5 Simple Mistakes That You Can Do Without In Your Career

In the urge to find more challenging and high paying jobs, this young generation is going behind some fields which are unknown to them. However, some of these youngsters are coming out with great success and others are becoming losers in the war of life. But, interesting point here is, only 2% -3% are succeeding. So, the question is wherever to go for those types of career changes are not.

Here in this article I will present you 5 mistakes that you should avoid while making career changes, if you would like to come out as a winner.

1.Don't go for the NEW fields unless you think they are apt:
Can you wear your son's shirt? Definitely not because you know that it does not fit for you, in the same way think before changing your field. People around you try to rub their own ideas on you, do not follow their suggestions blindly. Take your own time and think of the options you have because you only know about your strengths and weaknesses rather than the people surrounding you, Decide what you really want to do.

2.Never Follow Others Blindly:
Do not choose a field because your friend is doing well in it. First know and understand the field you're considering. There are many ways to know the information like reading and online research and so on. No two persons are same in their behavior, in their way of thinking and in their qualities, in the same way some people are good in their work and some are not. So make sure that where you can fit perfectly.

3.Money should not be the deciding factor:
Do not let money be the deciding factor for your career.Job satisfaction is the important factor rather than money at the workplace. The work place dissatisfaction is the major health problem for most of the working people and this is true for career changers.

4.Don't keep your dissatisfaction with yourself:
This is the time to share your feelings with your friends, family and collections to get rid of the problem and need to know what really going on.

5.Don't go back to school to retreaded unless you have some experience in the new field:
Do not try to test your luck in the new field with out any experience. There are so many ways to get experience without any cost expect your time. Be sure that what you really want to do before stepping into a new field.

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