Education in the Age of COVID

MIDLAND, Pa., Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Join the online magazine, The Incline and PA Cyber on October 14, 2020 as we host a virtual panel of educators discussing strategies and tips on how to make the 2020-2021 school year the best it can be. The panel will provide opportunities to learn from a collection of innovative educators, representing various styles of education and take questions from the audience regarding the issues that schools, teachers, students, and parents are facing right now.

If you are a parent, you know this school year has been anything but normal. You constantly work toward the successes. And you certainly know the difficult journey that comes with navigating the details of schooling during this pandemic. It is likely that today’s “new normal” has brought some version of virtual learning into your student’s life. Our panel intends to provide some useful tips to make this school year better for parents, students, and other educators.

“At PA Cyber, we say ‘The Learning Never Stops.’ We are proud of the ways we have been able to continue our outstanding teaching, student support and extracurricular activities throughout this pandemic,” said Brian Hayden, CEO of PA Cyber. “Our families tell us how important it is to have some stability in their kids’ lives, especially these days.”

Wednesday’s virtual panel will be hosted by Colin Deppen, local director of The Incline and will be joined by: 

Macon Finley, Head of The Ellis School: Pittsburgh’s “leading age 3-12 private school dedicated to the education of girls.” The school offers both online and in-person instruction options.
Randy Seely, Pennsylvania Department of Education Charter Division Chief: Oversees 500 public school districts and more than 170 public charter schools.
Brian Hayden, CEO of The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School: Mr. Hayden’s team of education professionals serves more than 11,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade from all over the state of Pennsylvania.
Carl Kurlander, Senior Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh: An educator, screenwriter and the Founding Producer of The Pittsburgh Lens Center for Creativity which is a project focused on multimedia tools.

The panel’s discussion topics: 

  • School socialization in the age of COVID
  • Managing the transition from brick and mortar to online learning
  • Common technology and access hurdles
  • Setting up a productive workspace for your student(s)

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Contact: Jim Christiana, 412-974-6016, [email protected]

SOURCE The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber)

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