How to Survive Being Jobless

What happens when you find yourself 50 plus and having to start a different career search? Well, I can tell you how this feet. I am now experiencing this in my life. First you have to take a deep breath, do not freak out, and start looking deep within yourself to see what your passion in life is. Now is the opportunity to do some extensive soul searching. You can make this fun.
· What in life really sparks your interests?
· What are your hobbies?
· How do you spend your weekends?
· What television shows do you watch?
· What type of music stirs your soul?
· Where do you vacation?
· What do you want to give back to the universe?

Next we can start to challenge ourselves to actively pursue our passion job.

First we need to remove the money thing from the equation. OK I know what you are thinking, I do not want to take that risk, I have to make the same amount that I was making at my previous job. You can take this risk. You have to change the way that you view money. Money does not define you. You have an abundance amount of gifts, and believe it or not, you can share your specialty with others. We are all teachers and students in life. You have something extremely important to offer and possibly can make money at it. I know that this takes jumping out of that comfort zone and prompting those feelings of fear. I know that you are up to the challenge. Do not look at what others are doing. Follow your heart. Open up that creative side of you. In the past I thought that I had to be perfect at something before I would try it, but I removed those old tapes from my mind many years ago.

  • What brings you joy? Where and when do you feel that you are in your niche? Was your old job really that fulfilling? I mean you really loved going there everyday, not just getting that paycheck.

Now is the time to start using your imagination and creativity to do something else. So by now you get an ideal of what things and how to start another exciting chapter in your life. For me I look at this time as a great opportunity to challenge my abilities. I love to travel, so I have spent my time creating a website helping others travel affordably.

  • Get those wheels turning and create something. I know you can succeed!
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