How To Make Money From Your Dorm Room

A few years back I attended graduate school at an institution in downtown Chicago. Even though I was a graduate student, I chose to live in the dorm with the undergrads. It was much more fun that way way as the undergraduate students kept me quite entertained with their antics. For the students that did not hold regular jobs, there was a variety of opportunities available to make money. One of the most common ways for the guys was what we called "valet". Valet was an opportunity to go to some big fancy schmancy event and park rich people's very expensive cars for them. The only requirements for this job was to show up with black slacks, black shoes, a white dress shirt, and a drivers license. Black ties were provided. Let me tell you, there were some students doing valet service that I would never allow to drive my expensive car if I had one. If those people only knew. The guys that worked this job earned a small hourly wage, but made most of their money from tips.

What if you are in college and need to earn some money without having a regular job? Perhaps valet is not an option for you. Most college towns do not have too many valet opportunities. Perhaps you would prefer to earn money without having to run around outside or deal with the public. Have you considered the possibility of approaching a nice income right from your dorm room?

I'm going to assume that if you are a student in college that you have a computer. It is extremely rare for a college student to attempt going to college without taking their own PC. Most students even have laptops, which means that if you find a way to earn money online, you do not have to be limited to your dorm room. You could earn money from the library, the coffee shop, the lounge, etc. Wherever you can take your laptop computer, you can work at making money online.

Many college students are ideally suited for earning money online because they love to spend time on their computers surfing the internet. For students that are particularly computer and internet savvy, earning money online can be a very viable and lucrative opportunity if they can learn effective methods of online profit generation.

The most viable and most exciting opportunity to make money online is in the area of ​​affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you market a product and receive a commission when someone purchases the product as a result of your marketing efforts. Success in affiliate marketing requires a significant amount of knowledge. It is not as simple as throwing up an advertisement on the web and expecting money to start filtering into your bank account. Instead, one needs to know how to create web content that generates sales, where to post such content, and how to direct targeted traffic to that content.

So how does one go about gaining this knowledge? If you are like me, you do not have time to waste with trial and error trying to figure it out on your own. A much more reasonable approach would be to find some structured training, preferably created by someone who is already successful in affiliate marketing themselves. There are exactly these types of training resources available online for anyone wishing to become successful in affiliate marketing. I recommend that you evaluate them and choose wisely. Finding the right training resources will make the difference between success and failure.

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