Finding a God That Jives With Science

Dear reader.

When we are born we have a fully mature sense of emotions needed for survival. Fear, Pain, Anger, Love, and Pleasure. Emotional health begins when we see a loving face looking at us and us at them. Usually and optimally, this is parents. But now for the first time in human evolution, the child in no longer raised in the tribal society where genetic connections are not as important as tribal unity. We needed each other for mutual survival. Put a group of Americans on an Island somewhere and come back in a month and I guarantee everyone will be dead. We have lost our basic survival skills.

Through the lightning evolution that has occurred in the past 500 to 600 years, we have gone from tribal to agricultural to industrial and now to information ages. The western family unit is a dying form of coexistence. We no longer see the loving face because mommy and daddy both have to work. Then we learn language and are immediately taught concepts such as fear and punishment and death, all the brewery for all man's psychiatric woes.

I am 51. I have a sister who does not seem to care about me. A mother who despises me and a dead father. My dad had 8 siblings so I should have dozens of first and second cousins. But since I have no family tree, I could run one of the people over and keep going. As a child family was stronger. It was just after WWII. Now I am just alone seeking other kindred souls to find a divinity and spirituality and self appointed family that may work better than the biological family I was dealt. A sense of purpose on this Earth.

I am seeking others on this journey and quest. I do not know what to believe. At best, a person may know a great grandparent while that person lives. But what about 10 generations ago. I did not even know they had writing utensils 1000's of years ago so wear has all the prolific history come from. Who's words am I to believe. The Christians, The Jews, The Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims. How can it be proven who is right and who is wrong. For all I know, the sages of these stories were stark raving mad.

Who has time to read the great works of philosophers in this day and age. There are 6 billion people on this earth. In the US there are about 500 billionaires and 270,000 millionaires depending on which figures you believe. Globally the figure may be 2-3 times greater.

These people do not live a conditional existence as I and the remaining 4.5 pillion people live. Subtract another 500 million middle class leaves about 4 billion people in misery and suffering right. Maybe.

Of course money is great but it brings a great price. Business executives suffer among the highest depression rates ever recorded. Yet, African tribes untouched by western civilization, famine or war are often cited as having a near zero depression rate. Running around naked with no teeth, these people are happier than you and me. So what happened to the promise of the Great Society. I was a big fat lie.

It is really about haves and have nots. I believe that we will eventually destroy ourselves. I believe that civilizations as great as ours may have achieved millions of years ago only to destroy themselves. When man stops needing man. And when Man and Women turn into adversaries we are in sad shape.

So where is God to the rescue. I share Albert Einstein's belief in God. As an observant orthodox Jew, Einstein was a devoted atheist as well. But his own scientific discovery of quantum physics messed his head up for good. You see, quantum Physics holds that the universe is an expanding place but the expansion will reverse at some point. Think of an old movie projector. As the movie goes forward, the plot unfolds. But when you rewind to the beginning you reach a single point in space and time. This is what physicists call the Big Bang theory. That the entire universe began from a massive explosion of a minute spec of matter / energy.

I went to a prestigious science high school called Stuyvesant which is for only the most brilliant of children. So I know what I am saying may sound crazy but it's the truth. Just look it up on Wikipedia.

So Einstein formed a belief that yes there is a creator but not one fashioned in man's images or one that listens to individuals and answers prayers. When you are building a hundred trillion galaxies it must be hard to find time to listen to my troubles.

Theologians deal with the issue differently. After all how could a God allow man to do just injustice without his creation. The religious rationalize this that God out of love gave man free will to build or to destroy.

I do not know. I will post an article when I get to the other side I suppose and tell you what the story is.

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