasks and responsibilities that they want to accomplish in the professional industry. This is helpful because it allows students to pick the right degree path from the beginning of their education. Not having this luxury may result in having to switch to another program because the program selected may not be the correct path to enter their desired field.

The learning prospects can have students learning a degree from an associate to a doctor depending on the field of study. Other fast paced programs may only require students to work through a certificate program in order to be licensed to carry out work duties. To become a computer technician students can work through an approximate 20 credit hour certificate program. This program would be a great choice to learn about all the areas of computer software and hardware. A program like this teachers students how to perform support and maintenance on computers. Students that receive this certificate can work with business and personal computers.

A more in depth computer technology degree can be gained through computer information science. Educational study at the bachelor level trains students to create applications to serve a businesses computer needs. Learning in this area would prepare students to provide continued assistance in running a businesses information systems and databases. Aspects of education at this level and degree have students studying how to prevent system failures, how to create easy to use systems, and how to work with technology communications.

Once a student knows what area of ​​the industry they want to enter, choosing a degree will not seem like such a daunting task. Students need to consider how many years they can dedicate to learning. Choosing a program that is feasible depends on what an individuals career goals are and how much time they can give to education. Think about these two …

Education Makes Our Life – Don’t Spoil It

Education! What does it mean? We are thinking education is a base for getting knowledge and values. To develop yourself you require education. Is that true? Yes. But there are numerous things identified with education. It’s not a thing where you are getting just knowledge and values. At the point when a youngster conceived, we began considering his profession and education. Guardians dependably think how to influence our tyke to best in his profession and career. In any case, no one ponders their interest and hobbies.

Some individuals are battling with their professions. What we realize in our childhood that is essential since that preparation and information are more useful for us when we contend in this period. You will learn things yet it will require investment to accomplish. Whatever you have learned in school that is most critical to pick up your position.

In school sometimes student do not take their education seriously. They will be focusing on alternate things like TV, video games, mobile. These days, guardians have given full opportunity to their kid for everything. The outcome turned out as they don’t know about things which are most critical for them. As a parent, we should show them how imperative instruction is? What will we get in the wake of finishing our education? What will be future advantages?

To solve this problem, it is mandatory to have a superior training. Presently, what will you decide for your better future? Where will you make your profession? The appropriate response is your advantage. You should know in which stream you can accomplish or satisfy your desire. When you associate with your objective then you can accomplish anything in your life.

Once a student decides his aim and goal, he can reach to any level. Training ought to be great from school level. Subsequent to finishing school students go to the distinctive instructing classes and preparing focus. At the season of preparing, you ought to know about things. To start with the thing is from where you are taking preparing is that pertinent to your training. What have courses you experienced will increase the value of your education? When making a career it’s imperative to have essential learning of your education. Fundamental originates from your preparation, your schools and so forth. Before picking any profession simply make certain you are occupied with that or not. Learning and skill are essential for making life and for self understanding, self realization, self knowing. To build up a solitary individual and to develop his ability. It’s fundamental to have enough knowledge.

In our life, we have experienced numerous things, however, can’t accomplish anything. For that, pick the best training center which will give you the best future and knowledge. When you pick your ideal education partner you can accomplish numerous things as quickly as time permits.

Fundamentally, education is about knowledge, values, behavior and learning things in an unexpected way. Develop yourself as much as you can. Education teaches, “think before taking any …