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Marty & McGee — Who are college football’s best and weirdest superfans?

Each week during the 2020 season, Marty Smith and Ryan McGee will celebrate all of the stuff that makes college football great: the sights, sounds, places and pageantry that make it the greatest sport in these United States of America. The same kinds of conversations you can hear and see during Marty & McGee, Wednesdays on SEC Network/ESPN App (7 p.m. ET) and Saturday mornings on SEC Network/ESPN App and ESPN Radio (7-10 a.m. ET). This week the boys look back on their close encounters with college football’s most famous — and sometimes infamous — fans.

Ryan McGee: OK, to me there are three categories here. The fans who are famous for being fans, the fans who think they are famous for being fans, and then there are the famous people who are fans. Does that make sense?

Marty Smith: I think that makes a lot of sense. I think your categorization is spot-on. If categorization is even really a word, because sometimes we do make up words on Marty & McGee. But I think your categorization is a very fair representation of what we are discussing this week during our feature. What the hell is the name of our feature anyway?

McGee: It doesn’t have one. I say we call it “College Football Is Awesome.”

Marty: And it is. Again, nice categorization.

McGee: The group I want to talk about aren’t the famous fans but the ones who are famous for being fans. You and I go stand on a sideline or sit in the press box and there are 80,000 people there, but these are the people you see immediately.

Like, when we went to Virginia Tech at Florida State a couple of years ago and we immediately spotted the two dudes covered in FSU glitter, whoever they are.

Marty: They are just obnoxious, and that’s a compliment because that’s what they’re going for, right? They dance around and they have on the shiny spandex and, look man, there could be some NSFW moments if they’re not careful, know what I’m saying?

McGee: I just looked them up. They are officially called the Garnet and Gold Guys and, hold up … it says here that they’re representatives from the Florida State Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

Marty: OK … well … that’s a unique variable that I did not realize. We took a world-class selfie with them, I remember that. Or, rather, I did, and you photobombed it.

McGee: My tongue is way out in that photograph. I’m pretty sure I ended with glitter stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Marty: The famous fan I have interacted with most is probably Buck-I-Guy. He