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Ambow Education Announces Inaugural Certification of 100 Strategic Career Planning Consultants

BEIJING, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (“Ambow”, “Ambow Education” or the “Company”) (NYSE American: AMBO), a leading national provider of educational and career enhancement services in China, today announced that the first 100 trainees have successfully completed the Global Career Quality Assurance program in strategic career planning and received certification since such program was kicked off in late June 2020 on Ambow Huanyujun Education Hub. 

In light of the evolving macro environment now unfolding in the post-pandemic period in China, both individuals and enterprises are facing new uncertainties and challenges finding, identifying and securing suitable employment matches. For individuals this means reassessing personal career management strategies and new potential pathways; for enterprises this accelerates the need to adopt new talent management strategies reflecting new market conditions.

Earlier in 2020, Ambow Education teamed up with Dr. Tom Clawson, Founder and President of Global Career Quality Assurance (“GCQA”), also known as the pioneer in international career planning, to offer GCQA’s Strategic Career Planning Consultant (“SCPC”) certified training program on its Huanyujun Education Hub, Ambow’s online-to-offline education SaaS platform. With the assistance of mentor GCQA certified career planning consultants, the program has already been offered at many locations throughout Asia and over hundred of trainees have completed the program and obtained SCPC certification.

Led by Dr. Lawson, over the past two years the SCPC program has drawn on experts from countries around the world to develop and upgrade its strategic career planning system based on a map designed to meet evolving marketplace demands in the VUCA era (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). SCPCs are trained in consultative communication skills as well techniques and methods to identify and differentiate requirements across a divergency of scenarios to design strategic career planning and talent management solutions. Core to the SCPC methodology is developing problem-solving maps that help break engrained one-way linear thinking patterns. Because the thought paradigms utilized in the process are universal, SCPCs are equally well suited to provide personalized consulting services to individuals and enterprises. 

Ambow’s SCPC charter certificate holders will have the opportunity to join Huanyujun Education Hub as resident experts to provide consulting services to individuals and enterprises around the world. Certified SCPCs will also have a strong competitive advantage and great growth potential in private practice and enterprise workforce-related domains including human resources, organizational development, management, marketing, employment guidance, among others.  

Dr. Jin Huang, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ambow, commented, “The goal of Ambow Education is to bring ‘Better School, Better Job, Better Life’ to all users. We are proud to be working with Dr. Lawson and Global Career Quality Assurance to bring the SCPC program to our platform and facilitate the important services these specialized consultants provide to students, employees and enterprises. In the world’s developing ‘new normal’, the needs for career planning services and effective talent management solutions have never been greater. Ambow has always been at the forefront of bringing solutions to meet evolving needs and the roll-out