Affordable scientific literature fast and easy

When searching for scientific literature, it may take a long time before you’ve found the references you’ve been looking for. When you think you’ve found the needed article, you first have to navigate through all kinds of login pages, fill in your billing information, and other time-consuming tasks. To make the search for scientific literature easier and quicker, you can utilize Research Solutions. With this tool, you are just one click away from immediate access to the articles you were looking for. Say goodbye to those long hours of clicking on buttons and links, because with Research Solutions it will only take mere seconds.

Search for scientific literature in an efficient way

With just one click, you’re granted access to almost any academic article you want. Using Research Solutions means that you no longer have to fill in your billing information on every website you come across, or that you have to create endless amounts of accounts to read the article. Instead, Research Solutions will do all the work for you. Within minutes, you will receive the requested full-text academic article.

Research Solutions grants you access to more than 80 million peer-reviewed articles, and around 40,000 scientific journals. The organization has whatever you need: journal articles, book chapters, documents, and more. If you are working in the field of bioinformatics, you are also able to access FASTA format files via Research Solutions. Through 70+ discovery sites you’re able to search for scientific literature, which will then be delivered by Research Solutions with the most convenient pricing attached and that’s good to know.

Research Solutions is fit for companies, institutions and individuals

Before creating an account on Research Solutions, you’ll have to choose between three plans. The first plan is for individuals. Here, you’re able to sign up for free and you’ll gain access to the fast delivery service of Research Solutions. This plan is most fit for medical writers, academic scholars, and scientists. Would you like to use Research Solutions within your company? In that case, the corporate plan is just what you need. The entire company has access to the acquired literary sources, which are displayed in an ordered fashion. Research Solutions offers a free trial for this plan, so you can try out the program beforehand. The third and final option is the plan specifically meant for academic institutions. The institutions can supplement subscriptions and are provided with a quick delivery to all library patrons.

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