Candace Parker – The New Women Basketball Star

As some many women basketball players like Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson and Cynthia Cooper became the best players for years; Candace Parker is the light in this generation. Her skills and amazing heart for the game is projected in the court. She just loves the game and enjoys every minute of it.

The new face of basketball has the potential to be Miller, Leslie and Cooper in one; she just has the skills to shoot, post and dunk the ball, whenever she wants. With only 22 years of age, this super woman has dropped off so many accomplishments as few have done. During this year she has achieved the NCAA title, being the No.1 draft in the WNBA, graduating with a degree in sports management; and just now, playing with the USA Team in the Olympics.

Looks like during her basketball career, Candace Parker, has done it almost all. When she was only 17 years old, Parker won the Slam Dunk contest of the McDonald's High School All-American Game, by beating five male participants in the contest; event that turned her into the first woman to do so. During her college career, Parker led the Tennessee Lady Val's to two NCAA titles. She was also named twice Most Outstanding Player of the Year, accomplishment only done by Miller, Holdsclaw and Taurasi. Moreover, Parker is also known as the first female to dunk in a NCAA tournament game and the second female after Lisa Leslie to dunk in a WNBA game.

According to some details given by someone close to Candace, she's getting a huge income through advertising, even bigger than most of the NBA players; and no wonder why, if she already has contracts with Adidas and Gatorade. Currently, Candace plays for the Sparks and if she decides to play overseas in the offseason, she may earn more money than any woman basketball player ever.

In the Olympics, Parker has done pretty amazing things helping the team reach their third win, and a 28-0 record internationally (since 1992). The team expects to win the next game and keep their record as further as they can, to eventually obtain the gold medal. Obviously, Parker hopes for her triumph and the first Olympic gold medal in her career.

Parker said that being in the Olympics is something she always looked forward to do, and talked about how pleased and proud she feels being representative the USA. "This is my first Olympics and I hope to come back numerous times" affirmed the American.

The WNBA and USA National Team Former Player, Dawn Staley, expressed herself about Parker and this is part of what she said "She has converted her game into something special. around the world. But things are better and out future incredible when you have someone like Candace who does what she does with her still needing to grow. "

For sure Candace Parker will show us a lot of her potential in years to come, but she still has a long way to go, with a lot to learn and experience to gain.

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