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“I Want to Sing So Badly”

From Oprah Magazine

Tamera Mowry-Housley has achieved perhaps one of the most rare feats in Hollywood: The ability to constantly evolve. Since entering our living rooms as the teen star of Sister, Sister opposite her twin, Tia Mowry, in 1994, the actress always seems to find a way to continually reinvent herself. Along with Tia, she’s starred in several successful TV shows (including a reality show about their relationship) and movies (like the beloved cult classics Double Wedding and Twitches). And solo, for seven years she was a co-host of the hit daily talk show The Real.

Now, she’s taking over the escapist world of Hallmark holiday movies, producing and starring in 2019’s A Christmas Miracle and the upcoming Christmas Comes Twice. And in between all of that, Mowry-Housley found the time to become a mom to her son Aden, 7, and daughter Ariah, 5, whom she shares with her journalist husband Adam Housley. The couple often captures their family on their YouTube channel, The Housley Life…that is, when they’re not busy running their winery, the Housley’s Century Oak Winery in Napa Valley.

The girl’s clearly got a full plate. But after Sister, Sister recently gained a whole new audience once it hit Netflix—including the episode where she memorably belted out Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down”—the Internet had another big question for Tamera: Will she ever pursue a singing career?

While quarantining in Canada ahead of filming for Christmas Comes Twice, Tamera joined me on an Instagram Live for Oprah Magazine to talk about her music aspirations, the possibility of a Twitches 3, and how she stays connected with her sister, Tia. Plus, ahead of World Mental Health Day, she shared the surprising secret to how she puts her mental health first these days: Zumba.

Watch or read the full interview below.

So first and foremost: How are you and your family?

I am great. I feel really good. I’m currently quarantining in Canada, because I’m shooting a Hallmark film. I had to fly in and quarantine for two weeks. I’m Day 11, slightly losing it, but I’m okay! I miss my family of course, especially after being all up on them for about six months. I say being with them rejuvenated me, even though you have some really stressful moments, especially as a parent with two children under 10. Virtually schooling—that virtually schooling situation—I got to give it to the teachers. It was a lot.

But what I love about Hallmark films is that they shoot their films really quickly. So I’m able to do what I want to do, what I’m passion about, but then I can go home and be with my loved ones.

I love a Hallmark movie. It just gives you all the feel goods.

I’m a producer on this film—I was a producer on Christmas Miracle as well. And this one…it’s called Christmas Comes Twice. It’s about this woman—and I actually based the character off of