Experience Of A Lifetime – Wikipedia, Almeda University And Mutual Funds

Almeda University. A university which offers life experience degrees – contra degrees, I’d say. Eligible candidates are those who do not have a ‘regular’ degree. Eligible candidates are those who are well above the ‘regular’ age of schooling – between 35 and 54. Eligible candidates are those who have a certain level of practical experience. Not everyone satisfies these conditions.


Wikipedia. We all have heard about it. We all have browsed through its pages. We all are aware of its so called ‘encyclopedic’ status. Amidst all the hoopla, we tend to forget what a wiki is.

A wiki is a dynamic interactive website in the sense that it lets users add, delete, and modify the content. Wikipedia is the most famous example of a wiki; the site registering huge amounts of hits daily and continuous churning of content on the pages. Users add and delete and modify the content on the Wikipedia pages upon their free will. Such is the power of a wiki.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds. We all invest our money in them. There are two basic directions a mutual fund takes. It may invest the funds in a business which is growing right now – not caring for the long term effects. It may go with the market. Or it may choose to go *contrary* to the market direction, that is, bank its money in a tried and tested business, so what if the business is underperforming now – long term gains are assured.

The Relation

What is the relation between mutual funds, Almeda University, and Wikipedia, you may ask? The answer is pretty simple.

In life, we choose to go either way – tried and tested, with everyone, or we make our own paths. Either we follow or we lead. When we follow, nobody blames us, when we go a different path, voices start emerging.

It is a natural human trait to feel endangered when someone attempts to violate the standard. It is a natural trait to complain, to find ways to thwart the attempt to break away.

The relation between Almeda University, Wikipedia and Mutual Funds is that like the contra mutual funds, which take a path opposite to the regular funds, Almeda University is a brave attempt to break the shackles of our present-day educational qualification system, and Wikipedia is the massive crowd aiming at thwarting the successful attempt of Almeda.

How: The Concept of Life Experience

Two words – life and experience. A child is born, he grows up a little, is sent to school. When the time to choose a college comes, there are a lot of families who can not afford the exorbitant tuition fees of the colleges, and thus, stay without a degree and get a job somewhere.

Now, this creates a stagnation of sorts. Those well-affluent, who have the money, send their wards to colleges, and the colleges hand them a paper at the end of the term (4 years) declaring that they are now fit to do what is mentioned in that paper.

Are they really?

Freshman and a Pro

Two kids of the same age go to school, and after that one attends college and the other doesn’t. The one who attends college studies about automobile repair for 4 years, while the other *actively* works under someone repairing cars daily for 4 years.

After 4 years, college hands out a ‘degree’ to the student, stating that now he is ready to repair automobiles, he knows how to. On the other hand is the guy without a degree but actual life experience on how to repair cars. On one hand is a piece of paper called degree and on the other, soiled hands of 4 years of repairing cars.

Who would you take your car to for repair?

Almeda Life Experience: Bridging the Degree Divide

Our whole system at present is like that that a candidate’s eligibility is judged not by how well he does the job, but by how well is he qualified for the job. This qualification is in the form of a degree.

When you go to an interview, they do not firstly see your skills at the job, they just see whether you have the necessary paperwork aka degrees or not. In simple terms, isn’t this foolhardiness?

The system entirely is not to be blamed. In earlier times, all were uneducated, and to choose a person for a job was as simple as selecting someone having ‘proof’ that he is able for the job. In today’s cut-throat competition, and the dearness of our society, it is not always feasible to have a degree. So what will become of those who are left out in the attempt to acquire a degree?

It is here that Almeda University helps bridge the divide. If you are above 35 years of age, and below 54, you can check to see if you are eligible for an Almeda University Life Experience Degree online.

Purpose of Life Experience Degrees

Simply put, it is a world of certification. Those who have the requisite paperwork are considered more worthy for a job than those who have the experience but no paperwork. Almeda University Life Experience Degrees aim to provide the affected people the required paperwork, so as to bring them at par when applying for the same job.

The Wikipedia Attack on Almeda University: Undoing the Smut

Wiki is an interface where many users collaborate to do something, for example, share information.

On the internet, a wiki is an excellent way of sharing information. Take it as a billboard. I come, scribble about Atlantic Ocean as per my knowledge, and then you come, make some amends according to your knowledge. This is constructive wiki.

