First-gen Acura NSX owners may get official US restoration program

Do you want your ’91 NSX to run until the cows come home? Acura may soon have a program to enable that.


It doesn’t happen often, but when an automaker has a special vehicle further back in its lineup, it will occasionally offer up factory-backed programs to help keep these rolling monuments to The Good Ol’ Days on the road. First-gen Acura NSX owners might be the next to join this club… if the demand is there.

Acura is considering an official restoration program for the first-generation Acura NSX, according to a report from Tire Meets Road. The report claims that a member of the NSX team discussed the idea with owners during a virtual version of the NSXPO annual gathering for NSX owners. “We have research going out to 2,000 [NSX owners] in the United States asking their level of interest in the overall idea of a refresh plan,” John Watts, senior manager at Acura told TMR.

This wouldn’t be new ground for Acura, technically. The automaker — parent company Honda, actually, if we’re splitting hairs here — already has a program like this in place for first-gen NSX owners in Japan. TMR’s report includes screenshots of the packages offered in that program, with prices converted to US values.

After paying roughly $1,200 for a detailed inspection, NSX fanatics can select from a variety of packages that cover smaller things like detailed cleaning ($2,500) and seal replacements ($1,000). There’s also plenty of ways to absolutely burn through cash. A full replacement of the suspension costs the equivalent of $21,000 to $24,000, while a total engine overhaul commands roughly the same price. TMR’s report points out that if an owner were to select all possible options, it would cost a little over $140,000.

What’s intriguing is that Acura might not adhere to the rules set forth when the NSX first debuted. According to TMR’s report, Watts said that new things might be possible, like painting a first-gen NSX in a second-gen color. Now, that might not be the wildest idea on the planet, but it shows that Acura is willing to bend convention a bit and offer up additional variety to owners of older vehicles.

Acura did not immediately return a request for comment, but the report makes it sound like this is still very much in a planning stage, so any official announcement is likely a ways off still, if it happens at all.

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