Be a Gates Millennium Scholar and Get Your Degree Without Spending a Cent

The United States populace is composed of various minorities, like African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Eskimos to name a few. And when it comes to income-generating opportunities, most members of the minorities do not do much. And this fact easily translates as to why many minority members do not have a college degree. College education and college tuition costs are quite expensive.

This fact is the basis why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has focused much of their philanthropic activities, particularly on providing college scholarships, college tuition grants, and other academic assistance programs to the minorities. The Gates Millennium Scholars is reserved for minority students who have shown academic potential and leadership skills that will help them become future leaders of their respective industries.

There are various minority students who have obtained their respective degrees through the Gates Millennium Scholars initiative. It is the aim of the program to lessen the number of students who have failed to finish their college education and realize their dreams. Among those aided by the program include outstanding students Nichole Ann McReeves, a science major at the University of Kansas, Guadalupe Juarez of Florida International University, and Rachel DeMarce of Carroll College.

Aside from the minority students of the United States, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also aims to develop the agricultural sector of the African continent by providing academic scholarships and college tuition grants to African women who have shown academic excellence and potential leadership qualities Africa will need for its future development.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is just one of the private institutions that has been a big help in keeping alive the college dreams of the minority students of the United States. If you are one of the minority and you feel you have the potential for leadership and have flair for academic performances, do not hesitate to apply and become a Gates scholar.