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Quantum Workplace Named Recipient of Inaugural ChurnZero ChurnHero Award; One of Four Global Winners

Company Recognized for Successfully Driving Adoption of its Solutions across its Customer Base

Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software, announced today the Company is the recipient of a 2020 ChurnHero Award from ChurnZero, a real-time customer success platform which helps subscription businesses fight customer churn.

In its inaugural year, the ChurnHero Awards recognize ChurnZero customers for their commitment to best-in-class Customer Success programs. Judged by a panel of customer success experts, these awards celebrate teams building meaningful relationships with their clients in proactive, impactful and measurable ways.

Quantum Workplace earned its win in the Adoption Hero category, which acknowledges innovative ways teams successfully drive both product adoption and customer return on investment (ROI). Following its evaluation of the entire customer experience, the Quantum Workplace team sought to improve the adoption stage of customers’ journey.

Quantum Workplace’s focus on operationalizing the customer journey by leveraging ChurnZero’s software has reaped tremendous results. The Company is now better able to track and reduce time to value for customers while monitoring their movement from one journey phase to the next. Furthermore, alerts are delivered to internal teams on important customer health metrics, allowing Quantum Workplace to be better positioned to deliver the right service at the right time. Not only did the team influence sharp increases in the Company’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS) as a result of improving its customers’ journeys, but also, Quantum Workplace is now seeing its highest levels of customer engagement with its employee success tools ever.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to help our customers achieve success, in whatever ways they define and set their individual benchmarks. From onboarding customers to shaping their renewals and throughout the entire in-between process, we work closely together to address and attain the most pressing objectives. The Company’s innovative software, coupled with the commitment of our team, make this possible every day. This recognition from ChurnZero is both an honor and a testament to our commitment to delivering on that goal and demonstrates the true power of customer success and collaboration,” said Anthony Edwards, Quantum Workplace’s director of customer success.

Quantum Workplace Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Greg Harris added: “This recognition goes to our dedicated team of customer success professionals who – each and every day – bring an unrelenting focus on customer care and success to their roles. We have seen a shift in customers’ perception of Quantum Workplace. Rather than relying on Quantum Workplace solely for annual surveying, we have moved into a subscription-based tool which our customers have come to rely upon to achieve success. This customer commitment is what’s driving their successes as well as ours. As a result, monthly active usage of our platform has increased 70% year-over-year. I am proud of our Company’s accomplishments and applaud both our team for their tireless efforts along with our amazing customers for embracing changes that truly enhance their workplaces.”

Abby Hammer, ChurnZero’s chief customer officer, added: “Our Inaugural