Cricket As Career Option For Youth

Some youth may be too keen on the game of cricket to take their studies seriously. They may believe that going to school is a chore they can do without. Their mind may be on taking the game of cricket as a career option. But can a career be made out of a game where people use long bats to knock around a small ball thrown from the opposite end of long playing area? Can someone live on a sport, which many believe does not have the widespread popularity of games such as soccer, lawn tennis, and basketball? Stories from newspapers, the internet, radio, television, and other elements of the mass media say that the game of cricket can be taken as a good career option for the youth. If you love the game, the mass media looks to say, and you are not just in it to earn a few millions, anything is possible. Here are a few facts to show that those in the mass media might not be wrong.


During the recent IPL bidding for new cricketers in India, crores of rupees were handed over to many young players in deals to integrate them into the professional world of cricketing. For those of them, who won the under 19 world cup for India, they earned as much as 15 LAKH rupees. The reason for this treatment of the young players is that every win makes the game of cricket to become irresistible and encouragements companies, individuals, and government to invest in the game. With more success and experience, the young players who got deals at the IPL bidding will get much more when the next bidding takes place.


Cricket players do not earn money alone from their statutory wages. They get a lot more from opportunities such as advertisements and endorsements, especially when they become successful at international cricket series and become brands. When they perform brilliantly at series against top notch cricket countries such as Sri Lanka, England, Australia, and the West Indies, their reputation rises and they become national icons. This enables them to negotiate lucrative transactions through advertisement and endorsements. Dhoni, Yuvrag, Sachin, top notch players in the Indian game, are examples of cricket players in this category. They earn so much money from out-of-the-field activities that they make the game to be lucrative.


Due to the exploits of India at the 20-20 world cup and the under 19 world cup, the IPL and the ICL have decided to increase the intake of new players so that more talents can be discovered to become instrumental to India to continue to be outstanding in the world of international cricket. There is no doubt that the increased opportunities for youths will lead to better deals and more money.


To succeed in cricket, youths must have passion for the game. They must not believe they can be successful if they do not have strong interest in it. If they are convinced that they have the passion and the talent, the sky is the very limit.

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