How to Stick to Your New Year's Career Resolutions

Are you guilty of letting your New Year's career resolutions fall by the wayside by mid-February?

The first month of the year is usually a time for determined resolutions and vows to turn over a new leaf. Most of you forced to change your career, gain new skills and secure a promotion this year. However, sticking to New Year's career resolutions is critical. According to Joseph Grenny, co-author of New York Times bestseller The Power to Change Anything, 97 percent of employees report that they have career-limiting habit that keeps them from achieving their career potential.

Be part of the 3% by following these five proven ways to stick to your 2014 New Year's resolution.

Set clear objectives

Are you still headed in the right direction?

By carefully assessing your skills, education, values, opportunities, strengths, experiences, and competition, you will have a better understanding of what you want to achieve in your career and how to target organizations that match your career goals.

Create your personal motivation and vision statement

Motivational speaker and writer Brian Tracy said that writing down your goals, dreams, plans and vision gives power and commitment to achieving them.

Articulate your dreams by writing a personal motivation and vision statement in first person. Write as if you are already making them happen. Your statement may change over time, depending upon the changes in your life but its components must remain consistent.

Invest in professional development

Do not let your 8 to 10-hour day work schemes get in the way of your professional development. Learn to make time to better yourself to be more competitive practiceer.

Busy professionals can now take advantage of online learning programs to enhance and acquire new skills. A lot of providers are now offering online continuing education that anyone can do 100% online, from enrollment to certification. You can pick your schedule and attend the online class anywhere you want as long as you are wired.

A decent internet connection is required because most online classes use multimedia such as video streaming platforms for optimal learning experience.

For those who are looking for short training courses, we advise you to explore online learning environments that deliver course content in a convenient manner.

Examples of materials / resources found in online learning environments:

· Video lectures

· Case studies

· Downloadable podcasts, e-books, whitepapers and similar resources

· Facilitated discussion forums

Another helpful tip to get updates on free online resources that are relevant to your career is to look for industry thought leaders and opt in for their newsletters to receive latest news and announcements that matter to you.

Build relationships with the right people

Motivational speaker and bestselling author, Jim Rohn once said that, "you're the average of the five people you hang out most."

Believe it or not, a huge part of your success is surrounding yourself with the right people. Spending your time with like-minded, goal-oriented, can-do attitudes will give you the support and push you to reach your aspirations. These are the people who inadvertently encourage you to achieve more and inspire you to accomplish your goals.

Reward yourself

From time to time, it is important to pat yourself on the back. And there's no better time that after you have completed a big task. Whether it is hitting a sales quota or getting your annual marketing plan approved by the boss, you deserve a reward.

Enjoyment is a great motivation factor. It's what drives us to reach the finish line with a positive attitude. Some people drive themselves too fast in drastic measures that they forget to enjoy the journey. Lighten up and learn to reward yourself because you are worth it!

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