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Stevenson parents, students blast remote learning, call for hybrid model

Maria Newhouse moved to Long Grove so her daughter could attend Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire because of its reputation for academic excellence.

But attending classes in a pandemic through Zoom video conferencing isn’t the ideal learning environment Newhouse, and other parents, had envisioned.



“Remote learning is not an education,” Newhouse said. “Zoom (is) for conference calls. You don’t educate children via Zoom.”

Newhouse was among a group of Stevenson High School parents and students who rallied Monday outside the school demanding the district resume in-person classes. They sought to put pressure on the school board, which meets Monday, Oct. 19.

Stevenson High School District 125, which has about 4,300 students and more than 700 faculty members, was among the first suburban districts to switch to only remote learning at the beginning of the fall semester.

At the time, Superintendent Eric Twadell said it was more palatable than the alternative of mandatory, 14-day quarantines for students or employees who contract the coronavirus in school, as well as for people who come in prolonged contact with them.



Parents called for a hybrid model in which families that don’t want their students to attend in-person can continue remotely, while other students have the option of learning in a classroom, each with their own dedicated teachers.

In a statement released Monday, district officials said if and when the school transitions to hybrid learning, “the quality of the teaching and learning experience that we can provide all students will drop significantly.”

Another factor giving officials pause is the severity of COVID-19 transmission in Lake County — one of 26 Illinois counties state health officials placed at a warning level for an increased risk of contracting the virus on Friday.

The county averaged 90 new cases of the virus for every 100,000 residents over the past week, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. The state target is an average 50 new cases or fewer, which Lake County has exceeded since the beginning of July.



Stevenson will be testing a new “Patriot Pods” program designed for students who would like to come together and study in small groups on campus.

“Over the next two weeks, we will be bringing students back to campus for specific and purposeful lab-based teaching and learning experiences that are better suited for in-person instruction, including courses in science and fine arts,” the statement read.

Newhouse said the pods idea is an effort to placate parents. She questioned why a wealthy district like Stevenson can’t manage in-person learning when its feeder elementary districts have switched to hybrid models.

“Stevenson is supposed to be a leader and hasn’t quite figured out in-person yet,” she said. “It’s a building with over 1 million square feet of space. There are so many schools that have managed to come up with an option that worked for those parents and

Space agency leaders call for greater international cooperation

NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy, serving as commander of the Expedition 63 mission aboard the International Space Station, took these photos of Hurricane Laura as it continued to strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico on August 25. Photo courtesy of NASA | License Photo

NRL Melbourne Storm not stewing over Cameron Smith career call

Melbourne say they aren’t troubled by the possibility Friday’s NRL preliminary final against Canberra may be the last match for their skipper Cameron Smith.

The 37-year-old is still to declare his plans beyond this season and teammate Dale Finucane says it hasn’t been a talking point for the Storm.

If Smith is set on retirement and Melbourne lose, the Suncorp Stadium showdown it will be his 429th and final game after 18 years with the club.

Finucane, who has been out since August with a calf injury and is racing the clock to play, says the team aren’t putting any pressure on their captain to show his hand.

Finucane was surprised by the public criticism of one of the game’s greats and said the team felt Smith had earnt the right to make a call whenever he saw fit.

“It’s not something that’s discussed at all,” Finucane said.

“It’s like any player in any given year, whether they are moving clubs or retiring – it’s a personal decision for the individual and their family and it’s not really our business.”

“With the legacy that Cameron has and the amount of time he’s been involved in the game, he’s earned the right to take his time and do what he likes.”

Finucane said that if the game did turn out to be Smith’s last hurrah, the team would ensure a fitting send-off even if it didn’t involve any grand on-field gestures.

“Regardless of what happens, those sort of things will be done in our own way when the season finishes,” he said.

“If that’s the way he goes, I’m sure the boys would be happy to have those sorts of celebrations off the field.”

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Call Of Duty Cold War – Everything Coming To The Beta

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War begins their open Beta on October 8th. The first two days are for Playstation Plus members who have pre-ordered Cold War. In the following two days, the beta is open to all Playstation users regardless of pre-orders. The following weekend beginning October 15th, the cross-platform beta begins for those who have pre-ordered Cold War on Xbox or PC. For this entire second weekend, PS4 players are able to play for free. Let’s go over what changes were made from the alpha into the beta.

A new map named “Cartel” has been added into the mix. It’s available to play in both combined arms mode, as well as multiplayer. This map takes place in Nicaragua and is said to have some ties to Cold War’s Main villain, Perseus. It features rideable motorcycles, a large airplane hanger, and varying levels of terrain. The map also features a prominent recon tower that players can hold down center objectives in. Other changes include the introduction of the ping system, a tactical stim, and the sentry turret scorestreak.

If you reach level 10 of the multiplayer beta, you unlock a blueprint for the Milano 851 submachine gun. The second weekend will feature the brand new Fire Team Dirty Bomb mode. This large-scale mode features up to four teams of 10 that need to plant uranium in designated locations across the map. The uranium is dangerous to hold over long periods and can explode on impact. Be sure to keep it tuned to Gamespot for continued coverage of Fire Team and other Cold War updates.

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