Burglar Security in College Dorms, on Vacation Or Rented Property – Portable Home Wireless Security

We all know, and the statistics back it up, that burglars do not care about whether you own or rent a property or whether you're on vacation. All burglars want is an easy mark and as much of your most portable, valuable property as they can get away with.

Unfortunately most landlords and campuses do not allow you to install your own security system because such systems normally require alterations to the property and at the very least, drilling holes.

This can mean that you are left without the protection that such a system could afford you and feeling vulnerable to attack.

Luckily there are home wireless security systems that can be installed quickly and easily and require absolutely no wiring whatever. Some of them are professional grade and have motion sensors that cover an impressive square footage. Once installed and activated the sensor monitors a certain area that you choose. If someone, such as an intruder, strains into the monitored area, a siren will be set off.

Some systems also include components like a door clip, which consist of two parts. One part is attached to the door and the other to the door frame. Once the device is initiated, an alarm will be set off when the door is opened.

Also, such alarm systems can be connected to the telephone line and automatically call a pre-determined number of your choosing when the alarm is triggered, just like with a standard home alarm system.

This is a huge benefit for tenants and students because they can simply take this home wireless security system from apartment to apartment as they move. These systems are so portable that some people even took them on vacation with them.

Alarms like these are ideal when you are in accommodation that you do not own. They satisfy basic security requirements and act as a deterrent to burglars – remember that most burglars just want an easy mark.

Many people find them extremely useful because they are portable, easy to use and generally a lot cheaper than other systems.

Always remember though that good security is the combination of technology with solid procedures and common sense. Portable home wireless security systems are not a replacement for having and using adequate locks on doors and windows, but they can add an extra layer of burglar security to provide a deterrent and provide peace of mind.

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