Criminal Justice Courses – Studying to Achieve Your Goals!

Do you wish to pursue a thrilling career within the field of Criminal Justice? If yes, then you have to first go through different Courses.

Here's a glimpse of the various Criminal Justice Courses you will be required to study in your degree program. Although studying about it may not be as exciting as you hoped it would be, but once you are done with the studying part, you will finally get the action you've always dreamed of!

Foundation Courses

Some of the basic Courses you will have to study include:

1. Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course provides a broad overview of the criminal justice system of the United States. The basic aim of the course is to introduce students to different areas of study involved in a criminal justice degree, such as the law and the legal theories, the administrative challenges, the various issues relating regulations, the processes of arrest through conviction, imprisonment and re-entering the society.

2. Criminal Procedures and Evidence

The Criminal Procedure and Evidence course includes a detailed analysis of the various rules of evidence as well as the criminal procedural law in the United States. This is one of the few courses which main emphasis is on:

  • Searching
  • Seizing
  • Arresting
  • Confessions
  • Privilege against self-incrimination
  • The exclusionary rule and its exceptions

3. Introduction to Law Enforcement

This is one of the few basic courses. It encompasses the history

and functions of modern law enforcement agencies as well as the people behind them.

4. Family Law

This investigates the relationship between family, judicial and social services systems in the United States. Some of the main topics covered in this course include family, marriage, divorce, parent-child relationships, child custody and property.

Core Courses

Once you are done with the mundane foundation course, you will discover a new set of courses that is bound to excite you. Now you can focus on the core courses that usually revolve around real life case studies and practical experiences. Some of the popular core Criminal Justice Courses include:

1. Criminal Law

This is simply an introduction to the study of Criminal Law as well as the various legal principles included in it. Not only does it encompass the concept of crime, but also the development of criminal law as well the various defenses against it.

2. Correctional Treatment Strategies

This is one of the most important Criminal Justice Courses. It addresses the various issues and treatment strategies that can be used with criminal offenders. It also explains the differences between various types of offenders and indications the different treatment programs against each type.

3. Victimology

Victimology is the scientific study of criminal victimization, ie explaining the crime from the perspective of the victims. It not only includes the research and theories on victimization but also the consequences and practical responses to victimization.

4. Organized Crimes

Organized Crime is one of the courses that uncovers the origins and development of organized crimes in the United States. Not only does it examine the various structures of organized criminal enterprises, but it also elaborates on the different models used in them.

This was just a short overview of the Criminal Justice Courses you will be studying during your degree program.

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