How To Get A Girlfriend In College – The Number One Secret

If you're in college and you talk to hot girls and approach them, you will start to see that they are testing you.

If you fail their tests, you will not be able to seduce them and potentially have them as your girlfriend. You will become another guy that she rejects because you were not confident.

Luckily, there is a way to pass these tests every time.

Most of these tests are hard to pass and can have men running away fast. If you know the technique to passing these tests, then you will put yourself in the small percentage of men who make it through these tests and become sexual candidates.

If you're unaware of this one secret, you will fail these tests and destroy your chances of attracting beautiful women and getting a girlfriend.

One of the tests that women love to use on men is the compliance test .

A compliance test is when a woman makes a statement or takes a form of action that lets her see if she is going to do what she wants. So if you fail these tests, she will gain control over the interaction, the conversation, and you.

When women give you the compliance test, they actually want you to pass it. They use it to filter out the confident, and attractive guy from the rest. Beautiful women can not really look at a guy and say "oh he's handsome, therefore he is very attractive." Women look for more than good looks from a guy because they're approached by lots of different guys.

Some girls get hit on around 10-12 times a day. In other words around 3,600 times a year which makes it easy for girls to see which guys are confident and which guys are not.

So, how do you recognize a compliance test?

Look for any demand that she tries to give you within a short period of time that may seem small, but could easily get you to follow.

A classic example would be "can I borrow a pencil".

They way you respond to "can i borrow a pencil" is very important because it can separate you from the other guys that she may have rejected.

Other tests may be, "wait here while I go to the bathroom", or "kiss me on the cheek", or even "hold my books".

Anything that seems small and harmless is usually a compliance test and you need to take control over it and add your own terms to whatever she is claiming.

For example if she says "wait here while I go to the bathroom", you can say "I can not wait for you I have to go print out a research paper or my friends are waiting for me but I'll see you later "This will show her that you're used to dealing with women and you will not let them control you with their tests.

If she follows up with another test just remember to add your own terms to the demand.

When you do this you're getting compliance from them and flipping the script. This is one of the most powerful things that you can do to women and it will create attraction and show confidence.

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