Free Information on The Best Private Schools in the US

Many people will agree that sending your child to boarding schools is one of the best ways to provide them with topnotch quality education and opportunities to develop new skills and interests. There are many different kinds of private schools, each with a different purpose. There are therapeutic boarding schools which focuses on giving intensive individual psychotherapy while students are learning academic credits. There are specialized schools that are specifically established to help students excel in a particular field of study like performing arts, science, math, and more. There are military schools which are patterned after military academies and upholding the honor code and the drive for excellence and achievement that characterizes military education. There are also traditional private schools us where the main focus is preparing children for college.

There are several top private schools US and many of them have a high rate of students that pass standardized tests and college tests annually. Here are some examples of the best private schools US:

Phillips Exeter Academy – One of the oldest educational institutions in the country (established in 1781). The school is located at Exeter, New Hampshire. It has a strong ESL (English as a Second Language) program for foreign student and accepts international students to their school. The teacher to student ratio is 1: 5, and class sizes are very small. It gives teachers a lot of opportunities to become more involved with educating and nurturing young minds according to school tradition.

Deerfield Academy – A co-educational college preparatory school established in 1797 for students grades 9 to 12, including a postgraduate year. More than half of the faculty hold advanced degrees as a proof of the school's commitment to have the students learn from quality instruors. The teacher to student ratio is 1: 6. Deerfield is one of the top boarding schools in the US to produce high-scoring students in standardized exams like the SATs.

Choate Rosemary Hall – Also one of the top schools in the US that produces the most number of students with high SAT scores. It offers over 24 courses including advanced placement prep courses and honor courses. The student to teacher ratio is 6: 1. About 12% of their students come from international communities and they offer a strong ESL course to help them learn English as a second language.

Linden Hall – This is one of the oldest exclusive girls boarding schools in the US. It was founded in 1746 and offers classes for students grades 6 to 12. It also offers one postgraduate year. The drive of Linden hall is to focus on the four C's of their program; curriculum, character, culture and conditioning (physical fitness). The school is a firm believer of developing fine young women through excellent education and exemplary sports programs. Linden Hall's student to teacher ratio is 8: 1.

Milton Academy – A coeducational college preparatory school located south of Boston, MA. The school offers classes for students grades 9 to 12. They also have a wide variety of sports programs to offer such as interscholastic basketball, ice hockey, swimming, lacrosse, football, baseball, and more. Aside from sports, there are also arts and music programs and other extracurricular activities that can help develop young minds. The student to teacher ratio is 5: 1.

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