How God Changes Your Brain

Dr Alexis Carrel (1873-1944) was one of the noblest souls who firmly declared that the prayer is the most powerful tool to generate energy.

He said that the Prayer is one of the most powerful forms of energy man can generate. He also explained that “Man offers himself to God. He stands before Him like the canvas before the painter or the marble before the sculptor. At the same time he asks for His Grace, expresses his needs and those of his brothers in suffering. Such a type of prayer demands complete renovation”.

After this great Nobel laureate here comes Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist who confirms that thinking about God definitely changes your brain for good!

In his best-selling book authored along with Mark Robert Waldman he reveals that irrespective of your religious belief, the very thought of God makes you efficient.

The book consist of three interesting sections namely Religion and the human brain, Neural evolution and God and Transforming your inner reality.

He explains the God circuit in our brain thus: “From early childhood on, God exists in every person’s brain as a combination of ideas, images, feelings, sensations and self/other relationships”.

How the neural structure and circuits such as occipital-parietal circuit, parietal-factional circuit, frontal lobe, thalamus, amygdala striatum anterior cingulate respectively identifies God, establishes the relationship between man/woman with God, creates and integrates all of our ideas about God, gives emotional meanings to our concepts of God, creates the emotional impression of authoritative God, allows to feel safe in the presence of God, allows us to experience God were all beautifully explained in simple terms without any complicated scientific jargon.

The book in 348 pages consists of ten chapters in total.

Andrew Newberg is the director of the Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania. Mark Robert Waldman is an associate fellow in the same center.

Various experiments are narrated in a lucid style and make a compelling reading!

What is Andrew’s final conclusion about God? The more you explore God, the more mysterious he becomes! Science according to him can however help expose some of the ways we think and feel about God and that can help everybody broad one’s personal beliefs.

It is very interesting to note that Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Buddha, Jain, Jew whatever be the religion you practice, the thought of God activates our brain for good!

The humanity owes much to Andrew and Mark for their timely book that helps to reinforce one’s faith in God!

All spiritual inclined persons and public in general should read this book without fail to make the world a better place. Because the authors confirm that the faith in God brings you compassion that is the need of the hour.

I salute Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman for their excellent contribution to the humanity. Perhaps it may be the will of God that they should inspire themselves and inspire others!

Book lovers who read this book will join me in congratulating the authors by saying,” After Alexis Carrel, here comes Andrew Newberg and Mark!”

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