Cryometrix trailers – a potential match for Tesla electric trucks for pollution free shipping of COVID-19 Vaccines

Cryometrix CB-40 TRU

Pollution-free refrigerated trailer - no compressor, Salt Lake City, UT. PHOTO/Reflect Scientific
Pollution-free refrigerated trailer – no compressor, Salt Lake City, UT. PHOTO/Reflect Scientific
Pollution-free refrigerated trailer – no compressor, Salt Lake City, UT. PHOTO/Reflect Scientific

OREM, Utah, Oct. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reflect Scientific, Inc. (Symbol:RSCF), is a provider of diverse products and services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and transportation industries. With several companies working towards introducing electric powered heavy-duty trucks, the Cryometrix 53-foot reefer trailer is ideally positioned to complete an all green package that replaces the diesel-powered tractor-trailers that are currently in use for transportation of goods requiring controlled temperatures.

The need for reliable cold chain management systems is becoming more evident in today’s world as we are faced with the increasing challenge of delivering perishable payloads such as pharmaceuticals and biologics to the point of use. The Cryometrix technology offers a reliable, pollution-free system with a flexible wide-ranging temperature setpoint control that can be adjusted to match payload requirements. This single system approach could be an essential consideration when selecting a transportation means for shipping biologics such as COVID-19 vaccines.

The Cryometrix CB-40 TRU is a pollution free refrigeration alternative to diesel-powered systems for transport trailers. The CB-40 uses a patented self-contained liquid nitrogen cooling system to achieve consistent temperature control with almost no moving parts, no noise and superior reliability. A closed, self-contained refrigeration system ensures nothing but fresh cold air enters the trailer. The system is a direct replacement for current diesel systems and is easily retrofitted into an existing trailer. Not only is there no diesel engine… there is also no compressor. Fewer moving parts contribute to a significantly reduced maintenance requirement. System weight is comparable to diesel systems.

The Cryometrix system was proven in demonstration runs from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles and Denver. A challenging first test — to maintain refrigeration in a 53-foot trailer filled with perishable goods traveling round trip from Salt Lake City, UT to Los Angeles, CA. The unit performed beyond expectations. The goods were delivered with no loss and no significant problems with the system. The 1323 mile road test proved successful. The second successful test involved the transportation of frozen foodstuffs to Denver. Frozen ravioli, lasagna, corn dogs, and for desert ice cream and popsicles were all loaded into a 53-foot trailer in Salt Lake City. Exactly 525 miles, seven stops and 24 hours later, the trailer, now empty, sat quietly in Denver, still maintaining the temperature at -15 F. This was a tough test for the system as maintaining products frozen at -15 F is challenging….the outside air temperature was varying and there were multiple stops where cargo was unloaded.

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