On Wikipedia, the power of wiki is being blatantly misused, and by none other than the so-called administrators of Wikipedia. They claim to be unbiased, but it is so happening that it is inherent from their actions that no one is more biased. They are using the power of a wiki to express their self opinions, most definitely biased, and completely untrue.

The Wikipedia entry for Almeda University is a perfect example of vandalism by none other than Wikipedia administration itself.

Like there are two sides to a coin, and each of us have our different liking; Wikipedia is using its reach to thwart the attempts of Almeda University at creating an equal playing field for both the regular degree holders and life experience degree holders.

Wikipedia has even gone to the extent of locking the page from further modification. Now that is what we call power in wrong hands. Why was the page locked? If you go to the history page, you come across a statement that the page was locked on a premise that attempts are being made to “whitewash” the content.


Now this term whitewash is highly misleading. What exactly is a whitewash, anyway? Isn’t it supposed to be exoneration by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data?

Exactly! And that is what we have here with Wikipedia. Wikipedia has presented Almeda University as one side of the coin, and while attempts were made to showcase the other side to the public, they were always reverted back.

To use those biased narrow-minded administrators’ language, they ‘whitewashed’ the content in their color – notably black. And now they feel themselves as god by locking the content.

Of Fools, Foolishness, and Broken Trust

Who do they think they can fool – the public? I do not think so. They may only and only fool their own selves, and their ilk in Wikipedia.

There is a great deal of populace who feels their way; who will not? Isn’t Wikipedia supposed to be a trustworthy source of information? Till now even I thought so. Not any longer.

I trusted Wikipedia as a practical source of information as anyone can add content to it, anyone may choose to share his/her experience on a particular topic in Wikipedia.

Share Experience?

Did I say anyone can share his/her experience on Wikipedia? I guess so… so, may I take it that the information posted on Almeda University on Wikipedia may be no more than someone’s personal experience, being *endorsed* by Wikipedia administrators, who are, as is evident, biased people only?

How to Say…

The way we talk matters a lot. The tone matters. The tenor matters. The words we use matter. Same thing when said in two different ways evokes two different emotions, relates to positivity or negativity.

Wikipedia says Almeda awarded a degree to a dog. This is a gross understatement. This is cheating people. This is a crime – hiding information from the public is what I accuse Wikipedia of. Simply because while they tell that Almeda University awarded a life experience degree to a dog, they fail to bring forward the fact that this is an online degree system, and they fail to bring forward the fraud performed by the individual – he faked credentials of the dog. Isn’t that a crime? And if that is, isn’t Wikipedia a criminal too, by actively endorsing it on their site?

Call to Almeda Alumni

Calling all Almeda University Life Experience degree holders – the time to fight back has come. There has been a lot of flak being thrown at your university, and if you are a successful person today and you feel the Almeda Life Experience degree is behind it, bring it forward to the world. There are various forums where life experience degrees are scoffed at, and Almeda University system trashed.

Do you want your university to go down to the attacks of the people who are hollow inside and live in a superficial world they have created around them? Take active part in the forums where you see life experience being thrashed at.

Your efforts will ensure the continued success of life experience degree program of Almeda University, and in turn you would be helping thousands of students annually who choose a life experience degree program, and also help employers realize the true worth of experience gained practically and apparent emptiness of merely studying for it in a college which may also award you with a higher grade at the price of just attending all classes – doesn’t matter if you slept in 90% of them.

The Crux

What people have failed to understand is that Almeda University is not posing any threat to the traditional degree and ridiculous diploma system. All it is doing is to help out those who do not have a degree, and those who because of factors monetary as well as age can not attend the colleges. How does Almeda University help? By awarding them the much needed piece of paper. All Almeda does is reward you for your experience – an experience which is unmatched by any amount of theoretical knowledge. Then why slander Almeda?

May be because getting a life experience degree from Almeda costs a fraction of what it would cost to get a diploma. May be because Almeda offers a no questions asked refund policy. May be because Better Business Bureau has no complaints against Almeda for over 3 years now. May be because ePublicEye (search for Almeda University) clearly shows Almeda Customer Care to be the best in terms of customer satisfaction.

Go Almeda! Go, Go, Go!

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