Call Of Duty Cold War – Everything Coming To The Beta

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War begins their open Beta on October 8th. The first two days are for Playstation Plus members who have pre-ordered Cold War. In the following two days, the beta is open to all Playstation users regardless of pre-orders. The following weekend beginning October 15th, the cross-platform beta begins for those who have pre-ordered Cold War on Xbox or PC. For this entire second weekend, PS4 players are able to play for free. Let’s go over what changes were made from the alpha into the beta.

A new map named “Cartel” has been added into the mix. It’s available to play in both combined arms mode, as well as multiplayer. This map takes place in Nicaragua and is said to have some ties to Cold War’s Main villain, Perseus. It features rideable motorcycles, a large airplane hanger, and varying levels of terrain. The map also features a prominent recon tower that players can hold down center objectives in. Other changes include the introduction of the ping system, a tactical stim, and the sentry turret scorestreak.

If you reach level 10 of the multiplayer beta, you unlock a blueprint for the Milano 851 submachine gun. The second weekend will feature the brand new Fire Team Dirty Bomb mode. This large-scale mode features up to four teams of 10 that need to plant uranium in designated locations across the map. The uranium is dangerous to hold over long periods and can explode on impact. Be sure to keep it tuned to Gamespot for continued coverage of Fire Team and other Cold War updates.

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