Getting Your Man As a Career Woman

You’re a go-getter at work. You understand exactly what your employer needs and you can deliver. You excel in your professional life because you are a strong, confident woman. But do you apply these same tactics to your romantic life? Lots of men will claim to like a powerful, independent woman but will not react favorably to a woman who treats them like a task to be completed. How do you walk the line between being a confident professional and a woman in search of love? Comprehending the male psyche is not easy, but it will certainly help you figure out what he wants and needs out of a relationship.

Everyone likes a little bit of mystery in a new relationship, especially guys. While common knowledge, this can often be overlooked by a working-minded woman. The professional woman attacks projects with diligence and is rarely unavailable. This takes all the fun out of the chase for a guy! Answering every phone call, arriving promptly, being available whenever he asks – these are all things that, while obviously successful measures at work, will take all the thrill out of a new relationship. For guys, it’s all about the chase in the beginning. You need to let him pursue you – he wants to!

In order to catch and keep his interest, you have to emphasize the aforementioned sense of mystery. It creates a more interesting dynamic between a couple that is just getting to know each other. When you don’t answer the phone on the first ring, or at all, it gives him a few moments to wonder what you’re up to. It can be exciting to try to figure out where you are, what you’re doing and when he’ll see you again. Don’t hand it all to him on a silver platter.

In reality, most men desire the same comfort that a woman takes out of a strong relationship. They want someone to communicate with on a deeper level, someone they can trust and feel safe with. The funny thing is, guys don’t look for these qualities when seeking out a new partner. They tend to gravitate towards women who are unreliable and flighty, which is why so many men have been through so many short-term relationships. Guys are instinctively attracted to a woman who needs to be “tamed”, even though these types of women are rarely willing to be tamed!

It’s not that difficult to appeal to these desires and use them to lure him in. There are a few simple ways you can play the part of the unbridled filly without having to sacrifice who you really are (which is who he really wants in the end).

Dress for Success – In Love

While your professional attire may be sexy in the workplace, it can be intimidating on a date. That said, a leather skirt and low cut top are overkill. The trick is to find a balance between sexy and sophisticated. Adding a splash of color to your wardrobe can go a long way, as can accessorizing in a new way.

Make Him Wonder

You don’t have to answer every single phone call from the man you’re interested in! Make him curious about your whereabouts and make him work for your affections. This little bit of mystery will go a long way!

Relinquish Control

Men are quick to feel emasculated when dating a strong woman. Let him have the power once in a while – you may even find it relaxing to not be making every decision! He will put in the effort and you can just enjoy the ride. Men like to feel like they’re in control and sometimes it’s in our best interest to let them think that they are.

What men really long for, deep down, is a woman that can understand their needs and desires. You don’t need to change who you are, just how you react to certain situations. Once you lure them in, they will love being in a relationship with a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

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