How to Find Good Cambridge Piano Lessons

Cambridge in the United Kingdom is home to one of the world’s top universities, University of Cambridge. Finding the right piano class here will not be difficult since this place has a rich tradition in culture. The secret to finding the correct piano lessons for you is to look beyond the price of the class, instead looking at some other factors as discussed here.

Cambridge piano lessons can be found anywhere around the area. If you do not know who to approach since this could be the first time for you, you should ask around. The best way to meet people from the field or students learning piano is to visit the many music schools or enquire with the arts or music faculty at the university.

You should contact the National Early Music Association (NEMA) when looking for good piano lessons in Cambridge. Some of the office bearers will be able to provide you with good pointers for lessons. If you have reached a dead-end when looking for good piano lessons, then try the Choir of St. John’s College in Cambridge. The Director of Music here is Andrew Nethsingha. It is always good to make contacts, as they would be good for future reference.

Richard Blom-Smith has been playing the piano for 21 years. He offers piano lessons in the comfort of your home. Angela Fenton is based on Milton Road in Cambridge and offers fun lessons to beginners and advanced pianists. You might want to look up the local telephone book and see if there could be any schools or classes for Cambridge piano lessons nearby.

Visiting one or more of these classes will give you a good idea into which one you want to enroll yourself. You will also be able to find many students who would be happy to provide you with tips and information on the school. Cambridge is where many popular music groups, musicians and singers were born.

The capacity of good Cambridge piano lessons should not be too much. More than six students per session of the piano class would be too much for you. You might want to consider private classes that take place in someone’s home. These might be more expensive but worth it as you will get individual attention.

Good piano lessons will dwell on theory lessons as much as they would on playing the piano. Theory of piano is very important as it gives the student information about the origins of the piano and the masters and composers who gave the piano the status it enjoys today. Study of the piano takes years and students should take theory classes seriously.

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