Fun With Boston Tourism

If you are one of the lucky travelers that are going to visit Boston, this article is ready made for you to have immense fun in Boston! Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and is referred to unofficially as "Capital of New England." Boston is a fun place to vacation due to its exceptionally important cultural and historical makeup.

The city is nicknamed " Beantown " and it is still considered and remembered in history books as the site of the "Boston Tea Party." It is a historically exceedingly important city!


The city is the site of many ornate theaters, which include the Orpheum Theater, the Citi Performing Arts Center, the Boston Opera House, and the Cutler Majestic Theater. Boston tourism is not complete unless you make contact with its culture. Within all of these theaters can be found performances by the restructured Handel and Haydn Society, an old choral company, the Boston Lyric Opera Company, the Boston Early Music Festival, the Boston Ballet, and the truly renovated Boston Symphony Orchestra! If you are lucky enough to vacation during the Fourth of July Celebrations, you can hear the Boston Pops concert held at the banks of the Charles River, which is accompanied by a magnificent fireworks show!


Even people from Europe have heard about the famous baseball team acknowledged as the Boston Red Sox as they were founding member of the American League and play in the well-known Fenway Park. The first game of the World Series was played there. Any Boston tourism should include Fenway Park!

The New England Patriots football team was founded in the year 1960, but they were then known as the Boston Patriots. Everyone who knows all about the American Football League knows that they were a charter member of the AFL!


Boston has some of the most diverse museums available. Vacation families should not miss the New England Aquarium, nor the Skywalk Observatory. Fun in Boston should include the Boston Children's Museum. Boston is also the home of the prestigious Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Family Fun

If you wish to see outdoor acts consisting of magicians, jugglers and the like with your family, or you want to shop in the very best shops, or even if you wish to sample some of the wonderful food of Boston, make absolutely certain that you head toward Faneuil Hall Marketplace, for it is the star of Boston tourism.

Its restaurants will astound you, the women in your party will be flabbergasted by quality and quantity of the shopping, and the kids will giggle all day at the outdoor street performers. Truly a most exciting vacation locale! Also, Quincy Market, a part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace is considered to be one of the most visited food halls in the world. Do not miss this tourist spot as part of your vacation!

Riding the T

Colloquially known as "the T" the underground subway through Boston is quite easy to travel with, and you'll find that Bostonians, with their strange accents, are some of the most helpful people to tourists on vacation!

The Ample History

Boston is filled with tremendous links to US history. For example Boston is where the Boston Tea Party was held as a rebellion to British rule. This historical occurrence was held in the Boston Harbor. Basically this is what began the American Revolution that then turned into the American Revolutionary War. Famous battlefields can be visited, including the sites of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and the Battle of Bunker Hill. This is also when Paul Revere made his famous ride advising the citizenry that the British were coming!

Colleges and Universities

Boston has always been a hub of higher learning. Among the many such names as Boston College, Brandeis University, Harvard University, MIT, Merrimack College, Radcliffe College, and Wellesley College, to name a few, many are highly regarded after. Regardless of what subject one wishes to study, be it medical, law school, arts or sciences, there is a college or university that allows you to receive your higher education in Boston. Many parents of teens feel that a vacation visit to some of these schools of higher learning is a good experience for their children so that sometimes they will endeavor to attend one of the colleges or universities visited.

Night Life

Boston is a city that packs adult entertainment on practically every corner. There are a myriad of coffee houses, bars, pubs, nightclubs as well as comedy clubs to choose from. If you can get online there are many sites that specialize in telling you about the various places you can plan to go to while on vacation in Boston!

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